Pathfinder Kingmaker a Flower in the Swamp

Guide and Walkthrough (PC) by kimagure

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Table of

  1. Introduction
    1. Using This Guide
    2. Difficulty Levels
    3. Fully Installing the Arcane Unleashed DLC
  2. Game Basics
    1. Character Information
    2. Items and Equipment
    3. Movement in Area Maps
    4. Gainsay
    5. Traveling in the Overworld Map
    6. Resting
    7. Abode Base
  3. Prologue
  4. Deed one: Stolen Land
    1. A. Oleg’s Trading Post
    2. B. Nettle’due south Crossing
    3. North Narlmarches: Waterlogged Lowland
    4. C. Ancient Tomb
    5. D. Pino Patch
    6. E. Thorn Ford
    7. F. Swamp Route: Technic League Random Encounter
    8. G. Technic League Encampment
    9. North Narlmarches: Boggard Hunting Grounds
    10. A-2. Oleg’southward Trading Post Revisited
    11. North Narlmarches: Oak-That-Strayed
    12. H. Abandoned Hut
    13. I. Temple of the Elk
    14. J. Old Sycamore
    15. A-three. Oleg’s Trading Mail Revisisted
    16. Outskirts: Endless Plains
    17. Outskirts: Fangberry Cave
    18. Outskirts: Two-River’south Field
    19. Shrike Hills: Riverine Rise
    20. Shrike Hills: Trail in the Hills
    21. Yard. Stag Lord’s Fort
    22. A-4. Oleg’s Trading Mail service Revisited
    23. Northward Narlmarches: Sometime Oak
    24. North Narlmarches: Tuskgutter’south Lair – Amiri: Prove Your Worth Part 1
    25. North Narlmarches: Tranquil River Bend
    26. North Narlmarches: 3-Pine Islet
    27. Northward Narlmarches: Glade in the Wilderness
    28. Shrike Hills: Old Mesa
  5. Act 2: Troll Trouble
    1. A. Jamandi Aldori’due south Mansion (Human activity ii)
    2. B. Capital: Tuskdale
    3. Varnhold: Sorrowflow – Kalikke/Kanerah
    4. Oleg’s Trading Mail service: Artisan Bokken
    5. B-2 Capital Revisited
    6. C. A Ford Beyond the Skunk River
    7. South Narlmarches: Overgrown Puddle
    8. D. Ruined Watchtower
    9. S Narlmarches: Bandit Campsite
    10. Eastward. Swamp Witch’s Hut
    11. S Narlmarches: Monster Den
    12. F. Lone House
    13. B-3. Capital Revisited and Baldheaded Hilltop
    14. C-ii. A Ford Beyond the Skunk River (Troll Invasion)
    15. D-ii. Ruined Watchtower (Troll Invasion)
    16. South Narlmarches: Wilderness Encounter – Dalton
    17. South Narlmarches: Wilderness Encounter – Kobold Shaman and Branded Trolls
    18. F-2. Lone House (Troll Invasion)
    19. Due south Narlmarches: Kobold Trail
    20. South Narlmarches: Kobold Camp
    21. Due south Narlmarches: Troll Clearing
    22. Thousand. Dwarven Ruins
  6. Act 2, Role two: Adventuring After Troll Problem
    1. Settling Regions During Acts 2 and three
