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In the thou tradition of farming simulators since the dawn of time,
Rune Factory 4
allows your character to romance and marry the bachelor or bachelorette of their choosing. Needless to say, striking upwardly a romance and getting married is non a simple process.

There’s quite a lot of luck involved in charming the future spouse of your dreams, simply there are certainly ways to minimize its influence. With the best gifts, dating techniques, and peradventure some cheeky save/reloading, you will undoubtedly be successful in love.

The Bachelors And Bachelorettes

Rune Factory 4 Special Bachelors

In that location are 14 romanceable characters in Rune Factory 4, six men and six women. Iv of these characters are non nowadays in Selphia when you lot brainstorm the game simply volition join the boondocks during the commencement act when you beat certain bosses.

Bachelors Bachelorettes
Arthur Clorica
Doug Forte
Kiel Margaret
Vishnal Xiao Pai
Belatedly Arrivals
Dylas Amber
Leon Dolce

You will know that a grapheme is a potential romance candidate if a curt anime-style sequence plays when you starting time talk to them.

Unfortunately, at that place is no same-sex romance in the game. A male principal character can merely date and marry the bachelorette characters, and a female main character tin just appointment and marry the bachelor characters.


Rune Factory 4 Special BTW Button

Once a grapheme has a high enough friendship level with the master grapheme, yous can attempt to date them. To practise this, press the BTW button as you would if you were asking them to accompany you on an run a risk.
Cull the “I dearest you” and the “I really honey you lot” options to attempt to commencement a relationship.

If they pass up or think you lot are joking, yous must wait until the side by side day to try once more. This option has a higher take chances of working with higher friendship levels, just can theoretically work equally low as level four.
It will always take a very low chance of working, so effort to raise your friendship levels as high as possible.

There are some extra things to keep in mind when trying to start a relationship:

  • Y’all cannot start a human relationship with
    Leon or Dolce
    until you have started the game’s
    second act
    (later the credits have rolled for the first time).
  • You cannot showtime a human relationship with
    until you lot accept started the game’s
    tertiary act
    (later on the credits have rolled for the second time).

Rune Factory 4 Special Dating

Once you lot are in a relationship, it will be fifty-fifty more than difficult to confess your dear to other characters – but not impossible.
You are also able to take your partner on dates now.

Asking your partner out on a date is done from the BTW menu. You will suit to meet them at a specific time the next day and you can choose the location of the date. Some locations, such as the General Store, volition advantage you with items for choosing them.

Spousal relationship

Rune Factory 4 Special Clorica Marriage

It will eventually exist possible to marry your partner, simply at that place are a few prerequisites earlier even attempting it:

  • You must have viewed a detail Town Event
    involving your partner.

    • The specific Town Events for each potential partner are listed at the bottom of this guide.
  • You lot must be at
    friendship level ten
    with your partner.
  • Yous must have been on
    at least three dates
    with your partner.
  • You must take
    a double bed. This can be purchased from the furniture shop, which must exist unlocked with an social club.

Depending on who you are dating, yous must too have an appointment ring.

  • If yous are
    playing the male character and are dating any bachelorette except Xiao Pai, you must take an Engagement Ring.
  • If you are dating Xiao Pai or are playing the female character, you volition not need the Engagement Ring.
  • If you were proposed past Xiao Pai or whatsoever of the bachelors and turned them down, you tin can suggest to them at a later date with the Appointment Ring.

The Engagement Ring is an accompaniment that can be crafted at the Crafting Table. The recipe is equally follows: one detail of the
category, one item of the
category. The cheapest combination would exist a chunk of Atomic number 26 and an Amethyst. Just do you really desire to cheap out on your proposal?

One time all the prerequisites are satisfied, a Town Event tin randomly trigger where you will either be proposed to or be prompted to suggest. You can pass up at this point, only from here on out, yous can
propose to your partner at whatsoever fourth dimension every bit long equally you have an Engagement Band.

One time married, your spouse will move in, and whatsoever relationships y’all had with other single residents volition immediately end.


