Flowers for Algernon Crossword 1 Answers

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Flowers for Algernon Study Guide




Click the grid below to get started!

Objects _ puts on _ grave

What people become after _ becomes smart

In a hurry to take credit for _ early gains in intelligence

“Riding on someone’s coattails” is an example of what literary device

Recommends _ for the experiment

Small events related to the principal story

The doc who didn’t want to use _

What _ coworkers use to force him to quit his job

Comes to regret recommending the experiment to _

What the journals kept by _ are chosen

Level of sensation below full sensation

Type of conflict faced by _ at the start of the story

Series of related events that make upwardly a story

Gives _ a funny tasting Coke

Performs the surgery on _ and _

Teaches at adult night schoolhouse

How _ refers to the races he engages in

Volition snap the neck of anyone who makes fun of _

Avoids _ after he becomes smart

Literary device in use when _ “friends” at work alter from making fun of _ to defending him

What _ watches while he sleeps

How _ and _ gain enhanced intelligence

Literary chemical element used when a blackness true cat crossed _ path on the mode to the _

Object _ carries for proficient luck

Convinces _ to clean toilets to impress girls

Tricks _ into going for a newspaper

Encourages _ to go on the journals

_ boss at the box manufacturing plant

Told _ that he was better off existence “practiced’ole impaired honest _”

Causes _ to be resented at work

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