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Hand-me-down tea kettles are never the prettiest stovetop artifacts to look at, but it’s hard to role ways with a kettle when it’due south working just fine. That being said, you shouldn’t deny yourself the modern conveniences of an electric tea kettle.

Many electrical models can exist ready to specific temperatures to help maximize the flavor of certain tea varieties, while others can be controlled with a smartphone app or fix to run automatically on a set schedule. And all, of form, can be used without a stove. Here are some of the best electrical kettles on the market, whether y’all’re looking for something simple or a high-tech gadget that takes your tea to the next level.

Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp

Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp

The Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp is everything you need in an electric kettle. The one.vii-liter reservoir can be brought to a boil in simply a few minutes. And, if boiling is a little hotter than you like your tea, the one-bear upon controls make it like shooting fish in a barrel for yous to select one of six preset temperatures. This allows you to heat your water to 160 degrees Fahrenheit (71 degrees Celsius) for fragile teas or 200 degrees (93.3 Celsius) if you’re using a French press. The kettle as well has a 30-infinitesimal warming feature — so you lot don’t take to reheat your water when you go for that second cup — and a 2-minute “memory,” assuasive you to remove the kettle from the base without losing any heat.

Breville Variable Temperature Kettle

Breville Variable Temperature Kettle

Breville is frequently featured on Digital Trends, namely when talking about our favorite small appliances. The 1.eight-liter Breville Variable Temperature Kettle touts five temperature settings, ranging from 175 degrees Fahrenheit (79.4 degrees Celsius) for fragile teas to boiling for sturdy black teas. This apparatus can too concur its temperature for upwardly to 20 minutes, then yous don’t accept to reheat your water just for a second cup of tea. It is on the expensive side when compared to the Cuisinart PerfecTemp — which carries many of the aforementioned features for $45 less — simply some would argue that the Breville’s larger capacity and elegant design are worth the added price.

Bonavita Gooseneck Kettle


The Bonavita Gooseneck Kettle is the smallest kettle on this listing with its 1-liter reservoir, only its pint-sized build allows it to outperform the remainder of the pack in terms of precision. Instead of preset temperature buttons, the Bonavita can exist adapted by 1-caste increments ranging between 140 and 212 degrees Fahrenheit (60 to 100 degrees Celsius). The device also has a real-time temperature brandish and can hold its temperature for upwardly to an hour. The Bonavita Gooseneck Kettle as well has a count-up timer, so you know simply how long yous’ve been steeping your tea.

Hamilton Beach Glass Electric Tea Kettle

If mode is what y’all’re after, so feast your eyes on this offering from Hamilton Embankment. Capable of 1,500 watts of power, the kettle can produce plenty of water for a round of tea, soup, cocoa, coffee, or whatsoever other hot h2o awarding. Regarding style, the stainless steel base and accents brand this an highly-seasoned pocket-sized apparatus to brandish on your countertop. Better yet, when you’re really brewing water, a soft blue light illuminates inside the kettle, letting you know that your water is boiling. Nosotros likewise dear the added mesh filter that keeps calibration and other hard minerals out of your hot beverages. There’due south also an auto shut-off that activates in one case your h2o has hit its boiling point, ensuring your liquids will never boil over.

Zojirushi Hybrid H2o Banality and Warmer

Are yous constantly boiling big quantities of h2o? Whether y’all drinkable a lot of tea or cook a lot of soup, this iv.0-liter Zojirushi boiler volition be your new best friend. This impenetrable water heater uses vacuum insulation technology (the aforementioned material that thermoses are made from) to chop-chop boil water while using minimal electricity. The boiler is also equipped with four Quick Temperature settings (160, 175, 195, and 208 degrees Fahrenheit) that warms your water to the designated temperature and cuts off the heat before the liquid hits its humid betoken. To tiptop it all off, the stainless steel crush and non-stick interior make the Zojirushi a breeze to clean. This is one of the higher-priced offerings on our list, but for industrious size and energy-efficient boiling, y’all’ll be difficult-pressed to detect something bigger and amend.

Proctor Silex Electric Tea Kettle

For the oatmeal-devoted and other hot water quick-fixes, the Proctor Silex is a wise investment for the budget-minded. Priced below $xx, the kettle is capable of brewing up to 1 liter of water and does then faster than a standard microwave. The machine close-off function keeps you and your kitchen prophylactic, and the kettle is small enough to be stowed away in most cabinets, pantries, or other storage spots. It may not be the fanciest electric kettle on our list, but the Proctor Silex promises solid performance and quick brews for minimal toll.

Ascot Stainless Steel Electric Tea Kettle

Ascot’s one.vii-liter electric kettle could be a museum slice. Craftsmanship and features combine for a sturdy boiler that will whip you up steaming water in as little as five minutes. The stainless steel shell is BPA-gratis and totally plastic-free, so your h2o will never come in contact with subpar brewing materials. Four overflow holes at the base of the kettle provide runoff for condensed water, ensuring no liquid gets anywhere near the kettle’due south electric components. The spout is also equipped with a splash-guard for more authentic pours into your mug or thermos, and the stainless steel filter keeps nasty minerals out of your beverages. For kettle connoisseurs, this is a perfect alloy of kitchenware aesthetics and reliable performance.

Fellow Stagg EKG+ Bluetooth Connected Kettle

We dear all the kettles on our listing, only this last i is a true instance of saving the best for last. Featuring a cute chromium exterior, the Fellow’southward sleek minimalist design is buttressed by awesome tech features. Bluetooth connectivity means you can monitor brews, fix temperatures, and receive notifications when your boil is complete. Only download the Brewmaster app for iOS and Android devices, and you’ll be synced up to your next hot mash. The variable temperature control knob on the base lets you adjust the temperature from 135 to 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Option your estrus, starting time your eddy, and the kettle does all the rest. All-time of all, the 60-minute hold option keeps your water at your desired temperature for upwards to one full hour, which is dandy if you’ve got chores to tackle before you can pour that much-needed cup of joe or loose-leafage tea.

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