Slime Rancher is a game that is able to bring happiness to players of all ages. Through its bubbly aesthetic and unique gameplay, players get immersed in the alien world that the game is based in quite easily. What may seem similar a elementary game at starting time, simply the more than you progress, the more complicated things will become, especially when resources collecting gets added in.

This is why things as seemingly unproblematic equally treasure pods can get a source of irritation with players. The guide beneath gives over everything yous need to know about treasure pods, including how to open up each type.

What are Treasure Pods

Slime Rancher Treasure Pod

Treasure Pods are Slime Ranchers’ version of treasure chests and are scattered all effectually the map.
There are three different types of treasure pods; green pods, blue pods, and purple pods.  Each of these is accessed by using a slightly unlike device, and even the basic dark-green pods won’t be available for players to open at the get-go of the game.

Treasure Pods concord lots of goodies inside, and each one will contain a
Slime Scientific discipline Design. On top of that, players can get decorations from the pods and resource like Lava Dust that otherwise can take a while to notice. There are
115 Pods

in all in the vanilla game.

  • 27 Green Pods
  • 42 Blue Pods
  • 46 Royal Pods

Players who have
the Secret Slime Fashion DLC will take an boosted 20 pods. These pods have gold on them and can be opened without the need for a

How to Open Treasure Pods

Vacpack purchase station in Slime Rancher

To open pods,
you will need to unlock crackers. This isn’t an like shooting fish in a barrel feat and will take quite a few hours of gameplay to even access the level ane cracker. Each colour pod has a cracker that goes with it:

  • Treasure Cracker MKI:
    Greenish Pods
  • Treasure Cracker MKII:
    Blue Pods
  • Treasure Cracker MKIII:
    Purple Pods

These can exist bought from the
Vacpack Upgrade Last

when sure requirements accept been met within the game. This is where things tin can become a fleck complicated, every bit players will need to both have money on hand and
craft a sure number of gadgets. This means that the lab will need to be unlocked before getting the beginning cracker, and you will demand to begin making gadgets:

Treasure Cracker MKI:

  • Arts and crafts 1 Gadget
  • Spend four,500 Gold

Treasure Cracker MKII:

  • Craft 20 Gadgets
  • Spend ix,000 Aureate

Treasure Cracker MKIII:

  • Craft 50 Gadgets
  • Spend 25,000 Gilded

In addition, you will need to
buy the Treasure Crackers in order to unlock all of them
. Since the Treasure Pods contain blueprints, you lot volition want to open each set as soon as you unlock the cracker for them.

This way yous will aggrandize the amount of gadgets that you can craft. To get things started,
try building the Novice Drill,
a costless blueprint that only requires you to gather slime plorts.

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