Flower of Evil Ep 5 Eng Sub

Bloom of Evil Episode 1

Baek Hee Sung and Cha Ji Won are a married couple with a daughter. Ji Won received an unpleasant relationship with Hee Sung’s parents despite being together. Ji Won is a detective… read more than

Bloom of Evil Episode 2

A murder example like to the Yeonju City serial murder case happens. The victim’s thumbnail was missing, and she had a noose around her neck. Something seems off about the instance and… read more

Flower of Evil Episode 3

Ji Won feels something is not correct when she saw Hee Seong coming home with a raincoat on in the center of the nighttime. The next day, Ji Won gets assigned another murder instance and the… read more

Flower of Evil Episode iv

Hee Seong gets baffled to go the prime suspect of Hoesin-dong Chinese restaurant murder instance. Only Hee Seong and Moo Jin know that someone else is copying Exercise Hyun Su to pivot the… read more

Flower of Evil Episode 5

A police officer hands over a lookout man every bit a piece of evidence from the crime scene in Gakyeongri to Ji Won. It has the strap that is engraved with Hee Seong’s initials on it. Ji Won… read more

Flower of Evil Episode 6

Hee Seong was brought to an emergency room without any consciousness. Luckily, he wakes up, but Ji Won heard something unexpected while Hee Seong was unconscious. Later on having a drink… read more

Flower of Evil Episode 7

Ji Won tin’t clear up her doubts nigh Hee Seong, so she triggers him with the recording of Do Hyun Su’s voice and asks him to get to Do Min Seok’s workshop. When Hee Seong gets… read more than

Flower of Evil Episode eight

Hyun Su asks Moo Jin to expect for Hae Su in gild to find the accomplice. During a stakeout, Ji Won encounters In Seo from an earlier instance. Ji Won’s team gets to reinvestigate the… read more

Blossom of Evil Episode nine

Ji Won visits Moo Jin’s house and finds Hyun Su and Hae Su there. Hyun Su hurriedly tells Ji Won that he was helping Moo Jin’s investigation, but Ji Won gets more certain that… read more

Flower of Evil Episode 10

Hyun Su seals a deal with the homo-trafficking ring run by Yeom Sang Cheol. His goal is to relieve the child and call back data about Do Min Seok’s accomplice. He calls the constabulary… read more

Bloom of Evil Episode 11

Knowing that Detective Choi constitute out virtually Hyun Su’s identity, Ji Won begs him to turn a blind middle on the example. Meanwhile, Hyun Su gets into trouble while undergoing a programme to notice… read more

Flower of Evil Episode 12

To spare her from worry, Hyeon-su keeps another hugger-mugger from Ji-won. Hae-su decides it’due south time to come clean about the villager’due south murder. (Source: IMDb)

Bloom of Evil Episode xiii

Man-u and Gong Mi-ja are set up for Ji-won and Hyeon-su when they arrive for a confrontation. The next solar day, another dead body is found. (Source: IMDb)

Flower of Evil Episode 14

While framed for a murder he didn’t commit, Hyeon-su sets out to save the life of his father’s victim. Ji-won puts her girl in Hae-su’south care. (Source: IMDb)

Flower of Evil Episode 15

The law leak a false story to the press hoping to lure out the true culprit. Hyeon-su and his father’s cohort finally meet. (Source: IMDb)

Flower of Evil Episode 16

Null makes sense to Hyeon-su when he wakes upwards, least of all Ji-won. To help Hae-su win her trial, Ji-won and Hyeon-su visit a key witness together. (Source: IMDb)

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