Prinz Eugen Azur Lane Profusion of Flowers

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Today I’ll be taking a look at Detail #740168
the Admiral Hipper-form heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen from the popular mobile game Azur Lane. Since Kotobukiya is the manufacturer of this figure she’south allowed in MFC’southward database, which makes things easier. They picked Prinz Eugen’s New year’s day’s pare Profusion of Flowers, which I don’t own but actually similar aesthetically.

Starting off with the box nosotros go an nigh gaudy design with the stylized clouds and flowers on xanthous basis. A big window spans the front and superlative, allowing for a pretty good look at the figure. A smaller iron cross shaped one adorns the side (and makes you recall what kind of ship Prinz Eugen is) together with the artwork the figure is based on. The back and other side testify some of the prettier promo shots of the figure (with the nice background). In full general, you won’t feel the box is lacking when it comes to showing what’s inside.

Prinz Eugen comes in 2 blisters (if yous don’t include the piffling one for her bonus confront), one for the figure and another one for her ship parts and other props.

Fresh out of the box we’re left with 7 parts (+ bonus face if you opted for information technology): the primary figure, base cushion, big ship part (sry, but the gratuitous estimation when it comes to the design leaves me unable to proper name it correctly), 2 turrets, sake loving cup and one of her geta.

And ofc there’s likewise and instruction canvas (and one for the bonus face) in Japanese. While I think the assembly is pretty self-explanatory. The instruction sail could be a bit more detailed.

For the base we get a vivid ruby square-shaped cushion. I’m definitely not addicted of these kinds of bases, peculiarly if they’re shiny as is the case hither. A overnice acrylic plate with a flowery motif would’ve been better imo (something like the Hanairogoromo set by Stronger), but well it is what it is.

Now, I’ve got no idea how to phone call this part and later asking some friends who are actually into ships and the like… well, still no clue…
Anyway, I like the subtly shiny paint and there’due south a lot of particular to exist establish here. Sadly, in that location are too scratches (the shipping box was in pristine condition btw) to be found and worst of all, the whole affair is made of admittedly rigid plastic. Just getting it out of the box made incredibly creepy noises and I bet the tips volition be problematic since they’re prone to breakage.

There’s also a huge ugly seem on the part where the turrets take to be attached. While we’re at information technology connecting the turrets to the balance is nerve-wracking, needs a meaning amount of force and care (in order non to break annihilation), because the pegs are too large for the holes (didn’t dare using my blow drier).

In and of itself the turrets wait pretty decent, with some nice details, but the paintjob could be better.

The same goes for the bow(?). In full general Koto seems to accept trouble with paintjobs (painting directly lines and the like).

Not gonna lie, attaching this office to the principal figure was… kind of thrilling (in an unpleasant fashion), because the rigid plastic fabricated creaking noises once again. To get the peg into the fur collar you take to curve the damn thing a fleck. -_-

At least the pegs fit this time, but still…

I like the pattern of the sake loving cup, the shiny finish and the gold accents. Notwithstanding, I would’ve preferred the liquid to be opaquer like in the promo pictures. Information technology’due south not all that accentuated and from some angles the cup merely looks empty.

Fittingly the geta has a shiny ruddy finish as well and a sculpted wavey pattern that adds a nice touch. Unfortunately, the white paint from the thong bleeds onto the lacquered part.

Spin around…

Prinz Eugen’s standard fp shows a flushed boozer look with her oral cavity forming a big o (that’s actually sculpted in). The red optics with the eyeshadow look really nice, but I wouldn’t have bought the effigy if this was the only fp, because her expression looks a footling too willing for my gustation.

Her bonus fp is way more fun to look at imo (but Koto and their LE bs is annoying af). The way Prinz Eugen licks her lips and smirks makes the drink look tasty and the whole situation look more pleasant. I besides like how the lips take some definition to them.

Once you take a closer look at her fringe y’all tin see some backlog $.25 of plastic and the scarlet strand at the side isn’t cleanly painted either, which bothers me as it’s in a very visible spot.

The subtle violet shading in her hair gives it a bit more than depth, but there are a lot of seam lines in information technology and they do wait a bit rough. Plus, I really dislike whenever it looks like hair strands were glued in later on. At least I’ve got no complaints virtually the ship parts (hull?) attached to her head.