    2. A-1. Verdant Chambers (Group Visit)
    3. A-ii. Verdant Chambers (Solo Visit)
    4. Shrike Hills: Ratnook Colina
    5. B. Bridge over the Gudrin River
    6. Kamelands: Mud Bowl
    7. Kamelands: Wolf’s Lair
    8. Kamelands: Empty Skull Rock
    9. C. Secluded Lodge
    10. D. Lost Child: Swamp Witch’s Hut (Revisited)
    11. Lost Child: Random Encounter – Lizardfolk
    12. Due east. Lost Child: Lizardfolk Village
    13. Kamelands: Baldheaded Stones
    14. Silverstep: Dragonleaf Gulch
    15. Silverstep: Ironstone Gully
    16. Shrike Hills: Solitary Barrow
    17. Silverstep: Ancient Mine
    18. F. The Lonely Hunter: Lake Silverstep Hamlet
    19. G. The Lonely Hunter: Silverstep Grove
    20. H. Varnhold
    21. I. Candlemere Belfry
    22. Shrike Hills: Arbor Rock
    23. Shrike Hills: Hilltop Trail
    24. Dire Narlmarches: Saint Galvan’s Gullet
    25. Dire Narlmarches: Brown Baldhead
    26. Dire Narlmarches: Tenacious Marsh
    27. Dire Narlmarches: Swamp Ruins
    28. Dire Narlmarches: Sunny Hillock
    29. J. An Ancient Curse, Part 2: Bald Hilltop
  7. Act 2 Companion Quests
    1. Kalikke/Kanerah: A Task for the Sweet Teeth
    2. Amiri: Prove Your Worth Part ii – Hodag’s Lair
    3. Valerie: Shelyn’south Called
    4. Jaethal: Investigate My Death
    5. Linzi: Easier to Ask Forgiveness
    6. Tristian: Kingdom of the Apple-pie
  8. Artisan Quests
    1. Artisan Bokken: An Ancient Formula
    2. Artisan Dragn: Onslaught
    3. Artisan Shaynih’a: I One thousand and One Questionable Stories
    4. Artisan Nazrielle: Nazrielle’s Greatest Creation
    5. Artisan Varrask: Obliteration
    6. Artisan Sharel: A Bloody Arts and crafts
    7. Artisan Kimo Tavon: A Trail of Misfortune
    8. Artisan Kimo Tavon: Diplomacy of the Heart
    9. Artisan Mim: Three Wishes – Talon Meridian
    10. Artisan Irlene: A Simple Favor
  9. Act 3: Season of the Blossom – A. Capital: Tuskdale
    1. B. An Amusement for Nobles
    2. C. Monster Invasion
    3. D. Random See: Wilderness Clearing
    4. E1. Shrike Hills: Solitary Manufacturing plant
    5. E2. Shrike Hills: Goblin Village – Mother of Monsters
    6. F. Bridge Over the Gudrin River (Revisited)
    7. G. Witch Hunt
    8. A-2. Capital letter: Unrest in the Streets
    9. H. Goblin Fort
    10. I. Render to the Capital
    11. J. Womb of Lamashtu
  10. A3. Uppercase: Subsequently the Season of the Bloom
    1. K. An Ancient Curse, Office Iii – Bald Hilltop
  11. Act three Companion Quests
    1. Ekundayo: A Feast of Feasts
    2. Amiri: Pariah
  12. Tenebrous Depths
    1. Tenebrous Depths – Office 1
    2. Tenebrous Depths – Part two
  13. Version Information / Update Condition

