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Bloom of Evil: Episode four

In the pursuit of a murder suspect, our detective comes dangerously close to discovering that her husband isn’t who she thinks he is. Somehow, he manages to stay just one pace ahead of her in his desperate bid to keep his past hidden. With more questions than answers, our heroine isn’t most to requite up excavation into the groundwork of a serial killer, unaware that her dedication will threaten all that she holds beloved.


Ji-won and Hee-sung took refuge from a sudden pelting tempest under some eaves where she complained, “I’thou wearing new clothes, new shoes, and I spent an hour styling my hair…So much for a first date.” Hee-sung confessed that he wasn’t interested in her only Ji-won protested, “And then why do you spend fourth dimension with me on your twenty-four hour period off?”

Others in the neighborhood assumed they were already dating and Ji-won suggested, “Has it ever occurred to you that you’re the only one who doesn’t know you like me?” Ji-won proposed a game of stone, paper, scissors to relieve the tension, with the loser having to stand in the rain for 30 seconds. Hee-sung dismissed the thought but Ji-won played anyway and won. With a laugh, she pushed Hee-sung into the pelting and at the sight of her grin, he unknowingly smiled back.

They were both surprised and when Hee-sung turned away, he saw Do Min-seok’s black eyes staring at him from beyond the street. When Ji-won followed Hee-sung’s terrified gaze, Min-seok disappeared. Hee-sung demanded, “How could yous similar a guy similar me,” and walked abroad, leaving backside a bawling Ji-won.

In the chemist’s shop, Hee-sung’southward mother shouts that if people discover out their secret, she’southward impale herself in front of him. Taking a tonic from a nearby shelf, Hee-sung urges her to at-home down.

Mom apologizes for slapping Hee-sung but when she learns that Ji-won is in charge of Nam Before long-kil’s murder case, she throws the bottle, “I warned yous, didn’t I? I told you she’ll make things worse.” Sweeping up the glass, Hee-sung assures her that since the killer’s blood was found at the scene, the investigation won’t pb to Baek Hee-sung, “…as long equally you keep to stay on my side.”

Earlier Hee-sung leaves, Mom complains that her house is too big for just two people and asks him to stop for by for dinner once in a while. Hee-sung reminds her, “It’due south non just you two.”

When Hee-sung’s father walks through his forepart door, the housekeeper writes a note, “Your son needs to eat.” Dad heads to the secret room, its walls lined with the photos of the real Baek Hee-sung and his mathematics awards. After expertly connecting a feeding pocketbook to a port in Hee-sung’due south belly, Dad gently strokes his son’s hair.

At the constabulary station, a review of Do Min-seok’due south family unit annals reveals the existence of a daughter, Hyun-soo’s older sister, Do Hae-soo.

A woman crouches abreast the bloody body of a human being lying at the bottom of an empty pond pool. Blood dripping from her fingers, she asks, “It doesn’t hurt anymore, does it,” and the man’s eyes open when he answers, “Information technology doesn’t sting. But it smells weird.”

When a director instructs Hae-soo to make the wound look fresher, we learn that she’s a makeup artist. Mildly frustrated, Hae-soo asks the director if he’s e’er seen a murdered corpse earlier applying more fake blood. Hae-soo is interrupted when an assistant alerts her to a telephone call.

Ji-won enters a café and locates Hae-soo right abroad (her existent sis-in-law). Asked, “How did y’all know? Do I look similar to Exercise Min-seok,” Ji-won admits information technology was just a lucky guess and holds out her business organization bill of fare. Hae-soo ignores it and tells Ji-won, “After Hyun-soo disappeared in 2002, I never saw him over again. For 18 years, I’ve met tons of cops and told them the same thing. Can I go now?”

That’south not Ji-won’south question, she wants to know about the buildings that belonged to Do Min-seok, suggesting that they weren’t sold to provide refuge for Hyun-soo. Hae-soo explains that she only sold her father’s land to pay the victims’ families, she left everything else alone because she didn’t want her father’s money.

