African Flower Crochet Animal Pattern Free

African bloom crochet design
is one of the stitches that goes for a great 3D upshot. This pretty vintage stitch is often to use in crocheting soccer balls, cushions, blankets, and various other items of this kind. Along with a swell pattern texture, it will impress with its vintage await likewise. So, you lot must larn to crochet in this stitch as it makes a great foundation for the crochet granny hexagon, one of the most popular and loved crochet motif that is used in crocheting endless dissimilar patterns. Along with crochet granny hexagon, the
African blossom run up
makes a great base for the granny squares as well.

Explore this drove of 15 African blossom crochet patterns, sharing all the different hacks and techniques to crochet in this stitch. Furthermore, the list volition cover lots of amazing patterns you can crochet with this wondrous crochet stitch. To start crocheting this flower motif, y’all volition need to brand a magic band first.

15 Free African Flower Crochet Pattern

While starting time the crochet in this stitch can exist challenging. Simply yous practise not demand to worry nearly information technology. You lot will get here the free visual guides, pace-by-step instructions, video tutorials, and even the diagrams to learn this very magical crochet blossom motif. Experiment with so many dissimilar colors of yarn to come with lots of enchanting colors of
crochet African flowers
. Moreover, you will acquire hither how to enlarge this
African blossom
to crochet granny squares and hexagon. Finally, you will go instructions too about joining the completed motifs to become your targeted products. And so, browse the complete roundup of free African blossom crochet pattern to get your crochet creativity inspired.

1. African Blossom Crochet Blueprint

African Flower Crochet

Crochet flowers
are to employ in numerous different ways. They are the all-time choice to use as embellishments for hats, sweaters, and other items of this kind. Yet, the African flowers are a highly popular motif in the crocheting world. And so, learn here how to crochet an African flower like a pro. Crochet Caron Simply Soft yarn with a 4mm crochet hook to whip up this African flower. The very skill required here is the magic band. By crocheting this flower, y’all will likewise learn how to crochet a hexagon motif every bit this flower will brand the base for the hexagon. Details here bhookedcrochet

2. Flower Granny Square Crochet Blueprint

Flower Granny Square

These flower feature numerous different colors are insufficiently easy to whip upward. This African blossom granny square pattern can exist used to brand everything from lovely shawls to outfits to purses. The finished size of this flower is 7cm in bore, and you need to crochet the acrylic baby yarn with a 3mm crochet hook to whip up the blossom motif. Once more start crocheting this bloom by making a magic ring. Details here craftpassion

3. African Bloom Hexagon Crochet Tutorial

African Flower Crochet Pattern

From adorable crocheting rugs to blankets to amazing crochet fashion, this African flower hexagon can be used to work upward all. This hexagon comes with an African flower center base, and it appears in lots of enchanting colors to grab one’south attention. Once more you have to make a magic ring starting time to whip up this African flower crochet pattern. From getting step-past-footstep instructions, y’all will become here the visual guides, as well, to learn it all comprehensively. Grab the several colors of yarn, even the yarn scrap, and a 5mm claw to crochet this flower. Details here heidibearscrea

4. Crochet African Flowers

Crochet African Flowers

If you are willing to crochet a granny hexagon or granny square motif with a flower centre, and so y’all must learn how to crochet an African bloom. It is mostly the base of both motifs and is non very difficult to learn. Crochet Berroco vintage DK yarn with a 4mm hook to whip upwards this African bloom hexagon. Put together a bund of these hexes to become adorable granny hexagon blankets, throws, and afghans. You are all free to employ your own yarn colors to characteristic in this flower motif. Details here ravelry

5. Crochet African Bloom

Crochet African Flower

A granny square is 1 of the well-nigh loved and most famous crocheting motifs. If you wish to learn this motif, then it volition demand to learn first the African flower, the base of operations for the granny square. Crochet both Impeccable and Ruby Heart Super Saver Yarn in lots of different colors to whip up this African flower and the whole granny square. Once y’all larn it, you will exist able to crochet outstanding afghans, blankets, outfits, accessories, and much more. Hither this African flower motif comes with eight petals to print. Details here couchsurfercro

6. African Flower – Free Crochet Pattern

African Flower

Y’all have seen a lot of amazing stuff fabricated with the crochet hexagon motifs, will surely impress at a very starting time await. Acquire how to crochet an African flower hexagon and how to join two or more out of them to complete a blueprint. Start making the flowers past whipping up a magic band and so showtime calculation the petal. A few easy stitches will be used to stitch this handsome yarn motif. Crochet whatsoever yarn of choice here using a matching hook to achieve this enchanting yarn motif, volition make a sugariness handmade gift too. Details here heidibearscreative

vii. African Blossom Crochet Pattern

African Flower Pattern

This African bloom features an enchanting 3 color hue and will make the perfect cute and colorful base for the crochet hexagon motif. Piece of work in the long unmarried special crochet sew together to work up this flower motif, and the very basic required for this project will exist the magic circumvolve. Experiment this motif with any combination of colors that is very required for a specific design you are crocheting. Use these flowers every bit enchanting new embellishments for your hats and sweaters. Details here petalstopicots