Act 2: Troll Problem

East. Swamp Witch’south Hut

Notation: This folio contains spoiler tags. The text tin be seen past highlighting the greyed-out text.

I highly recommend having one of your spellcasters prepare Delay Poison, Communal (3) for this surface area because of the environmental poisonous clouds around
Locations Y
Z. This area has a number of optional encounters that are murderous for a 5th or 6th level political party. I recommend skipping them for now, since yous’ll have to come back here eventually. I’ll point them out as they come up.

From Bandit Campsite: 1) W, ii) South, three) SW x2, 4) S, 5) SW.

Hunting in this area during rest: Lore (Nature) DC 21.

You can unlock a shop on this map, and then yous may wish to drop whatsoever heavy items (such as actress armor) you may exist carrying at the get-go of this map, to speed up move in this area and to reduce the risk of gaining fatigue from encumbrance while you wander around.

Events & People
  1. Ferocious Worg (Magical Beast four, Barbaric three), Worg x4 (Magical Fauna four).

    • You should exist 5th or 6th level at this point. The Ferocious Worg is the only real threat here. Go on your ranged squishies on the loftier ground to give them a flake more protection from getting pulled into melee combat.
  2. Dire Boar x3 (Fauna 5).

  3. Mudleaf

    . This requires a Lore: Nature DC 27 to collect (33 exp on success, 1d6+3 magic damage on failure). You demand to collect 3 of these, and the bushes are destroyed on failure, and then I


    recommend saving before each collection effort. According to the Internet, these regrow once when the
    Troll Invasion
    begins, so come back later on if you failed to collect plenty the first time.
  4. Falchos and Tiressia: If you lot took the

    Quest: Plumage Tokens
    , you tin ask Tiressia for some feather tokens to receive

    a Pouch of Plumage Tokens

    for complimentary. Request about the village provides information and unlocks other conversation choices for this area.

    • If you are romancing Tristian and he is with y’all, y’all tin can meliorate his affection by selecting the chat selection: “1. Y’all’re judging by appearances….” when he showtime speaks.
    • During this chat, they’ll tell yous virtually a threat called the Scythe-Tree, which begins the

      Quest: Gnarled Branches
      . There are a number of ways to resolve this situation: 1) offer to impale the Scythe Tree without a advantage (LG moral choice), two) offer to kill information technology only ask for a reward (no moral selection), iii) convince Falchos to leave (CN moral choice, Affairs DC twenty cheque – 45 exp and
      780 golden, Jade x3, Moonstone, x4, Citrine x2), or 4) walk away (NE moral selection). If you picked the NE pick, the fey volition try to charm you lot (Will DC 26). If you neglect, time will pass and y’all’ll exist thrown into combat with the Scythe Tree. Falchos will attack if you succeed on the Will save.

    • The Scythe Tree is located at

      Location Y

      to the SE portion of the map.

      Defeating the Scythe Tree and completing the

      Quest: Gnarled Branches

      will earn you lot 450 exp and grant you the Curse Project: Research into the Nature of Curses: the Scythe Tree. If you asked for a reward, you will also get the same treasure every bit if you had convinced Falchos to leave (780 gilt, Jade x3, Moonstone, x4, Citrine x2).
    • If you lot end up fighting them, Falchos is a Fey eight, Ranger 5 and carries a
      Chainshirt +i. Tiressia is a Fey 9 and will summon beasts. She carries

      a Pouch of Feather Tokens
  5. Path (Perception DC 0). Traversing the path requires an Athletics DC 26 (33 exp on success, 2d6+3 slashing impairment on failure). I recommend skipping information technology for now given the


    difficulty of the enemies at

    Location F
  6. In that location are three Greater Enraged Owlbears (Magical Fauna 18) on the other side of the path.

    • This is an


      challenging battle for a 5th to 7th level party. On Normal difficulty, they each have AC 22, 261 hp, Fort +21/Ref +15/Will +9 saves, and they each make three attacks: a bite and two claw at +26 to striking (with power attack) for 2d6+24 damage (with power attack). I


      recommend avoiding them for now, since you’ll need to return to the map later anyway.
    • They should be reasonably doable for an 8th or 9th level party if you buff properly and concentrate your attacks on 1 enemy at a fourth dimension. Spells like Blur (ii), Mirror Image (2), and Displacement (iii), and Haste (3) will significantly amend your survivability, while spells similar True cat’southward Grace (2), Shield of Faith (1), and Barkskin (2) will boost your tank’southward Air conditioning above what their magic items may provide. Control spells like Grease (1), Web (ii), Stinking Cloud (iii), Confusion (3), Hideous Laughter (i), or Cacophonous Call (two) may also slow them down for a few rounds. Their corpses can exist skinned with a Nature DC 27 for Owlbear Pelts (32 gilded).
  7. Greater Werewolf (Fighter vii), Ferocious Worg x3 (Magical Beast 4, Barbarian three).
    These enemies are stealthed (Perception DC 29). The Werewolf has a
    Masterwork Longsword.

    • On Normal difficulty, the Ferocious Worgs have 19 AC, 73 hp, and Fort +10/Ref +9/Will +6 saves, and they each make 1 attack at +10 to hit for 1d6+eleven impairment.