After Hae-soo repeats, “I haven’t seen our Hyun-soo for 18 years already,” Ji-won asks why she sounds sad rather than resentful when speaking about her blood brother. Announcing that she needs to go back to to piece of work, Hae-soo leaves without answering the question.

Moo-jin’s online search for Baek Hee-sung reveals that the name belonged to the son of a academy hospital director and that he was a recognized math whiz. Moo-jin jumps when Ms. Kang leans shut to inquire, “What are you doing?” Tossing two huge cases on the table, Ms. Kang informs Moo-jin, “This is the father’s example and this is the son’s case,” and reminds him “I’m waiting for that exclusive.”

Hee-sung ignores a text from Moo-jin and when he walks out of the bathroom, Ji-won is waiting with his raincoat. He allows her to put it on him and later on pulling up the hood, she laughs when Hee-sung asks if she thinks that he’s the killer. Ji-won explains, “When you came home like this…I didn’t recognize you at first…how did Nam Soon-kil recognize him right away?”

Hee-sung helpfully suggests, “Maybe he was mistaken,” only Ji-won wants the killer to be Do Hyun-soo so that she can be rewarded with a special promotion. Hee-sung looks worried when Ji-won sends him to bed start so she can work late.

Joining Ji-won on the couch, Hee-sung lays his caput in her lap, “I desire to sleep here tonight.” Hee-sung sees the file for the foreman’s murder on the coffee table every bit Ji-won questions if Exercise Min-seok’s kids were really unaware that their male parent was a serial killer. Ji-won deems the father and son the perfect case to study the role that DNA plays in hating personality disorder.

When Hee-sung asks about the case, Ji-won informs him that the Chinese restaurant possessor will be working with a sketch artist on an updated prototype of Exercise Hyun-soo. Hee-sung gets Ji-won to lie down beside him and later on studying his confront, she brags that she’d know him from only his shadow.

When her eyes commencement to close, Hee-sung asks if Moo-jin is helping with the sketch too but Ji-won doesn’t remember telling him that Hyun-soo and Moo-jin knew each other. Hee-sung fibs that she mentioned that they were classmates and when Ji-won asks him not to share what she tells him, he promises, “Of course non.”

In Hee-sung’due south hometown, an old adult female sees a study on the Chinese eating house murder. An appeal for the public’south assistance in identifying Do Hyun-soo gets her attention.

Ho-joon supervises the coming together with the sketch artist which isn’t going well because Moo-jin and the Chinese restaurant owner go on contradicting each other. Remembering that Hee-sung tasked him with sabotaging the sketch, Moo-jin helpfully volunteers that Hyun-soo has a scar on his brow.

In the back of a taxi, Hee-sung watches another facial expressions video and practices looking sad. When he impersonates Moo-jin for a meeting with Nam Soon-kil’s widow, Hee-sung weeps when she mentions that he was the last person that her husband called, “If just I had picked up. I’g truly sorry.”

After Nam Presently-kil’s widow insists that he’due south not to arraign, Hee-sung asks why her husband was at the restaurant so late. She explains that once a calendar week, her husband worked late on new recipes and when Hee-sung asks who else knew, she tin can’t call back of anyone.

Back in the village, the onetime woman removes a photo from an album and in the background, Hee-sung/Hyun-soo has his arm effectually a very pregnant Ji-won. When the adult female calls the police nearly the photo, Ji-won takes her call.

The Chinese restaurant possessor complains that the police sketch doesn’t look anything like Exercise Hyun-soo. Ho-joon has doubts nigh Moo-jin’south recollection but he’southward not lying when he insists, “I call up information technology every bit if I had met him yesterday.” After a call from Ji-won, Ho-joon announces that they no longer demand the sketch and dismisses the men.

Hee-sung asks Nam Soon-kil’s widow to call if she remembers annihilation. He’s most to walk abroad when she remembers something, “The taxi!”

