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World of Flowers
is the newest book by colouring evangelist Johanna Basford. I received this gorgeous volume from Marco for Christmas and I finally started information technology this last month. I had been putting it off a little because sometimes I go a niggling ill of colouring flowers. However, I actually had quite a lot of fun with this book. It has quite a fleck of diversity and very different to the flowers in Johanna’due south other books every bit y’all will run across.

So if you have been living nether a rock you may accept non heard of Johanna Basford. Merely I doubtfulness this would be the example if your a colourist. This is Johanna’southward seven colouring book (not including all the artist edition, journals, calendars, etc). It was only published in mid December 2018 in both the Great britain and U.s.a.. I have the United kingdom edition, similar the rest of my collection. As they are readily available in Australia and online. From what I have read in the past I practise prefer the Great britain editions, but if you lot would similar to see a side-by-side comparison of this book, see this video by Colouring in the Midst of Madness.

Earth of Flowers is the same format of near of Johanna’s other colouring books. It is a square shape, sized at 25.1 x 25.1 cm. Similar all the UK editions, it has a soft cover with a dust cover over the top. The cover is vivid white, with black inked flowers and some rose-gold foiling. You can find the same flowers inside the volume, but non in the aforementioned formation. Nonetheless, the inside cover and does have the same blueprint that yous will find in the volume. Inside this book you will find 80 pages to colour with a diverseness of new designs. The newspaper is ivory in colour and medium thickness. It has the same paper that you volition find in Johanna’due south later colouring books ei. Magic Jungle, Johanna’south Christmas. Toward the dorsum of the book there is a page to test your mediums and a page that extends, which is double sided.

The floral designs in this book are gorgeous and as I mentioned, is a lot unlike to what we have seen before from Johanna’southward other colouring books. Since flowers are the subject of the book they are much more detailed and vary in shapes, sizes and design style. Flowers aren’t the only things you will discover in this book. You will also find succulents and other potted plants, magic potion bottles, butterflies and other insects, household objects and furniture, fairy homes, etc. The designs range from the usually wreaths, wallpaper and mandalas, to garden scenes, busy shelving, large and minor circular and square designs. There is but so much variety that you lot won’t feel like your colouring the same stuff that you take come beyond previously in her books.

So as you guessed past now I do love this book. I did notice some of pages with the larger spaces a bit intimating because I don’t beloved doing big backgrounds. However, if your like me you tin can skip some of these pages or just do put in more effort to the suspended objects and they will speak for themselves on the ivory paper. Something I actually loved was the last couple of pages that pull out, which I would like to render to in the future.

Below I accept included a video flip through and all the pages I have coloured in order that y’all will find them in the book. I have only used Prismacolor Premier pencils and a couple of gel pens then far. As you lot will run across these pencils piece of work very beautifully on this paper. I don’t run across that there would be any problems with other harder pencils or h2o colour, and so long as you are conscientious. There are plenty of examples by other colourist using other pencils, so I recommend checking out Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration.

Title pages
is e’er a challenge for me and I usually come back to it last. I wanted it to be an explosion of brilliant colours, which complemented each other. I also wanted to employ dissimilar techniques for each bloom, so they didn’t wait so similar and apartment. I am quite happy how this one turned out and it makes me happy when I open up this book.

Proper name plate
pages was also some other i I was stumped on considering the flowers were then tiny, so it would exist difficult for them to pop out of the paper. I started with a navy and coral colour scheme and added some complementary colours equally I went. I also added some gilt gel pen to cover some of the piffling black dots and lines, which actually brightened it upwardly.

This gorgeous selection of
Flower motifs

are not my colour scheme, but rather the from the mind of the astonishing Chris Cheng. I started following her four-role video tutorial when I started this volume, simply I ended up coming back to right at the end. They merely took me so long, but it was well worth information technology. So many layers went into it, which is why they look and so stunning. She also done another gorgeous tutorial of a flower wreath. Peta Hewitt also did a tutorial for the same picture, so I still take to do decide which one I will do at a after date.

Alchemy Garden
is some other one of the terminal picture I did. I took my fourth dimension calculation many layers to the groundwork, flowers and bottles to endeavour and make the objects look more 3 dimensional. I am happy with almost of the elements but at present I’m wishing I did a stone wall for the background, as information technology looks a bit bare. For the magic potions I was inspire by this Chris Cheng’s Fairy Potions from Fairy Miracles. This was my start attempt at something like this, only now I think I can tackle a few more magic potions in Hanna Karlzon’s Magically Dawn, which I’m withal to offset.

Sunflower and Tulip
is the get-go folio I that completed. I started with the sunflower and I was very disappointed in it until I finished the tulip. I only wanted to use a few colours for each and with both side-by-side information technology has the event that I wanted. The page beside this has another ii flowers with the same frames, then I programme to do those in cerise and green to complement this page.

Flower Fairy Garden
is the 2nd folio I did and information technology took me so long. I was thinking of doing a grayness purple stone frame, merely past the fourth dimension I got this far I simply wanted to motion on to something else. This pic remind me a lot of some of the double folio spreads in Underground Garden. If y’all meet some of the pages I did my Underground Garden gallery, you can definitely see an comeback in both my colouring and Johanna’south flowers. These flowers were a lot more interesting to colour and I like how oversized they are.

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