      The Greater Werewolf has 17 AC, 74 hp, Fort +ix/Ref +4/Will +iv saves, and DR ten/silver; he makes 3 attacks: ii sword attacks at +thirteen/+8 to hit for 1d8+14 harm and a seize with teeth at +5 to hit for 1d6+4 damage.
    • They are challenging but doable for a 6th level party, if you know they’re there and have time to vitrify/prepare. Skip them and return later if yous discover them challenging. Like many enemies, they are vulnerable to Stinking Cloud (iii).
  8. Hodag-like Treant x2 (Magical Fauna 8). These treants have iv attacks each and accept high strength.

    • On Normal difficulty, they have AC 21, 100 hp, 21 Fort +12/Ref +7/Will +7 saves, and DR 10/cold iron. They each make 4 attacks at a +12 to hit: a seize with teeth and a tail slap for 1d8+15 damage and ii claws for 1d6+fifteen damage.
    • This is a unsafe but very doable run across for a 6th level party, though you may wish to have one or more than melee characters switch to a cold iron weapon to vanquish their DR. Their low Reflex and Will saves make them susceptible to control spells.
  9. Volition-o’-wisp x2 (Aberration 9).

    • On Normal difficulty, they accept AC 24, 41 hp, Fort +3/Reflex +9/Will +12 saves, and electricity immunity. They are vulnerable to the spell Magic Missile (1).

      They brand touch attacks at a +16 to hit (+2 with concealment) for 2d8 electricity damage . Resist Energy (ii) or Resist Energy, Communal (iii) will help. They have high AC and concealment and are difficult to striking, but they pose little threat if your characters (particularly the tank) have electricity resistance.
  10. Greater Tatzlwyrm (Dragon six), Tatzlwyrm x2 (Dragon three). Tatzlwyrms have poisonous substance that deal Str damage, which yous can completely neutralize with Delay Poison, Communal (three).
  11. Ghoul (Fighter 4, Undead 2). Speaking to him will start the

    Quest: Coins for a Dead Man’s Eyes
    . He carries a

    Masterwork Handaxe


    • If y’all bring him the coins from the well at
      Location 5, you can enquire him about their significant and the curse to proceeds 135 exp for advancing the quest. You can just go this experience once from either the Ghoul or the Spectre. If you then enquire him “two. Was it you lot who cursed Wilber and Callitropsia?” he’ll tell you to give the coins to the Spectre. If y’all complimentary the Spectre and return, he’ll ask you to destroy his body and attack y’all, in an effort to commit suicide past adventurers.
    • You lot can alternatively give him his final rest by placing the coins in his eyes to receive 450 exp and
      Cloak of Resistance +2; this volition prevent you from freeing the Spectre (who gives a much better reward).
  12. Trail (Perception DC 0): Athletics DC 22 (33 exp, 3d6+3 slashing damage on failure). There used to be no penalty for failure, merely it has since been patched. The render trip requires an Athletics DC 0.
  13. Venomhodag x4 (Magical Beast eight). They start off invisible/stealthed.

    • On Normal difficulty, they have Air-conditioning 23, 84 hp, Fort +10/Ref +12/Will +7 saves, spell resistance xviii, and cold and electricity resistance 10. They each brand four attacks at a +12 to hit: a seize with teeth and tail slap for 1d8+fourteen damage and two claws for 1d6+14 damage.
    • They are susceptible to Stinking Cloud (3), but it may exist difficult for a level 5 to 6 party to defeat enough of them quickly enough to survive this boxing. Like the Greater Enraged Owlbears, they take high defenses, multiple attacks and high attack rolls, so I recommend avoiding this boxing for now. This boxing should be very doable for a 7th level political party.
  14. Giant Slug x3 (Vermin 12).

    • On Normal difficulty, they take Ac 18, 102 hp, Fort +12/Ref +0/Will +4 saves, DR 10/slashing or piercing, and amnesty to acid, listen affecting effects, and being prone. They brand 1 attack at +15 to striking for 6d8+12 damage +2d8 acid harm. They also accept a Spit Acrid ranged touch (ray) set on at a +3 to hit for 10d6 acid damage.
    • Protect your characters with Resist Energy, Acrid (3) before this fight. They are vulnerable to Stinking Cloud (iii), though they have a fairly high Fort save. This is a doable battle, but may take a few reloads, depending on how lucky yous are. Experience complimentary to skip it and come up back subsequently if y’all find them to be too challenging.
  15. Dire Boar x4 (Animal 5).
  16. Gate. Interacting with the gate brings upward a number of options, the ones that advance the conversation are: 1) gently throw a pebble at the window (Dex DC 15 – 18 exp), 2) ring the bell, or 3) open the gate and enter.