Considering the old woman can’t text an image of the photo, Ji-won insists on picking it up personally. Subsequently instructing the adult female non to show the photo to anyone, Ji-won hangs upwardly and goes in search of Ho-joon.

Noticing the taxi driver’s tumbler, Jae-sub calls to remind him to pick it up. The taxi commuter promises to come up by after, fifty-fifty though he’s parked across the street from the constabulary station. Placing an earpiece in his ear, the taxi driver hears Woo-chul tell Jae-sub, “In one case we have Do Hyun-soo’southward photograph, the case will basically solve itself.”

In a flashback, Nam Soon-kil borrowed the taxi commuter’s phone and recognized the faded, manus-painted fish tile fastened to it. Nam Before long-kil remembered seeing a newer version of that tile hanging from Hyun-soo’s cassette player when they were roommates. After Nam Soon-kil uttered Practise Hyun-soo’s name, the taxi commuter pulled over. In the present, the taxi driver stares at the faded fish before driving away.

Later the widow informed Hee-sung that her husband was picked up by the same taxi whenever he worked late, he gets a call from Moo-jin. Moo-jin delivers the bad news that a woman from their hamlet recognized Hee-sung in a photo taken v years ago and Ji-won is on her mode to pick information technology upwards.

Moo-jin shoves a vocalism recorder into a jacket pocket just equally Hee-sung gets into his motorcar. When Moo-jin asks if they tin shell Ji-won, Hee-sung tells him, “I know for a fact that we’ll get there commencement…Considering they won’t run whatsoever blood-red lights.”

While stopped at a lite, Ho-joon and Ji-won hash out Do Min-seok’s seventh victim, who was never found. Ji-won can’t empathize why Do Min-seok committed suicide since information technology was the investigation into his expiry that led to the discovery of his victims. When she muses, “Do you recollect he really did commit suicide,” Ho-joon labels her doubt a conspiracy theory. Ji-won reminds him that the victims’ left thumbnails were never institute, suggesting that Min-seok had an accomplice, someone like Do Hyun-soo.

As Moo-jin speeds through one ruby light after another, Hee-sung asks why he had Hae-soo’s necklace. Hae-soo returned the necklace when they broke up and Moo-jin claims to have forgotten near it until he found it in a drawer. When Hee-sung tells him that he threw information technology abroad, Moo-jin’s reaction suggets that the necklace meant something.

Remembering the recorder, Moo-jin asks, “How did Do Hyun-soo become Baek Hee-sung…How did you manage to fool Detective Cha?” After Hee-sung answers that Ji-won knows nothing well-nigh his past or that he’s abnormal, Moo-jin wants to know if he has any feelings for her, especially after having a child together.

Hee-sung recalls their offset date as he shares that his dad is scared of Ji-won, “He won’t be able to come near me as long equally she’s with me.” Pulling out the subconscious recorder, Hee-sung deletes everything on it and warns, “If Ji-won ever finds out what you know, I might really kill you lot.”

Being dorsum in the village triggers traumatic memories for Hee-sung — being spring to the tree likewise every bit dragged before a twirling shaman in front of the unabridged hamlet.

Parked exterior of Oh Bok-ja’south firm, Moo-jin goes over the plan as we come across it played out. Moo-jin surprises Oh Bok-ja with a friendly visit and convinces her to show him the photo. After Moo-jin texts its location to Hee-sung, he steals information technology when Moo-jin lures Oh Bok-ja exterior to greet the law. When Hee-sung gets away, he and Moo-jin reunite at a predetermined spot.

Hee-sung asks what happens if affair don’t get as planned but without a fill-in plan, they proceed. Subsequently Hee-sung hides in a small shed, Moo-jin approaches the house and sees that the front door is already open up. Finding Oh Bok-ja with her arms and hands bound, Moo-jin runs to her side and gets striking on the back of the head.

From the shed, Hee-sung sees the intruder exit the house, wearing a black rain coat. The intruder runs when Ji-won and Ho-joon pull up and his pelting glaze is pulled off when Hee-sung chases after him. Communicable the intruder, Hee-sung pulls off his mask, confused by the human’s greeting, “Do Hyun-soo…You may not know me, but you must know Jung Mi-sook well.”