The aforementioned goes for the residue of her pilus, there’s a specially bad spot at the back of her caput wit lots of small excess $.25 of plastic and a smudge at the tips touching the ground.

Other than that, the hair sculpt looks decent, only I can’t exactly unsee these things.

Prinz Eugen is wearing an atomic number 26 cross collar, which looks okay~ish in terms of pigment. She as well has sculpted neck tendons & a collarbone, both are surprisingly hard to capture though. X3

Vesture-wise she is wearing something that reminds me of a kimono (merely that it’s several sizes too pocket-size). The summit part barely contains her massive chest enabling usa to meet some sideboobs (the mole on her right chest is quite a cute feature). The crimson ribbons at the side of her boobs… I wonder if they’re used to at least somewhat hold everything in place. Seeing how the cloth is straining it besides shows a hint of her nipples.

I similar how the silky shiny cease gives the textile a more than luxurious vibe and I’grand actually pleasantly surprised that the pattern is cleanly painted (can’t say the aforementioned for the line on the neckband though).

The fur neckband that’s slid downward her shoulders a flake has a pearlescent cease and some sculpting clearly went into creating a “furry” look, though the success was only then-then. Again, there are some seam lines to be plant here that definitely should’ve been sanded downwards and the surface is somewhat grainy for no reason…

Once more, everything actually patterned looks very bully and pretty here, that holds true for the obi every bit well. I too really similar the sculpting on the obijime, especially the knot. The obiage has some small oopsies in the paint merely they’re less prevalent than in other places.

The sleeves look gorgeous with the intricate pattern and clean paintjob. The folds are realistic also, suggesting heavier textile.

Both sleeves hover over a direct ground btw, so a soft cushion base of operations was actually a good option (still…).

Apart from the smudges on her arm (tried “erasing” them to no avail) I’m too not completely happy with her hands. The fingers themselves look ok, but the paintjob on the nail polish is again wonky and makes the fingers wait less elegant. It near looks like she painted them only afterward she started drinking.

Not sure what the girth with the golden clasp is for, but it looks fairly dainty.
I like the way the ribbons from her panties dig into Prinz Eugen’s skin and ow “strained” they expect.

Her legs look really good, though the finish on the stockings is the incorrect kind of shiny imo and instead looks tacky. Plus, the paintjob on the little ship part accessories (once again no idea whart parts they’re supposed to represent) looks sloppy.


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Her underwear is pretty basic and not peculiarly noteworthy, but I like the subtle shading on the rims underlining how the material digs into her pare.

The shading on the stockings looks good and I really like how visibly sculpted her shin is (I won’t ever see it once more only still). Plus, her feet are sufficiently hinted at.

Last but not least some size comparisons…
Prinz Eugen is in a kneeling position, so I took the liberty of not measuring her acme. She’south supposed to be a i/7 scale , but looks surprisingly good next to i/viii figures like

Detail #331626
& ITEM #330951. Her proportions are just slightly off and won’t exactly bother you. Still, I’g surprised how proficient she looks next to the Kusuriuri.

ane/seven pose no problem either as her proportions fit perfectly with them.

Detail #549455
& Item #549458
are a practiced case of that, plus, they’re clothes are rather free interpretations of traditional article of clothing besides.

Jibril’s confront is a chip bigger than that of Prinz Eugen, but otherwise they’re a good fit as well (size-wise).

Depending on the figure eve a ane/six figure might piece of work,

Detail #675637
doesn’t look as well bad either (simply the face gives information technology away).

With her pose and size Prinz Eugen is surprisingly versatile in who you lot can display her with.

So, I had quite a few complaints this time, some of them I’grand willing to overlook and some of them I tin can’t (generally the ones you encounter from her normal brandish angle). At present, I always await these kinds of flaws since I found them on my other Koto figures as well, only because the cost tag and limited availability of this figure it’s nonetheless disappointing to see. Information technology’s not that I hate her, in fact I quite like this effigy, there should definitely be more figures of characters drinking imo. Yet she could’ve been better.

That’s it for this review! Thanks for reading, I hope y’all liked it! ^^
If you don’t mind, I’d love some constructive criticism,

but if you don’t feel similar posting whatsoever your thoughts on the figure are also very welcome. :three
Too, if there’s anything in my collection you lot’d like to see a review of experience free to shoot me a bulletin or something.^^


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