    • The Old Beldame will come out if yous succeed on the Dex check or ring the bell. Failure on the Dex check (option 2) or opening the gate and inbound (selection iii) leads to combat with the Scarecrow (Construct 15) and the One-time Beldame (Wizard 8).
    • The Scarecrow has an automated Fascinate effect that applies every round. I don’t recommend fighting them since it’southward a really challenging boxing for a 5th to 6th level party and since the meagre rewards aren’t worth the lost opportunity cost.
  17. The Old Beldame: If you lot enquire: “3. How can I help you, …?” she will give yous the

    Errand: Mushrooms from the Mud Bowl

    and ask you lot to bring her ten

    Black Rattlecaps


    • If you talk to her while carrying any


      , or

      in your inventory, you volition get the option to “three. [show the herb you’ve found at the swamp]. She will ask you to bring her 3 of each, starting the

      Errand: Swamp Bouquet
      . If you give her the requested herbs, you’ll earn 400 gold and 300 exp and she’ll be willing to speak to y’all and to sell/buy items.
    • You tin can buy

      a Pouch of Feather Tokens

      from her for 500 gold if you didn’t get one from Tiressia. She also sells a number of spell scrolls, including scrolls of Haste (3), Greater Invisibility (4), and Freedom of Movement (4); these can be worth buying for your wizards if you lot haven’t even so gotten these spells. You can also purchase a copy of the

      Volume: “Of Transmutations & Actual Poisons, Role I”

      from her if y’all didn’t become a copy from the Abandoned Hut. This is a swell opportunity to sell some of the treasure you’ve picked upward along the way.

    • If y’all heard about Elga Verniex from Falchos and Tiressia, you can inquire her if she’s Elga. Talk to Falchos and Tiressia once more to receive a letter for her from her male parent. You can requite it to her for more than dialogue options and plot.

    • If y’all speak to her later finishing the
      Quest: Coins for a Dead Human’southward Eyes, she’ll ask you what you lot recall most it all. This has no in-game benefit besides providing more story, which is its own benefit.

  18. Greater Tatzlwyrm (Dragon 6), Tatzlwyrm x3 (Dragon 3).
  19. Mobility DC xx (33 exp). The return path does non require a cheque.
  20. Will-o’-wisp x2 (Aberration 9).
  21. Nyrta’south Corpse.

    If y’all’ve defeated the Scythe Tree, you can put the

    Onetime Wedding Ring

    on her body (LG moral option, 54 exp).

    You can alternatively gather some flowers and lay them nearly the body (NG moral choice) or take treasure from the body (NE moral choice). The treasure is a

    Band of Protection +i

    , a Gold Band, an


    , and

    91 gold

    • If you accept the treasure, your adjacent random encounter will be a confrontation with a Nereid who will abscond later on summoning 5 Giant Frogs (Animate being 2) to fight you. A Greater Tatzylwyrm (Dragon half dozen) and Tatzylwyrms x3 (Dragon 3) will appear afterward 2-3 rounds from the SW and SE respectively, and a Poisonous Shambling Mound (Plant 11) will appear a few rounds after that from the NW. The Shambling Mound is immune to poison, mind-affecting effects, and electricity, and information technology has fire resistance 10. This tin can be a rather difficult encounter at this level, so I’d recommend holding off a few levels if you really want to rob her corpse.
  22. Well. Yous tin knock on the lid (Will DC 20 – 45 exp). Opening the lid begins combat with Ancient Will-o’-wisp (Abnormality 16) and War Wisp x2 (Abnormality 11).