Ji-won and Ho-joon see Min-joo’s car and wonder how he knew about their latest lead. Meanwhile, the intruder has a proposition for Hee-sung, “Let’due south come across ourselves, without the cops… I’ll pick you upwards…in my cab…I’ve been waiting so long for this kickoff date.” When Hee-sung is distracted by the sound of Ji-won’s voice, the taxi driver escapes.

Ji-won sees a black pelting coat on the basis merely as Hee-sung is nearly to spring over the back fence. When she shouts, “Do Hyun-soo,” he freezes and he has to force himself not to expect at her before running away.

While Ho-joon tends to Moo-jin and Oh Bok-ja, Ji-won unknowingly chases subsequently her husband. Keeping pace with Hee-sung as they run through the woods and onto a street, Ji-won follows him into a warehouse. From his hiding spot, Hee-sung watches every bit Ji-won reaches out to turn on an overhead light.

Picking up a hammer, Hee-sung sends it sailing through the air only as Ji-won flips the switch. When it hits the calorie-free, sparks fly and Hee-sung throws a blanket over Ji-won and pulls her to safety. In a struggle to free herself, Ji-won not simply kicks Hee-sung between the legs, she tosses him across the aisle.

When Ji-won trips and falls into a prepare of shelves, Hee-sung shields her from the falling tools. Taking her handcuffs, Hee-sung secures Ji-won to some other set up of shelves and escapes before she tin get the coating off of her head.

Hee-sung calls Moo-jin, who announces the he nearly died, to ask for information on Jung Mi-sook, a name that Moo-jin recognizes. Afterwards hanging up, Hee-sung realizes that he’southward bleeding and steals a make clean shirt from a nearby clothesline.

Ho-joon finds a humiliated Ji-won, amazed that she wasn’t hurt when he sees all of the tools on the ground. Ji-won learns that even the photo was taken, the killer isn’t Practise Hyun-soo considering the intruder needed the old woman to identify him in her photo.

Subsequently buying supplies in a convenience store, Hee-sung rents a room at the inn that the taxi commuter mentioned. In his room, Hee-sung breaks the glass on a wall clock to create a makeshift weapon from a big shard and some tape.

In spite of the late hour, Ji-won meets with the local residents who take lots to say about Do Hyun-soo, “We should’ve continued the exorcism back then.” Ji-won has to explain that they’re not after Practice Hyun-soo but someone who’south targeted him.

Ji-won asks if an outsider has asked about him but lots of people are interested in Exercise Hyun-soo — Tv set producers, journalists, writers, fifty-fifty police force. When Ji-won asks about someone with a grudge, ane adult female mentions a a taxi driver.

Jae-sub is puzzled by dashcam footage that shows a taxi stopping and and so driving off without anyone getting in or out, peculiarly after the taxi driver said that he dropped someone off. Woo-chul gets a call from Ho-joon nearly the latest developments and Ji-won grabs the phone to ask him to confirm that the missing victim’south husband was a taxi commuter.

Putting her on speaker, Woo-chul and Jae-sub learn that the husband visited the village often to search for his wife’s body. A flashback shows that the taxi driver was so obsessed with finding his married woman’s body that when a local confronted him about his excavation, he was beaten with the shovel.

Information technology seems that the husband convinced himself that Exercise Hyun-soo was his father’s accomplice and knew where his married woman was buried. What Ji-won can’t figure out is how the killer knew near Oh Bok-ja’s photo and when Jae-sub remembers the tumbler, he finds the listening device.

In a flashback to the dark that Nam Soon-kil was killed, the raincoat clad driver climbed into the back seat of his waiting taxi and crawled into the driver’s seat, making await equally if he’d been picked upwardly. After returning to his hideout, he had a cough fit in forepart of the wall plastered with the missing person flyers of his wife, Jung Mi-sook. When Jae-sub checks Jung Mi-sook’s file, her husband, Park Kyung-choon, is listed every bit a taxi driver.

