How to Attach Glass Flowers to Rebar

…Plus five ways to adhere them to the ‘stems!’

Our Flea Market Gardening experts show how to make dish flowers, how to attach the ‘stems’ and how to put on the finishing touches!

Louise Yunck's charming flowers,..peek a boo

Louise Yunck’s charming flowers,..peek a boo!

Why we dearest dish flowers

Mainly, we, at Flea market Gardening,
ceramics of whatsoever kind! Nosotros honey the thought of using recycled and unloved dishes in our favorite places, our gardens.  Fifty-fifty off season nosotros tin go some color at that place. We beloved the search for simply the right colors, patterns and sizes to complete the projection.  That’southward role of the fun!  Making dish flowers tin be done in or outdoors and in any flavour, too.

Cathy Wanderaas's flowers and all the makings

Cathy Wanderaas’s flowers and all the makings

Nell Stelzer's many dish flowers

Nell Stelzer’s many dish flowers

‘How to’ …drill or glue?

Nell Stelzer
shows us her get-go dish flowers  ready to drill.  She lays them out, by color and shape and plans them out.  “This is before picture of my two dish flowers. No gum was needed for these. ” Nell tells us.

Materials for two dish flowers

Materials for two dish flowers, with spares!

Nell uses the most mutual way to secure dishes together, an electric drill.  She says, “My begetter in constabulary drilled the holes with a drill fleck made for drinking glass. He used a drill press for the modest pieces, then a manus held drill for the dinner plates and larger bowls. He finished with a Dremel tool and a flare grinding rock.  It takes a bit of fourth dimension and patience, but it’s the about secure style to concur the pieces together.”

“I then put it together with nylon bolts and washer to cushion between pieces and used nylon fly bolts to fasten on a piece of conduit but not also tight. I have added a red gem to this one since I posted the pic to comprehend the bolts head. Hope that helps! Have fun with information technology! The nylon bolts, washers and wing nuts came from the hardware store.”

If you gum your plates and bowls, use GE Silicone II Articulate Caulk or Due east-6000 glue for outdoor apply.  Both have been tested by our grouping for years. Let the glue dry for 24 hours.

Decide on either all glass or all ceramic for your blossom. It makes for an expert await.

Jeannie Merritt
says, “Permit me give all you new garden fine art designers ( similar me) a lesson sadly learned from experience. Let the glue cure! DO not, I repeat,
practise not
get overly anxious and move, bear on, or fifty-fifty pick and show someone your project until it has completely cured (dried)..”

For stems, use:

  • Aluminum pipe
  • Rebar rods
  • Wooden dowels
  • Copper pipage
  • Recycled railings
  • Branches
  • Pall rods

Lynda Leverett's flower bed

Lynda Leverett’southward flower bed

Five ways to attach stems

Most common way, electric drill

Most common way, electric drill

Nell says, 'This is an old pint bottle', then slip a rod inside for a stem

Nell says, ‘This is an old pint bottle I glued to the dorsum’, then you slip a rod within for a stem

“This is the dish flower with the bottle attached to the centre dorsum. I used a minor old curtain rod because of the bottle opening is small, and so inserted into aluminum tubing. I need to get some smaller diameter rebar to use side by side fourth dimension.” Nell says

Lisa Wilson's uses a spoon to attach

Lisa Wilson’southward uses a spoon to attach her plate to the rod.

Lisa Wilson
says, “I flattened the basin of a serving spoon with a hammer and curve it nearly in one-half. I glued the spoon part to the plate..brand sense? The handle fits into a pole. GE Silicone Ii weatherproof is the glue I use.”

Erika Wright's way to attach the stem

Erika Wright’s way to attach the stem, a pvc ‘elbow’

Cathy Cadd's easy way to attach the 'stem', hammered aluminum pipe.

Cathy Cadd’south easy fashion to adhere the ‘stem’, hammered brushed aluminum piping.

Leafage 101

Nell's first dish flower ,...with leaves!

Nell’southward commencement dish blossom ,…with leaves!

Nell says, “The finished leaves here are attached to the tube. I attached the plate to a pint flat bottle with GE II clear silicone weatherproof caulking for windows and doors.”

Making the leaves

Making the leaves

Nell shows how she made the leaves. “This shows the leaf making for my sunflower plate bloom. I used an industrial slice of aluminum, a leaf for a guide and so used a sanding block to crude up. I scored the veins in and cut out the leaves with kitchen shears. I sprayed them with Krylon outdoor paint. I had long stems that I wrapped around the tube the sunflower is in.”

Ann Elias's copper-stemed flower

Ann Elias’due south copper-stemed flower

Ann Elias
says, “Making my first glass flowers is what started me looking at plates in a whole new mode!  My hubby drills everything and then I use a spiral to secure the plates together…then a wing nut to screw it to the copper tubing. I bent the tubing effectually a paint can to get the shapes of the leaves. I no longer utilize copper…to costly…and people didn’t want to pay that much.”

Delores Elliott's leaves from flexible wire

Delores Elliott’due south leaves from flexible wire

Delores Elliott
tells usa, “For leaves I used green plastic coated wire found in the hardware store electrical department and attached them with zip ties. I sprayed the 1/2″ electrical conduit greenish. Through many different trials, I institute I like gluing square drinking glass salt shakers the all-time for mounting the dish flower on the stem.”

Dishy flower gallery

Louise Yunck's nicely displayed dish flowers

Louise Yunck’s nicely displayed dish flowers. “These are some the drinking glass flowers that I brand. I prefer drilling the drinking glass. I attach spoons to the dorsum by drilling a hole in the spoons.”

Lisa Wilson's unusual flower

Lisa Wilson’s unusual blossom

Deidre Norris's fence borders her dish flowers

Deidre Norris’s debate borders her dish flowers with branches as stems

Jeanie Merritt's gorgeous sparkly flower

Jeanie Merritt’s gorgeous sparkly flower

Erika Wright's bright flower

Erika Wright’due south bright flower

Barbara McGee's flower patch

Barbara McGee’southward flower patch.  “Some drinking glass flowers on twisted stems, these are as well drilled. These are curt nigh eighteen″ tall.” she says.


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