8. African Flower Motif And Hot Pad Crochet Pattern

Free African Flower Crochet Pattern

Get here instructions most how to crochet this 8” African flower motif that has finally been transformed in a bright crochet hexagon. Crochet pink, blueish, green, and light pink colors of yarn to whip up this graceful African flower model, the perfect base for the crochet hexagon. Crochet worsted weight Red Centre Super Saver yarn with a 5 mm crochet hook to go this crochet potholder made. This crochet potholder design is swell for both beginners to intermediate crocheters. Details hither poshpoochdesign

9. Crochet African Flower Head Warmer

Crochet African Flower Headwarmer

Take your African flower to the next level by making this head warmer. Only crochet the perfect hexagon with African bloom centers and then join them gracefully, getting the perfect head warmer. The given ane is looking vivid in the finally finished hue and consider giving it every bit a sweetness gift too. This big winter mode must-take is beginner-friendly to crochet. Crochet cotton yarn (Peaches and Creme) in 3 colors to become it made. This completed caput warmer is 22” long, and each flower has a bore of a 3 ¾”. Details hither whistleandivy

ten. African Flower Centerpiece

African Crochet

A wondrous African Bloom Centerpiece Pattern that will rock your party and dining table decoration. Crochet worsted weight yarn in colors of choices while using a 5mm hook to stitch the African bloom motifs, the bases for the granny hexagons here. Next, articulation them together, making a big hexagon, volition be your tablecloth. Something perfect for getting out of crocheting medium for your table settings. You are all free to crochet the yarn in any iv colors of selection. The perfect gauge for this pattern is, i sew together and 4 rows are equal to 5cm. Details here ravelry

11. Crochet African Flower Foursquare Pattern

Crochet African Flower Square Pattern

The granny foursquare is one of the most loved yarn motifs that you lot can put together repeated to crochet a variety of manner, accessories, and lovely winter warmers. This granny square comes with an viii petal African bloom center and will work up super speedily. This hearty motif appears in blue, white, and ruddy colour here, but you can prefer any other yarn color combo. Here you are all costless to crochet it in any size and weight too. Details here thalicreations

12. How to Crochet African Daisy

How to Crochet African Daisy

Past learning how to crochet an African flower, you tin can exercise wonders. And this African Daisy is i of those wonders. It comes with long legs that look similar tentacles of an octopus. The design can help crochet lots of outstanding crochet patterns. You will love to add together to your winter fashion wardrobe. This daisy is looking cute and volition be a groovy pleasure to crochet. Employ the blue, pink, yellow, and purple yarn colors to stitch this fabulous African flower motif. Details here melibondre

xiii. Crochet Bloom Granny Square

Crochet Flower Granny Square

Look at the smart spreading of the African bloom hither appearing as a great granny foursquare. It comes with lots of visually captivating details that make it a ane-of-a-kind yarn motif. This granny square pattern is for intermediate crocheters, simply crocheting the African flower center is totally beginner-friendly. Crochet the yarn in red, black, mustard, and clay colour to get this enchanting granny square made super quickly. Details here hooksntales

14. African Summer Snowflake Blossom

Flower Granny Square Pattern

Check out here the artistic joining of African circles. You lot tin can enlarge this motif to crochet anything from a lovely tablecloth to a graceful rug of the blanket. This outstanding African Summer Snowflake Flower will work up super apace if yous learn to crochet an African blossom motif, which volition non take much time. Take hold of the yarn in pinkish, white, purple, and green color to sew together this beauteous model of the granny square. You are all free to use the weight and colors of choice. Details here hooksntales

15. Crochet African Flower Pattern

Crochet African Flower Pattern

Go here instructions for a more than svelte African flower motif that is to crochet with medium weight yarn selected in 3 colors of choice. The Caron Only Soft Yarn in white will really rock for this African Granny Square motif. Crochet your selected yarn in white, soft, greenish, and Victorian rose to while using a 4mm crochet claw to whip up this handsome granny square with African flower foundation. There are countless crochet projects to do with the granny square. cuteandcozycro


The majority of crochet patterns are to brand with the crochet hexagons and crochet granny squares, the about classic, traditional, and vintage crochet motifs. Both of these motifs come with a flower center mostly, called the
African flowers. And then, earlier yous starting time doing creative crochet achievements with
crochet granny squares, hexagons, or circles, you have to acquire this flower motif commencement. So, these African flower patterns will share all kinds of help to crochet this motif in a diverseness of styles. Along with expert suggestions, y’all will get all visual instructions to non get puzzled at whatsoever pace. So, practise take a roundup of the entire collection.


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