    • On Normal difficulty, the Aboriginal Volition-o’-wisp has Ac 27, 136 hp, Fort +10/Ref+14/Will +13 saves, and electricity amnesty, and it’s vulnerable to Magic Missile (ane). It shoots Lightning Bolts for 10d6 electricity damage (Reflex DC 19 for half damage). The War Wisps have AC 25, 61 hp, Fort +iv/Ref +13/Volition +x saves, electricity immunity, and are vulnerable to Magic Missile (1). They make lightning attacks for 7d6 electricity damage (Reflex DC 14 for half damage).
    • These enemies like to use expanse line attacks, so you should spread your characters out earlier the battle begins. Because they have loftier AC, deal a lot of AOE electricity harm, and can be difficult to hit, I recommend holding off on this encounter until your political party reaches 7th level. A Resist Electricity, Communal (3) spell cast at caster level 7 volition all but negate their attacks, trivializing this battle.
      You don’t demand to wait until seventh level, and information technology’s possible to fight and defeat them at a lower level (Protection from Energy (3) spells assistance), but there’s really no demand given their high Air-conditioning and since you’ll take to come up dorsum to this map subsequently.

    • The War Wisps will each deport

      Money with Wilber’s Proper name

      ; the Volition-o’-wisp carries

      Coin with Callitropsia’s Name

      . If yous bring these coins to the Onetime Beldame or Tiressia, they will tell you that the coins are related to a curse. You tin bring these coins to the Spectre and the Ghoul for more information and to advance the
      Quest: Coins for a Dead Human being’s Eyes.

  23. Greater Worg (Barbaric 5, Magical Beast 4), Ferocious Worg x3 (Magical Beast 4, Barbarian 3). You can limit the number of enemies you fight at any time by having your tank accuse from the north.
  24. Spectre (Undead 8): Speaking to the Spectre will begin the Quest: Coins for a Dead Man’s Optics. If you come here after speaking with the Ghoul, there will be additional dialogue options. If you cull to set on him, he’ll deal negative level bleed with his attacks, and y’all won’t go any exp from the battle. It’due south really not worth it.

    • If you bring him the coins from the well and say “2. I’ve establish some coins in the well. …”, he’ll explain what they mean and you’ll get 135 exp for advancing the quest. Yous can only go this experience once from either the Ghoul or the Spectre. If you also bring
      Nyta’s Letter
      and enquire him most it, he’ll explain what happened to crusade the situation. You lot tin solve the
      Quest: Coins for a Dead Human’s Eyes
      to the Spectre’s do good if you ask: “3. What keeps you from your eternal remainder?” and “5. [Put the coins on Erastil’due south chantry].” This will earn you 450 exp and reveal
      Treasure #35
      Phylactery of Positive Channeling).
    • The characters will make a Perception check (DC 0) when you approach the Spectre. However, nothing appears, and it’s unclear what, if annihilation, is discovered.
  25. Scythe Tree (Establish xvi). Information technology carries an
    Old Wedding ceremony Band
    Nyta’s Letter of the alphabet
    on its corpse.

    • On Normal difficulty, the Scythe Tree has AC 25, 152 HP, Fort +xv/Ref +8/Volition+viii saves, and DR x/slashing, and information technology’s allowed to mind-affecting effects, poison, paralysis, and stun, among other effects. Information technology makes 3 attacks at a +eighteen assail bonus for 2d4+16 damage. It doesn’t have prone immunity and can exist tripped or knocked down with the Grease (ane) spell.
    • The majestic clouds in the area are poisonous (Fort DC 12) and will deal 1d3 Con damage per circular until the character makes a salvage. I
      recommend having one of your clerics or other spellcasters prepare Delay Poisonous substance, Communal (iii) while y’all’re in this area. Thanks Runetooth, for reminding me that I forgot to add this note!
  26. Behemothic Slug x2 (Vermin 12).

  1. Body: 18 gold, Longsword, Roll of Cure Moderate Wounds, Potion of Cure Light Wounds, Scroll of Acrid Arrow, Onions.
  2. Locked Chest (Perception DC 18, Trickery DC xx): Potion of Cure Light Wounds,

    Whorl of Cure Serious Wounds
    , Coil of Cure Moderate Wounds, Potion of Enlarge Person, Turquoise, 7 gilt, Scroll of Cure Calorie-free Wounds.