Rune Factory 4 Special Clorica Baby

Within one calendar month of existence married, your spouse volition begin to talk about having a child. Soon after, either yous or your married woman will autumn pregnant with a kid.

Speak with your spouse after this happens to determine the gender of the child. You can either choose the gender or permit the game choose for you.

In Rune Factory iv, gestation takes 20 days. Once this fourth dimension has elapsed your child will be born, and afterwards a few scenes, the game will skip ahead a few years to permit the child to abound upwards and become a fully-fledged NPC with their own dialogue, likes and dislikes, and even stats.
That’southward correct, y’all tin take your kid out to dangerous dungeons like any other NPC in the game!

In one case you have a child, if you take them to the Sechs Territory, you can obtain a White Stone on the westernmost screen of the surface area that is shaped a chip like a gun.

Boondocks Events Guide

One of the prerequisites to wedlock is viewing a Town Event that focuses on your chosen partner specifically. These happen randomly once their ain prerequisites are met and tin be viewed over multiple days. Getting a specific Town Effect to spawn is a matter of luck, then you may want to try reloading on a day without an upcoming birthday or festival to go one to spawn.

Each potential spouse also has their own union-specific Boondocks Issue with steps to follow.

Only 1 Town Event can be active at any fourth dimension, and so complete whatever that appear as soon every bit possible.

Arthur’s Boondocks Events

Rune Factory 4 Special Arthur

To marry Arthur, yous volition need to have completed two Town Events:

  • Don’t Forget Your Physical

    • When this effect is active, speak to Jones, Porcoline, and Margaret in that order. Bring Margaret to speak with Porcoline and then examine the table in Arthur’due south office.
    • Speak to Jones again and and then head to the screen east of the entrance to Yokmir Forest.
    • After the scene outside town, report back to Jones and then speak to him again on the following twenty-four hour period.
  • Eyeglass Mania

    • Speak to Arthur and accept his request. Examine all of the items in Arthur’s role and then check all the objects upstairs in Arthur’s room when prompted.
    • Speak to Arthur once every object has been examined.

In one case you take completed these, you will need to wait for the
Transient Vision
Town Event to begin.

  • Caput to Arthur’s office with Vishnal and talk to him. Agree to meet with him.
  • On the following twenty-four hour period, caput exterior and watch the scene. Speak with the Traveler, Vishnal, and Arthur. After, speak to Forte in Arthur’s office.
  • Exit town and head to Arthur’southward icon on the minimap.
  • After a few days, you volition exist prompted to follow Arthur to Volkanon’s room. After this, go to Arthur’s role.
  • At present, speak to Volkanon, Kiel, Porcoline, Bado, and Arthur. Caput abode and watch the scene.
  • On the following day, get back to where you found Arthur outside town for the matrimony event.

Doug’s Town Events

Rune Factory 4 Special Doug

To marry Doug, y’all volition demand to have completed two Boondocks Events:

  • Doug’s Secret

    • Speak to Doug and Blossom at the General Shop and and then wait until 7:00. Follow Doug until you reach a scene so speak to Margaret.
    • Do the same on the following day and the day after. On the third mean solar day, speak to Blossom after the result at the restaurant.
  • Shiny Memories

    • After an upshot with a bird, examine the right-hand side of the edifice.
    • On the following mean solar day, speak to Blossom.
    • On the following day, speak to Xiao Pai.
    • On the following day, get to the Full general Store for an outcome. Do the same with the restaurant on the next mean solar day. On the adjacent solar day after that, scout an effect at Arthur’s function.
    • Become to the General Shop and then follow Doug to the castle for a scene.
    • On the next day, leave your firm and go speak to Bloom.

One time y’all have completed these, the
A Very Special Band
event can trigger.

