Flower Beauty Mix N Matte Swatches

Bloom Beauty Mix north’ Matte Lip Duo ($10) is a new lipstick and lipgloss duo that’s bachelor in seven shade selections which launched for the Spring 2018 season. The duo provides you with a flossy matte lipstick and a matching pearlized gloss that allows you to mix and match to create a variety of different looks.

I’grand not much of a matte lipstick fan only I decided to check these out in the hopes they would be as lovely equally the Tarte The Lip Sculptor Lipstick & Lipgloss which I beloved. I felt comfortable purchasing the matte formula also since they came with a gloss. Lord knows my favorite way to wear matte and completely to defeat the point of the stop is past wearing lipgloss on top and these provided a gloss to go along with the matte lipstick so I was gear up.

Like Tarte’south version these arrive in a double-ended barrel which is rose golden in color with the Blossom emblem printed on the side. I’ve always been a addicted fan of Bloom Beauty’s rose aureate packaging! Information technology’s quite pretty! I was quite surprised how generously sized they were as the lipstick is 0.12 oz in size and the lipgloss is 0.xix oz where as Tarte’s version will cost you more and you’ll get loss production with the lipgloss being 0.06 oz where every bit the lipstick is 0.12 oz in size. Tarte’southward are $24 where as Flower Beauty’s are $10 so the better bargain would become to Flower. Still, I wasn’t keen on Flower Dazzler’southward formula so in the cease I actually don’t heed spending more for less as I’ll stick to Tarte’south which are far more than moisturizing and easier to utilise.

The lipstick portion of this duo reminded me more of a semi-matte satin finish as they aren’t a completely traditional matte texture in my stance. I felt they were richly pigmented and provided brilliant color on a single swipe however, they have a firmer texture which didn’t use as evenly or as smoothly as I had hoped on my drier lips. I felt like I was dragging the colour on since they are quite dry. I don’t have crumbling lips however, I exercise have drier ones and I felt similar the color vicious into my natural lip lines giving my lips a croaky, dried look. I felt for certain my saving grace would be the gloss to help add a fleck of wet and shine still, I didn’t like this formula either. Information technology has a clumpy whipped mousse consistency that reminds me of the metal matte lip products that were going around a few months ago like Revlon Ultra HD Matte Metallic Lipcolor. the idea of the formula was never to provide glossiness but I merely assumed they gloss portion would have a lighter texture with a hint of shine. They created information technology to give lips a pearlized terminate and to make lips look fuller when applied on summit of the lipstick. I idea information technology had a sort of metallic gleam to it much like those Revlon matte metallics I mention before. It’s actually hard to see any event from applying the gloss on top of the lipstick since the shades are identical aside from the fact they smooth out the terminate of the lipstick. They are quite pigmented but the glace silicone texture sort of barbarous into my natural lip lines when I wore the gloss separately. Just as I said it does go a long way at being the saving grace for the lipstick. I didn’t discover whatever flavor or fragrance on either product which is great for sensitive users.

Blossom Beauty Mix n’ Matte Lip Duo (Bronze Envy)

Flower Dazzler Mix n’ Matte Lip Duo (Statuary Envy)

Flower Beauty Mix n’ Matte Lip Duo (Honey Nude)

Flower Beauty Mix n’ Matte Lip Duo (Dearest Nude)

Flower Beauty Mix n’ Matte Lip Duo Swatches (Bronze Envy and Dearest Nude)

Flower Beauty Mix n’ Matte Lip Duo is a very prissy and affordable lip product however, the formula just wasn’t quite to my liking!

Bloom Dazzler Mix n’ Matte Lip Duo are available now at ulta.com and walmart.com.

Accept y’all tried them nonetheless?

Practise share your thoughts!

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