On his way to pick upwards Hee-sung, Park Kyung-choon recalls telling Nam Soon-kil that he and his married woman made the matching fish tiles. Jung Mi-sook’s telephone was constitute in Mi-seok’s workshop but the tile was missing, and he realized, “…Do Hyun-su had it all along.” Park Kyung-choon thanked Nam Soon-kil, “The stuff yous told me..It’south going to aid me out a lot.”

While waiting for the taxi driver, Hee-sung gets a video call from his mother in law. When he answers it, Hee-sung is greeted by Eun-ha’s sobs, “I woke up, and y’all weren’t in that location.” Looking genuinely sad, Hee-sung explains to his daughter that something came up and when she wails, “I miss you,” he promises he’ll be at that place before long. Merely every bit Hee-sung hangs up, Park Kyung-choon pulls upward.

A patrol officer shows Ji-won a watch found in the warehouse, thinking that it’s hers. Equally Hee-sung walks towards Park Kyung-choon’due south taxi, Ji-won finds
H. S. Baek
engraved on the watch‘south band, her souvenir to Hee-sung on his altogether.


What a centre pounding episode equally Ji-won came dangerously shut to learning Hee-sung’s secret. Even though she discovers that Do Hyun-soo
murder Nam Before long-kil, her interest in Do Min-seok’southward example guarantees that it’s only a matter of fourth dimension before she unearths the truth. Since Hee-sung is almost to be defenseless in Park Kyung-choon’s web, I take a feeling that the truth is going to come out
soon. I have to admit that I’m surprised at how quickly Ji-won has been made aware of Do Hyun-soo’s life, which has me wondering, will the story near the real Baek Hee-sung eclipse the tragedy of the Do family unit? How else to explain the major freakout that Hee-sung’s “mother” experienced when she thought that her family unit’s secret was at adventure?

Hee-sung may non be a math whiz, but he’southward shrewdly intelligent, cool-headed and at times, ruthless. But he’s not without emotions, which is why he protected Ji-won during their tussle and wilted when he saw Eun-ha’due south pitiful tears. He’southward taken bang-up pains to keep that haunting paradigm of his father, Exercise Min-seok, at bay and nosotros learned that’s why Hee-sung concluded up with Ji-won, her smiling banishes that ghost from his life. Ji-won is like the good affections who can only come across the proficient in Hee-sung while Do Min-seok is the devil on his other shoulder, who stirs up bad feelings in him. Now that he’s been pulled back to the identify where he grew upwardly, the site of so much tragedy, how will that touch on Hee-sung/Hyun-soo?

I’1000 loving the uneasy alliance betwixt Moo-jin and Hee-sung, specially when Moo-jin is taken ashamed by how well Hee-sung knows him. Moo-jin isn’t every bit smart as he thinks he is, and neither for that matter is Jae-sub. He fell for the taxi driver’s flattery and took care of the “forgotten” tumbler, allowing Park Kyung-choon access to the team’southward information in existent time. So embarrassing, a feeling that Ji-won experiences when Hee-sung uses her handcuffs to proceed her from running after him. Just it’south that upwardly close and personal encounter that sows the seeds of suspicion in Ji-won’s mind, especially when she claimed that she’d recognize Hee-sung from his shadow. Later on Ho-joon points out that it was a miracle that Ji-won wasn’t injure, she has to wonder why and that watch band provides a huge clue, but will she pursue it or chose to stay in the night?

Ji-won’due south question almost Do Min-seok’s suicide means that cypher that we think we know is sound. Was Min-seok really a serial killer and/or the victim of murder himself? I’1000 fascinated by Ji-won’s angles when she approaches a case considering she asks the most interesting questions. At that place are and then many loose threads that are office of a much bigger motion-picture show and I think that it’s going to take both Ji-won’s and Hee-sung’s skills to bring everything into focus. I can’t look to see that, simply starting time, their lives are about to exist turned upside downwardly.


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