  • Once the event is active, talk to Doug.
  • On the following twenty-four hour period, talk to Doug and concord to the date.
  • On the tertiary day, go on the date with Doug to the lake.
  • On the fourth day, you lot need to speak with all of the other bachelors in their bedrooms before talking to Doug one time more.
  • On the fifth day you will need to follow Doug to Bado’s shop and then talk to him.
  • On the next day, yous can talk to Amber, Dolce, and Clorica in front of your house.
  • On the seventh twenty-four hours, talk to all of the bachelorettes.
  • In that location will be a scene with the bachelorettes on the eighth 24-hour interval – speak to Doug afterwards.
  • On the penultimate 24-hour interval y’all demand to talk to Clorica, Dole, and Margaret outside Bado’s. Talk to the bachelorettes once again, then Doug, and then look until nighttime before heading to your room.
  • Talk to Doug on the next day for the wedlock event.

Dylas’southward Town Events

Rune Factory 4 Special Dylas

There is only one Town Event needed to ally Dylas:

  • Smile Practice

    • Speak to Dylas one time this upshot is triggered.
    • Become to the restaurant and talk to Dylas in his room – choose the option to tell him non to give up. Speak to all the residents in town and then return to Dylas.
    • Talk to Porcoline after this.

Once this has been completed, yous unlock the
For Clumsy You lot

  • Talk to Dylas and then follow him to Bado’due south shop. Talk to him over again here.
  • Practice this again for three days. On the fourth day of the event, talk to everyone you can in boondocks.
  • On the next day, run into Dylas in front of your room. Practise this once more on the following twenty-four hour period for the wedlock scene.

Kiel’s Town Events

Rune Factory 4 Special Kiel

Kiel has 2 Town Event requirements before the marriage event tin trigger:

  • The Knight’s Steed

    • Speak to Forte.
    • On the next two days, go to the airship landing for two events. Then, head to Bado’s shop for another consequence.
    • After this, there will be an event in the town square and a last effect triggered by leaving town to the due south.
  • A Office-Fourth dimension Task

    • Speak to Kiel within his habitation. After this, view a scene at the hot springs with Kiel and Xiao Pai – speak to them both afterward.
    • Do this once again on the next day. Follow Kiel after speaking to him, at that place will be ii events to view with him.
    • The next event takes place in the town square. After this, speak to Kiel exterior the hot springs.
    • Head inside the inn for even so some other event, and exit for the final one.

Kiel’s marriage issue is chosen
The Red Knight.

  • On the get-go twenty-four hours, talk to Kiel and Forte.
  • On the second day, talk to Forte, Xiao Pai, Lin Fa, Porcoline, and Margaret.
  • On the tertiary day, talk to Kiel and Bado before heading to the balloon for a scene. In one case that is over, talk to Jones, Nancy, Forte, Volkanon, and Clorica. Then take the airship to Obsidian Mansion for a scene.
  • On the fourth solar day, talk to Kiel and view the upshot with him at Bado’southward.
  • On the fifth day, you lot’ll need to talk to Kiel, Forte, Arthur, and Bado.
  • On the side by side twenty-four hours you’ll run across a scene if yous go to Bado’s. After this, talk to Kiel and bring together him at the castle. Then, talk to Forte and Nancy before viewing a scene in front of Kiel’s firm.
  • Follow Kiel and talk to him when he stops. Finally, talk to Arthur.
  • On the final day, talk to Kiel at the clinic and then talk to Bado at his shop. Become back to the clinic and talk to Kiel and Forte.
  • Head to the balloon every bit a terminal step.

Leon’s Town Events

Rune Factory 4 Special Leon

Leon has only one event every bit a prerequisite to marriage.

  • A Day in Leon’s Life

    • Hear rumors about Leon from Vishnal and Clorica. Later this, caput to Vishnal’s room to run across an event.
    • Caput dorsum to Vishnal’s room on the side by side day for an upshot.
    • On the post-obit four days, head to the airship, housing area, boondocks foursquare, and the airship once again for iv separate events.
    • Go to Arthur’s office for an upshot and so return to the airship landing for the final event with Leon and Kiel.

