8th Literature Flowers for Algernon Assessment Answer Key

Flowers for Algernon

past Daniel Keyes



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Information technology’due south is in the form of diary entries, dated “martch v, 1965” to July 28, of Charlie Gordon, 37, mentally feeble at the beginning of the story & a janitor at “Donnegan’s Plastic Box Company.”

Over the course of the story, a new experimental surgery volition transform him into a genius; & then a mental disuse back to old land & almost certain death (as a side result of surgery). He is writing diary at the insistence of Dr Strauss, neurosurgeon who performed the surgery. He is gratuitous to write whatever comes to mind.

The story is not really virtually surgery or what goes into making a supermind. It’s about homo bug – Charlie getting routinely mistreated by those he trusts; so recognizing this & getting bewitched past it; then lapsing again & seeking company of those old “friends” – only the friends have also changed for the better.

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History behind Daniel Keys’ Story, Flowers for Algernon

The Encephalon

Brain Surgery


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Measuring Intelligence and Personality:

The Rorschach Inkblot Test

In the story “Flowers for Algernon” the primary grapheme, Charlie Gordon, had to have a Rorschach test. This test is more commonly known as the inkblot exam. The Rorschach Exam was developed by a Swiss psychiatrist named Hermann Rorschach. This test was designed to make up one’s mind personality traits by interpreting a subject’s responses to inkblot images.

Intelligence Tests

At i betoken in the story, Charlie overhears Dr. Nemur, Dr. Strauss, and Burt the tester discussing what “IQ” really means. Each of them had a completely different definition. Defining intelligence is still a controversy. People have varying ideas on intelligence and on how it can (or should be) tested.

The IQ Test

Some believe that an Intelligence Caliber (IQ) indicates a person’s mental abilities relative to others of approximately the same historic period.A score of 100 means that compared to these people in your full general age grouping that you have basically an boilerplate intelligence. Most psychologists would say those scoring in a range of 95 to 105 are of a normal intelligence or have an average IQ. Actual IQ score may vary plus or minus 5 points since it is very difficult to become an IQ score with complete accuracy. Everyone has hundreds of specific mental abilities–some can be measured accurately and are reliable predictors of academic and financial success.

Cheque out the IQ scores from famous geniuses

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSSJQKk32y_Wu9lh7j26TNGFkbX43JIAn_4okS-zq_n2qBveDfV

Loftier IQ Societies

Multiple Intelligence Examination

Others believe that our intelligence or ability to understand the world around us is complex. Some people are better at understanding some things than others. For some of us it is relatively like shooting fish in a barrel to empathize how a bloom grows simply it is immensely difficult for usa to empathise and use a musical instrument. For others music might exist easy but playing football is difficult. Instead of having one intelligence information technology is claimed that we have several different intelligences.

Click here to have a multiple intelligence test.

Multiple Intelligence Survey.physician


  1. Charlie Gordon:

    The protagonist. Initially feeble minded, but goes on to meet greatness & mental decay.

  2. Algernon:

    A laboratory mouse who also has got the surgical treatment to triple his intelligence. In the beginning of the story, Charlie has many “races” with him – of solving mazes. Algernon keeps beating Charlie, until the transformational point in Charlie’s treatment. Charlie will develop soft feelings for the little mouse – even brand a grave for him when he dies to decay that will somewhen fix as side effect of surgery. Title comes from the flowers Charlie regularly puts at the grave of Algernon.

  3. Dr Strauss:

    A neurosurgeon who operated upon Charlie & is usually monitoring him.

  4. Dr Nemur:
    A”psychoexperimentalist”. He seems to have a fundamental role in discovery of this treatment for intelligence, though we are not given details. Prodded by an overbearing wife, he is driven past social status & recognition from others.
    For a while, during his shining days, Charlie volition requite him an inferiority complex & will take his piece of work further in the form of a paper titled “The Algernon-Gordon Issue: A Written report of Construction and Function of Increased Intelligence” that says the handling is finer no proficient & volition ever end upwards killing the subjects.

  5. Miss Kinnian:
    She teaches at a school for the mentally feeble. Charlie was her pupil, & she recommended him to Dr Strauss. During his shiny days, Charlie will fall in love with her but the relationship has always been doomed.

  6. Joe Carp and Frank Reilly:

    Charlie’south coworkers at manufacturing plant. While Charlie thinks of them as friends, they treat him equally joker. Human relationship will strain when Charlie gets smart. In the end, with Charlie lapsing once more, they will get real friend & defend him against those who at present abuse him.

  7. external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTmButUi_YXwliH1rpwr6hurjzfkDcuCG82cpyMzGRwl7Xki4EDlw

    Mr Donnegan:

    Proprietor of Charlie’s factory.

  8. Mrs Flynn:

    Charlie’s land lady. A woman with a golden heart.

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