Mouth of the Flower Cross Stitch Pattern

Each blueprint has a stitch count of 60 loftier ten 60 broad and a design expanse (when stitched on sixteen count aida or 32-count evenweave) of 9.five×9.5cm (3¾x3¾in). As these are large designs, if you desire to use them for cards nosotros recommend using sixteen-count aida. If you want to sew them as larger projection, information technology is fine to utilise the more usual 14-count aida.

Download the tulip and sunflower cross stitch flower patterns

Download your free cantankerous stitch flower pattern. The download is an A4 PDF with two cantankerous run up charts and key. The download is from our onetime cross stitching website,, which is at present role of Gathered.

How to sew together the tulip and sunflower cross run up blossom patterns

  1. Find the centre of your fabric by folding it in half both horizontally and vertically. Where the fold lines cross is the heart of the fabric.
  2. Find the two thick black gridlines on the cross sew flower pattern nautical chart. Where the lines cantankerous is the middle of the chart. Start stitching from here, working in the heart of your cantankerous stitch cloth.
  3. Each symbol on the cross stitch flower pattern nautical chart will accept a corresponding symbol in the key telling you lot which colour of thread the cantankerous run up should be made in. Working out from the center of the material, work the cross sew in two strands of thread, changing colours every bit shown in the cross stitch flower design chart.
  4. Once you accept completed all the cross stitch, add together the backstitch in one strand of thread.

Lavander field cross stitch flower patterns

Cross stitch flower patterns lavender

This stunning set of cards from Susan Bates has six gorgeous designs to choose from! Click to find the lavender cross sew patterns.

Sunflower birthday cross stitch flower pattern

cross stitch flower patterns sunbday

Send gold greetings with this beautiful cross stitch flower pattern, perfect for a summer altogether card! Click to find the sunflower cross run up design.

Honey cantankerous sew together flower pattern

love cross stitch flower pattern

A lovely greeting embellished with blooms, gratuitous to download on Gathered. Click to find the honey cantankerous stitch pattern.

Meaning of the rose cross sew flower patterns

rose cross stitch flower patterns

Keeping with words, hither is a set of 6 lovely rose cantankerous stitch blossom designs from Ursula Michael. The different colours of the roses take different meanings, represented in both English language and the Chinese grapheme for added elegance and significance. Click to find the quick-sew together flower cross stitch charts.

Stained glass cross sew together blossom patterns

Stained glass cross stitch flower patterns

Combine the beauty of cantankerous run up bloom patterns with the delicacy of stained drinking glass windows in this ready! Click to observe the gratuitous stained glass window cross run up patterns.

Poppy cross sew blossom design

cross stitch flower pattern remembrance

Ah, the beauty of the delicate poppy! So fragile and with such significance to u.s.a.. Click to observe the poppy cantankerous run up pattern.

Cross sew together flower patterns with bees

Cross stitch flower patterns with bees

Buzz buzz – stitchers fingers like to keep busy which is perhaps why nosotros like bees so much! Run up blooms amidst the hives in these cross stitch flower patterns. Click to find the bee cantankerous stitch patterns.

Teacup cantankerous run up blossom patterns

teacup cross stitch flower patternjpg

Upcycle your vintage china into decorative and oh-s0-handy pincushions with these clever cantankerous sew together flower patterns, and our step by step tutorial! Click to find the teacup pincushion cross sew together patterns.

Rose bouquet cross stitch flower pattern

rose bouquet cross stitch flower pattern

Perfect for all occasions, anyone would be happy to receive these pretty pink rose cross stitch blossom pattern in a cute watering can. The beauty of this design is that it tin can be stitched in a few short evening sessions and will be handy to have on hand for those final-minute makes. Mount in a circular aperture menu like we have, or frame in a small embroidery hoop to give every bit a sweet gift.

About the rose boutonniere cross sew together flower blueprint

This cross sew together flower pattern was designed by Jenny Barton, and originally appeared in outcome 251 (February 2017) of
The World of Cross Stitching. For more fun cards to make, check out
The Globe of Cross Stitching

Rose bouquet cross stitch flower pattern shopping list

  • Zweigart 14-count white aida measuring 15x15cm (6x6in)
  • Stranded cotton wool as listed in the key
  • Size 24 tapestry needle
  • Circumvolve aperture card, bachelor from local arts and crafts shops

Download the rose free cross stitch bloom pattern

Free rose bouquet cross stitch flower pattern

Botanical cross sew together flower pattern

botanical cross stitch flower pattern

Inspired by vintage floral postcards, this elegant design is certain to delight, whatever the occasion. Patch onto a unmarried-fold carte or mountain in a mini frame. This lovely cross stitch flower pattern was designed by Amanda Gregory, and originally appeared in consequence 229 of
The Globe of Cross Stitching.

For more card ideas, check out
The World of Cross Stitching. Click here to buy the mag.
Download the PDF chart below and practice share your finished makes on our Facebook page or Instagram.

About the botanical cross sew together flower pattern

  • Stitch count: 31 loftier 10 54 wide
  • Design surface area: v.5x10cm (2¼x3¾in)
  • This design was stitched using DMC stranded cotton

Click to download the botanical cross sew flower pattern

Free Maggie Gee cross stitch blossom patterns

Maggie Gee cross stitch flower patterns

From a thoughtful souvenir for a dear friend to a gorgeous birthday carte du jour and tag set, these cantankerous stitch flower patterns designed by Maggie Gee are guaranteed to bring a smile to a loved one’due south face. Stitched in a delightful colour scheme of pinks and reds, these roses will always be treasured. These cross run up flower patterns originally appeared in outcome 224 of
Cross Stitch Crazy

Maggie Gee cantankerous stitch flower patterns include:

  • Floral bouquet carte du jour
  • Floral bouquet tag

Nigh the Maggie Gee cantankerous stitch flower patterns

  • Sew count: 41 high x 34 wide
  • Design area: xiv HPI (28-count evenweave) – 7.5x6cm (3×ii½in)
  • These designs were stitched using DMC stranded cotton fiber

Download the Maggie Gee cross stitch flower patterns

Click to download the free Maggie Gee cross stitch bloom patterns.

More like the cross sew together bloom patterns

If you loved the cross sew together flower patterns, there’s more to discover on our listing of spring cross run up patterns, featuring plenty of ideas to brighten up your home! If you lot’re looking for something special for your next project try out these free kitchen cross stitch patterns.


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