Grey Long Haired Cat With Blue Eyes

The silver tip gives this cat an overall glow. This breed inherits the blue eyes and the color-point features of the Siamese along with the long-haired coat and the docile temperament of the Persian.

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On the other hand their intelligent level and affectionate behaviour make it more suitable for a quality indoor pet.

Grey long haired cat with blue eyes. Their common characteristics are gentle affectionate and playful making them ideal as family pets. Truly the Himalayan cat is a gorgeous and gentle pet. The long coat of these strikingly beautiful felines came about as a result of a spontaneous genetic mutation in purebred Siamese cats.

The Nebelung is often compared to the Russian Blue with her dense blue-grey coat and bright green eyeshowever the Nebelungs fur is semi-long and accented by silver-tipped guard hairs. The kittens of this cat breed are born with blue eyes which changes to amber and eventually turn green after two to four years. The Nebelung is a rare pedigree breed of domestic catNebelungs have long bodies wide-set green eyes long and dense fur and mild dispositions.

This grey colored coat cat has a striking green eyes and a head that is heart shaped. Nebelung means November in German and the name may also come from the medieval Germanic saga Nibelungenlied due to the breeds progenitors who were named after the two major figures in the Nibelungenlied the German warrior Siegfried and the. A cat breed recognizes by many cat lovers for their long-haired coat and colours.

The Turkish Angora is the oldest known breed of long haired cat in Europe. However there is something particularly beautiful about many gray cats. She is a mild-tempered soft-spoken cat who is also affectionate and playful.

Known as the historic blue cat of France Chartreux are one of the three breeds that come in only grey. Kittens have blue eyes when they are born then they turn to amber and later to emerald-green. In fact blue eyes in a cat come from two sets of genes.

Their glossy blue eyes gives them a sweet appearance which will have you bending over backwards for them. They have much energy. The Nebelung cat breed is the longhaired variety of the Russian Blue.

Ragdolls are known for sparkling blue eyes but not all Ragdolls have this color. Their coat is dense but with a wooly texture and ideally it will have breaks just like a sheeps coat does. The Balinese is a modern-day pointed cat breed that will always have deep blue eyes.

Cat Breeds With Blue Eyes. The Korat comes in a silver-tipped grey coat and conspicuously large green eyes. The Himalayan is a cross between a Siamese and the long-haired Persian.

They possess the silver-blue coat from the time they are kittens. The first Persian cat to come to Europe in the 1600s has silky gray fur but now can come in every color and pattern. They are affectionate but do not demand constant attention and their calm demeanors make them ideal companions for the elderly.

Occasionally a long-haired cat would turn up in a litter of Siamese kittens but these were sold as pets. The Birman is a cat breed with blue eyes thats hard to resist. Whether they are a grey cat breed with longhair or shorthair whether they have sparkling blue eyes or deep green peppers the grey can accentuate other features while also being stunning in its own right.

She has long pointed ears and a long fluffy tail. Russian Blue Known for their mesmerising dark grey coats with a shimmering silver hue and captivating green eyes the Russian Blue is one of the most famous grey cat breeds. By Kathy Blumenstock Feline eyes which are pretty much always mesmerizing seem to take on an extra special glint when their hue is blue.

Still gotta love those smoky grays. They are a very robust cat in body but have a delicate boning says Keiger. The Balinese is a longhaired Siamese cat which originated in the 1950s.

Korats are said to be unusually heavy for cats their size. In addition to solid grey cats grey can be seen often with patterned cats such as tabbies particolors torties calicos and more. Grey Cats Are Not Rare Grey also called blue is not a rare color among cats and in fact its a dilute version of black.

Heres a cat long associated with luxury. Graceful intelligent and affectionate these cats have wonderful traits that would suit almost any loving family. The Himalayan is a type of Persian cat that was developed by incorporating the Persians lustrous coat with the Siameses color patterns.

Cat breeds with blue eyes include the Siamese Balinese Himalayan Persian Birman and Javanese. The gene responsible for longhair is recessive and for a cat to have a long coat it must inherit a copy of the gene from each parent. These cats are prone to the groovy mutation as a young Professor X once put it known as heterochromia meaning one eye may be colored differently from the other.

With that snub nose shoe button eyes and long lustrous coat its no wonder the Persian is the worlds most popular cat breed. With such a dense plush coat it may actually surprise you to know that these cats are hypoallergenic making them particularly well suited to those with allergies. The ragdolls are large and powerful.

There is also the. Their name is German and means creature of the mist a reference to the cats shimmering silvery-blue coat that seems to float over their body. She is as graceful and muscular as her shorter-haired counterpart.

The blue eyes and long fur tail makes them adorable among kids too. These medium-sized cats arent just a pretty face. One that limits expression of color to specific body areas the other that relates to the dominant white gene that masks color.

These soft and fluffy cats have deep blue eyes and lovely personalities.

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