Burn down Emblem: Iii Houses
is known well by players for having three main routes, as well equally ane undercover route. One of the main routes, Blood-red Flower, requires the thespian to teach the Blackness Eagles business firm and also side with Edelgard (and against Rhea) during the battle at the Holy Tomb.

Though the Black Eagles’ class does have some first-class magic users and other types of fighters to utilise during Red Flower, many players found themselves in need of recruiting other classmates to help even out the battlefield. Some simply recruited them considering they didn’t want to kill those classmates in the afterwards mail service-timeskip half of the game, or due to relationship-oriented reasons with their support conversations.


Felix’s Swordsmanship Is A Must-Have For The Black Eagles

felix of fire emblem screenshot

Felix comes from the Blueish Lions, and he’due south an excellent swordsman to have on the battlefield. He can besides become a decent bowman or brawler if his skills are developed enough, but he’s best used equally a swordsman than the other 2 options, due to his swordsmanship stat existence the highest and fastest to grow in the entirety of the game.

His strength, speed, and dexterity brand him an agile, nimble fighter and will be a great assistance to the Black Eagles in boxing. His ability, Solitary Wolf, boosts his impairment-dealing by five points if he doesn’t have a battalion attached besides. This can assistance him become a great heavy-hitting fighter later on in the game and makes him worthy for recruiting every bit soon as possible.


Mercedes’ Healing Abilities & Bond With Jeritza Requite Her Huge Priority For Recruiting

mercedes of three houses

Mercedes from the Blue Lions class is a handy healer, due to her college faith stats when compared to her classmates. Even though the Black Eagles class does take magic users, most of their abilities are best suited for offensive tactics rather than defense and healing. Recruiting Mercedes volition be a helpful benefaction to the form in the long run.

Additionally, she’s also the sister of Jeritza, who is revealed to be the Expiry Knight mid-game. If players desire to guarantee these siblings’ reunion and see supports revolving around their bond as siblings, Mercedes is a unit 1 should recruit as shortly as possible.


Shamir’s Archery Is Well-nigh-Peerless

shamir from fire emblem three houses

Because that siding with the Black Eagles automatically ways the players volition fight Claude, who’s besides an excellent archer, recruiting Shamir should be a priority to get the 1-upwardly on him in battle. Shamir tin can be recruited in any of the routes midway through the pre-fourth dimension skip phase, but having her every bit part of the Black Eagles course will be an immediate boon to them as an archer.

Her experience and accuracy make her a perfect go-to archer in general, and any side would be happy to have her. Many fans immediately grabbed Shamir for their team as soon as they could.


Marianne Is An Excellent Healer

Marianne Fire Emblem Three Houses

Marianne comes from the Golden Deer class. Despite her avoidant nature, due to the curse brought upon her from her Crest, she’s a handy person to have on the battlefield. Much like Mercedes, Marianne’due south magical abilities focus on defense force and healing allies. Because all the rough battles the Blackness Eagles fight together, it never hurts to take someone backing them upward as a healer.

Additionally, her gentle nature helps her get along in supports with Black Eagles classmates such as Ferdinand and Linhardt. If players are unable to grab Mercedes before the time skip, Marianne’s healing abilities are equally useful.


Lysithea Is A Magical Powerhouse Worthy Of Recruiting

fire emblem lysithea support scene

Fifty-fifty though the Blackness Eagles take a few powerful magic users, Lysithea is withal worth having on the player’s side. Her double Crests are a boon to her in boxing, and she’s a adequately stiff magic-user overall. Information technology never hurts to add to the roster of magical users the Black Eagles already take, and Lysithea is a worthy addition to their ranks.

Additionally, recruiting Lysithea and her having a paired ending with Edelgard guarantees that both of them notice a way to restore their lives. Fans of the Blackness Eagles adored this support because it led to both of them living long and happy lives in the cease.


Ignatz Makes For A Cracking Archer In The Long Run

Ignatz Fire Emblem

Though Bernadetta is a great archer for the Black Eagles, Ignatz from the Gilded Deer also makes for a peachy archer. His base of operations stats at the beginning already ready him up to exist a corking archer. However, he can also be a swordsman since his swordsmanship stat is is one of his 2nd-highest stats likewise.

He additionally is quite likable, sharing some wonderful support conversations with Petra. If one chooses non to take hold of Shamir, or maybe just wants some additional archers in general, Ignatz is handy equally an archer.


Raphael Is A Great Brawler For Whatsoever Situation

Raphael Fire Emblem Three Houses

Raphael from the Golden Deer has a lot of heart, but also a lot of muscle. He’s a perfect tanking-type of fighter, perfect for brawling opponents and taking a lot of hits for the team. Information technology’due south hard to find a unit that tin ability their way through the same way Raphael tin can with their beast force.

Additionally, even though he lacks in speed compared to other characters, he has very high HP, defense, and attack stats. These can exist great for taking down enemies in a flash. If the Black Eagles demand some other brawler, they should definitely seek out Raphael to join them.


Sylvain Makes For A Flexible Soldier On The Battlefield

Sylvain Fire Emblem

Sylvain, despite his skirt-chasing tendencies, can grow into a rather adept fighter overall. He’s more than suited for being a cavalier or sword-oriented form in the long run than magic, due to his stats focusing more on lances, axes, and riding from the beginning.

He may be one of the weaker units to utilize in the starting time, simply he can be more versatile with weapons over time equally he grows. One time he gets on horseback, the payoff will be worth information technology in the late game as he takes downward all sorts of enemies. Fans also appreciated his support conversation with Bernadetta and other Blackness Eagles members as well, which helped support their decisions to recruit him.


Annette Can Grow Into Either A Powerful Magic-User Or Exist Adept At Axes

Annette Fire Emblem

Annette from the Blue Lions might seem like a strange choice to recruit, for some fans, but her base stats give her the power to either go a powerful magic user or be adept at axes. This is considering her stats for axes and reason are higher than her other stats at the beginning of the game.

If the player recruits her late in the game, she’ll be improve suited for magic-using purposes due to how she develops, only if she’s recruited apace, the player can guide her into condign expert with axes instead. This potential versatility to use her for either pathway of classes makes her perfect for recruiting.


Lorenz, Like Annette, Tin can Either Get The Magic Road Or Grow Into A Fighter

lorenz of fire emblem support dialogu

Lorenz from the Golden Deer might be another strange choice to recruit, for some fans. However, if he’south recruited early enough in the pre-time skip phase like Annette, he can grow into a powerful fighter with spears and riding, or become a corking offensive magic-user. This is because his stats for the spear and reason abilities are college than the other stats at the commencement of the game. If he’due south recruited later in the game or the pre-time skip phase, he’s more suited to exist a condescending-type fighter like Sylvain, then recruiting him early on gives him more flexibility.

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