  3. Swordsman’s Passion

    (Dueling Sword +2, Agile, Finesse Wielding).
  4. Stump (Perception DC twenty): Potion of Cure Light Wounds, Scroll of Bless x2, Gyre of Scorching Ray, 16 gold, Curl of Cure Low-cal Wounds.

  5. 1,011 gold

    , Pearl x22,

    Exquisite Pearl x6


    Taldan Warrior’s Domestic dog Tag

    , Flour.

  6. Band of Protection +2

    (Perception DC 24).

  7. Token of the Dryad


  8. Shambletus

  9. Curlicue of Bless x2, 23 gold, Potion of Cure Light Wounds, Scroll of Cure Light Wounds x3, Curl of Acid Arrow.
  10. Trapped Box (Perception DC 24 to spot the box, Perception DC 22 to notice the trap, Trickery DC 22 to disarm – 36 exp):


    (Heavy Selection +1, Adamantine, Construct Blight).
  11. Log (Perception DC xix): Citrine, Potion of Cat’south Grace, viii gold.
  12. (Perception DC 0):

    Leather Armor +2

    , Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds x2, 48 gold.

  13. Gloomberry


  14. Token of the Dryad


    Shard of Knight’southward Bracers

  15. Herbs.
  16. Scroll of Acrid Arrow, 14 gold, Scroll of Anoint x2, Moonstone, Scroll of Cure Light Wounds, Jade, Silver Band.

  17. Token of the Dryad

  18. Milk, Butter,

    Recipe: Fish-on-a-Stick

  19. Clear Quartz, Potion of Enlarge Potion, Roll of Cure Moderate Wounds, Scroll of Bless, 15 golden.
  20. Log (Perception DC 18): Scroll of Cure Lite Wounds, two golden, Potion of Enlarge Person, Curl of Scorching Ray, Argent Ring, Moonstone, Jade, Turquoise.
  21. Locked Chest (Perception DC twenty, Trickery DC xviii): Copper Band, Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds, Exquisite Pearl, 3 gilt, Potion of Shield of Organized religion, Jasper, Coil of Anoint, Gyre of Cure Moderate Wounds.
  22. Mushrooms.
  23. Rocks (Perception DC 19):

    Token of the Dryad

  24. Curlicue of Cure Low-cal Wounds,
    Ringlet of Concord Person, 15 golden.
  25. Rocks (Perception DC 19):

    Taldan Warrior’s Dog Tag

  26. Locked Chest (Trickery DC 19): Scroll of Scorching Ray x2, Gyre of Cure Light Wounds, 6 aureate, Potion of Cure Light Wounds, Scroll of Bless.
  27. Locked Breast (Trickery DC 18): Gyre of Bless, Potion of Bull’south Strength, 2 gold.

  28. Dizzyhead

    (Perception DC 22).

  29. Dizzyhead
    (Perception DC 27).
  30. Potion of Barkskin, Gyre of Anoint, Scroll of Cure Calorie-free Wounds x2, 3 gold.
  31. Bodies: a) Pearl, Shortsword, Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds, 13 gold; b) Green Quartz, Potion of Owl’south Wisdom, 3 aureate, Handaxe.
  32. a)

    Token of the Damsel


    Cypress Queen’due south Blossom

    ; b)

    Wand of Burning Arc

    (27 charges).

  33. Token of the Dryad

    (Perception DC nineteen).
  34. Trapped Chest (Perception DC 22 to see the breast, DC 26 to see the trap, Trickery DC 22 to disarm):

    Gloves of Dueling

    (+4 to CMD confronting disarm; +2 bonus to the Weapon Preparation power if the wielder has the power).

  35. Phylactery of Positive Channeling


    This requires you to resolve the
    Quest: Coins for a Dead Human being’southward Eyes
    in the Spectre’s favor.

Leaving the Expanse

Information technology’southward important to give yourself about a day and a half earlier the 14 twenty-four hours deadline for An Ancient Curse to travel back to your uppercase. You tin can go along on to the Monster Den if you have the fourth dimension or you tin can skip this area for now, since you’ll render to this surface area soon plenty.


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