Easiest Flowers to Grow in Pots

perennials for containers

Finding perennials that grow well in containers can be difficult; however, if you can find a skilful mixture of plants that are easy to grow, you lot tin make a colorful display.

In this guide, we are going to look at several options that grow well in containers, so you will be able to find plants that y’all can easily abound together in your indoor or outdoor space all yr long. Some are plants that take colorful flower, while others are more like ferns and succulents that will not require a lot of your attending.

Allow’due south accept a await at thirteen different plants so that you lot can determine which ones all-time fit into the garden that y’all are trying to create.



At that place are over 12,000 different species of ferns that you can abound in your garden, and they brand an first-class option to grow in a container. These plants are piece of cake to abound, merely they will need to grow in a relatively moist location that is humid. They prefer to grow in shady locations that are positioned in zones four through seven.



If you lot are looking for a climbing perennial that is going to look neat in your garden, so the clematis, which is a lovely found with brilliant blue blooms, is worth because. Some varieties even have red or yellow blooms. To thrive in zones iv through nine, these plants need to take well-drained soil likewise every bit six hours of direct sunlight each day.



If you are looking for a institute that prefers to abound in a shady expanse, then a bergenia is a not bad selection. Information technology will grow to be most xvi inches tall, which means that it will work well in a container. With pink, purple, and white blooms, this is a plant that requires a well-drained soil that is slightly acidic. This is a plant that can abound in any part of the country, but information technology volition do all-time in zones two through ix.



Bellflower, which is besides known as campanula, is a perennial that volition abound well in cooler temperatures. Blooming in June and July, these plants can accept multiple colored blooms that are pink, white, lavender, or blueish. This is a plant that volition grow best in zones four and higher up; even so, with some additional care, they can easily abound in zone iii also.

Alchemilla (Lady’s Curtain)

Ladys Mantle

This is a charming perennial that is easy to maintain. It makes a lovely ground cover, particularly when the yellowish blooms become visible. With total dominicus to partial shade, these volition thrive in zones three through viii. Information technology volition abound best in slightly acidic soil; in fact, it tin easily grow to exist a human foot or two alpine.



This is a plant that is going to blossom the most in the spring of the yr. The blooms can either be single or double, and they often come in shades of pink. This institute can grow to be about three feet tall, especially when planted in well-draining soil and full sun. It will do best in zones three through nine.

Heuchera ‘Electrical Plum’ (Coral Bells)

Heuchera coral bells

This is a unique plant that has bright majestic foliage. Known more common every bit coral bells, this grape-colored found can abound to be about 10 inches high, which makes it ideal for most containers. It also grows in zones iv through ix with quite a bit of lord’s day. It is also a great constitute to attract butterflies to your garden.

Vinca ‘Illumination’ (Myrtle, Periwinkle)

Vinca Illumination

This is a plant that is easily noticeable because information technology has bright yellowish leaves that stand up out in any garden. Information technology will grow in most soil types and in the spring, soft periwinkle blooms will appear. This is a plant that can abound in any USDA zone, only it will do especially well in zones four through nine.


Also known as coreopsis, this is a brightly colored gold, xanthous, orange, or red bloom that resembles that of a daisy. It grows best in full sun, but partial shade is fine as well. They abound best in zones half-dozen through 10, and since they rarely grow more than a foot, they are ideal for a container.


Daylily in container

Seen growing in zones three through 9, these beautiful flowers will enhance any garden. In that location are several different variations of this establish, simply near of them create yellow blooms that have a trumpet shape. This constitute can grow from vi inches to nigh iii feet tall with the right care.

Sempervivum (Hen & Chicks)


If you are looking for a succulent that y’all can hands grow in a container in your garden, then this is a great selection to consider. It does non require a lot to treat these plants, and there are several varieties that will offer you a dissimilar color constitute. This can be seen growing in zones 5 and above.



This is a plant that loves growing in shady conditions, so if you have a garden that does not get a lot of sunshine during the day, this may be a bully choice to consider in zones three through nine. Growing to be most a foot in height, this plant will create pink and white flowers that you can enjoy during the jump of the yr.



This is a type of hardy geranium that is seen near in zones four through nine. Annually, it will abound to near 20 inches in summit. It grows best in total sun and well-drained soil. Pests are non typically an event for this found, and it tin can even tolerate drought weather.

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