Easy Giant Paper Flowers Tutorial - Everly Style

Easy Giant Paper Flowers Tutorial - Everly Style

Easy Giant Paper Flowers Tutorial - Everly Style


 How to Make Large Paper Flowers

Making paper flowers is so fun and there are so many wonderful tutorials out at that place! I desire to share the simplest method I’ve found for easily learning
How to Make Large Paper Flowers.

The method I am about to share makes crafting paper flowers like shooting fish in a barrel for anyone even beginners.
If you are wondering how to make big paper flowers with your Cricut bank check out my mail here!

Today’southward flower tutorial will show a very simple procedure that tin exist applied to successfully create any behemothic flower template, no matter the petal shape. To change up the look of a bloom try out these Petal Curling Variations.

How to Use Giant Newspaper Flowers

Over the past viii+ years, I have seen thousands of you create these blooms and received plenty of questions on how to display your papercraft. Information technology’due south no incertitude that people want to DIY for their events similar never earlier these days and this is a wonderful way to achieve that! These large easy paper flowers are perfect for backdrops to use every bit a photo spot or just to make a large statement at a special outcome like weddings or baby showers.

Outside of special events, giant flowers are great to utilise as home decor – nursery wall decor is a really popular choice for large newspaper flowers! A lot of people want to know how to practise this for themselves and to customize the newspaper blooms just similar they want.

Check out all my resource on how to hang giant newspaper flowers, create a free-standing backdrop, a tabletop backdrop, or even how to stalk a large paper flower!

Supplies For Crafting Giant Paper Flowers

  • 65 pound cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Woods dowel
  • Cricut Explore or Cricut Maker machine (optional)
  • Glue gun
  • Everly mode templates (try this template for free within my Freebie Vault!) If y’all beloved the pompom SVG file I use in the video below then you lot can grab that here!


Download these free templates by signing up below.
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Easy Giant Paper Flowers Video Tutorial

Prefer videos? Me too.
Watch how to brand large newspaper flowers here on my Youtube aqueduct
or scroll downward for pictures!

I am using my Everly style template in this tutorial, which I am providing for gratuitous to you when you sign up! If you lot prefer something different don’t worry I accept over fifty unlike giant flower templates! Files are all compatible with cutting machines and easy to employ for those who want to manus cut instead, which is the method I will be using here..

For paw cutting method- You will need to print out the templates from your computer onto a heavy card stock cut the templates once and employ these to trace over the card stock you volition use to actually build the flowers from.

Footstep ane- How to Make Big Newspaper Flowers

Begin past laying you template on your cardstock of choice and trace your petals.

  • Large petal 1st layer– six-eight cuts
  • Medium petal 2d layer– half-dozen-vii cuts
  • Small petal 3rd layer– 6 cuts
  • Actress modest petal 4th layer– 5-6 cuts

Annotation: If you are using our extra large Everly design you would kickoff with the Twoscore petal every bit your 1st layer and cut out 7-viii petals.

Notes for motorcar users:

Petal measurements: Extra large 7.5 x 10.v Big 5.5 ten 7.vii Medium iii.nine x 5.3 Small iii.0 x 4.i Extra Pocket-sized 2.5 ten three.7. If yous are using a machine skip down to step 3.

Step two

One time completed these templates make most a 17 inch blossom in diameter! The video tutorial beneath will explain how yous can make large, medium and small paper flowers with the aforementioned templates!

Cutting all your petals out once yous have finished tracing.

You can make this process quicker by stacking two-3 sheets on top of ane another and cutting several out at once. Employ folder clips to help keep paper from moving.

Step 3

Now you desire to cutting slits at the bottom eye of each petal, about an i ane/2 inches, slightly less on the smaller petals.

Step 4

Now starting with the 1st layer put glue on the inside edge and overlap the slit, simply non as well much or your petals will be too tight when assembled to go all the smaller layers in. Do this with all the petals. You tin overlap a little more on the 3rd & fourth layer

Step five

Next you lot will curlicue all the petals back. You can do this by hand or use a thick wood dowel or a pencil works besides.

Step 6

Assembly time. Starting with your 1st layer base petals, you want to add together some glue to the outer edge of one petal and proceed to overlap some other petal at nigh a 45`angel and press firmly for a second or ii.
Note: this is different than how I teach in the video above with the 6-sided base. My petal perfect bases can be very helpful for beginners.
Once you proceeds confidence yous can try the method below.

Proceed in this fashion until all the base petals meet together forming a circle in the middle of the bloom.  Watch the bending of placement as you go around making sure you leave plenty room for the petals to come together  evenly at the terminate of the circle.

Similar this tutorial? Then you will beloved my best-selling book, The Fine art of Giant Paper Flowers!

Step vii

Utilize a circle punch or cutting out a modest square if you don’t take ane to glue over the open bottom.

Stride 8

Start the 2nd layer of petals alternating between the base petals every bit shown to a higher place

Stride nine

Continue alternating petals adding the tertiary  layer

Step 10

Continue alternating petals adding the fourth layer.

Step 11
– Creating a Pompom Center for Giant Paper Flowers – No cutting machine

The pompom center below is a simple approach to creating a center without having a cutting machine. If yous do own a Cricut machine then exist sure to grab the pompom center svg templates here so y’all auto can do the piece of work for you!

To create the rolled center fold a piece of cardstock in half lengthwise, cut the paper down the  middle. Lay the 2 pieces on top one another and fold in half once more.

Step 12

Begin cutting slits all the way down the paper. You tin practise this with regular pair of scissors and if you desire to brand the procedure easier you tin can always catch this super nifty
fringe scissors here!

Carve up the 2 pieces later you are through cutting all the slits.

Step 13

Starting rolling the first piece adding glue along the edge as you go. Optional—you tin use the dowel to make the rolling easier.

After you finish rolling up the first piece continue by adding on the next 1.

Glue the center in and admire you pretty bloom! I hope you take bask this tutorial to help you acquire how to make big paper flowers!

I accept a huge passion for newspaper crafting and flowers. If you lot want to view more signature flower templates
click here to shop all my designs!

 How to Make a Behemothic Paper Foliage

Calculation a behemothic foliage tin can be the perfect finishing touch. If yous are more into delicate paper vines then have at look at how to brand that happen here!

Stride 1

Use your leaf template to trace onto card stock like nosotros did with the petals.

Step 2

Fold your leaf in half down the middle.

Step 3

Begin folding dorsum and along like you were making a paper fan.

Step four

Open the leaf up and add it to your pretty bloom. Give yourself a pat on the back for being so smart and learning to make your ain DIY behemothic flowers!

You can likewise view lots of videos for DIY flowers here.

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How to make large paper flowers

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