In one case this has been washed, you can view the
A Letter From The Past

  • Speak to Kiel in the town foursquare and ask nigh Leon. Then, talk to Forte, Arthur, Xiao Pai, and Lin Fa.
  • Head to Leon Karnak for a scene and then another scene in your room.
  • On the next day, speak to Leon, Arthur, and Kiel. In Kiel’due south house, bank check his desk for a memo.
  • Speak to Leon after this.
  • On the following 24-hour interval, speak to Xiao Pai, Leon, and Kiel.
  • Caput to the salvage betoken on Fall Road and go south until you reach an event. Speak to Leon and Kiel later the upshot.
  • On the next mean solar day, speak to Xiao Pai at the inn again. Once this is complete, head to Dragon Lake so speak to Leon.
  • The final event volition take place at Leon Karnak.

Vishnal’s Town Events

Rune Factory 4 Special Vishnal

The but prerequisite to marry Vishnal is a single town event:

  • Don’t Fall for it, Vishnal!

    • Speak to Vishnal to start the event.
    • On the post-obit 24-hour interval, speak to Vishnal and Bado.
    • Speak to Vishnal for the next iv days and so suspension the statue on the fifth day.
    • On the side by side day, consummate the event by heading to the castle’due south due west fly.

Once consummate, the
Your Answer
event may be triggered.

  • Agree to get on a date with Vishnal.
  • Go on the appointment with Vishnal, heading to the west side of boondocks.
  • On the following 24-hour interval, speak to Vishnal twice in his sleeping accommodation. Make him join your party.
  • On the side by side twenty-four hours, speak to Vishnal twice in his chamber again.

Bister’southward Town Events

Rune Factory 4 Special Amber

Amber only has one prerequisite boondocks event:

  • Introducing Bister Watson

    • View an event at the airship landing with Bister, Kiel, and Arthur. So, view some other effect at the blacksmith with Amber and Bado.
    • On the following day, go to the Flower Shop to see an event with Amber and Illuminata.
    • Observe Illuminata within the Yokmir Wood dungeon – recruit her into your party and then defeat the monsters threatening Amber on the next screen.

Amber’s marriage event is called

  • Speak to Amber and Kiel at the Full general Shop.
  • On the following day, speak to Amber and Kiel on Melody Street.
  • On the post-obit day, speak to Forte, Kiel, and Bister in the town foursquare. After this, speak with Amber after 19:00 in your room.
  • On the adjacent day, look until xix:00 again and speak to Amber in her bedroom.
  • On the next day, speak to Amber twice – the 2nd time in your room.
  • On the post-obit day, speak to Bister again.
  • On the adjacent mean solar day, talk to Bister in the Blossom Store to recruit her. Speak to Illuminata with Amber.
  • Then, go to Yokmir Forest and head north until Amber leaves yous. Become back to boondocks and speak to Kiel.
  • Return to the screen where Bister left and speak to her. Follow her due north and speak to her again.
  • Defeat Ambrosia.

Clorica’southward Town Events

Rune Factory 4 Special Clorica

Clorica has one prerequisite town result before matrimony is an pick:

  • Get It Together!

    • Once the consequence has started, speak to Clorica in the town square in the afternoon.
    • On the adjacent day speak to Doug, Amber, and Clorica in the town square. Follow them to Forte’s house for an result.
    • Do this again on the adjacent day, but this fourth dimension viewing an event at Arthur’southward office.
    • On the third day, the event will exist at Margaret’south house.
    • On the quaternary day, the upshot volition be at Dolce’southward house.
    • The day after this issue, speak to Clorica in the town square.

Once yous have done this, the
Imperceptible Wish
consequence may trigger.

  • Speak with Clorica until she mentions acquiring an accompaniment.
  • On the next iii days, view the events at Bado’due south, the General Store, and finally the observatory.
  • On the fourth day, head to the balloon landing for another event. Selection the diner option and head there.
  • On the post-obit twenty-four hours, speak to Clorica and Vishnal in their rooms. Then speak to all of the residents and render to Vishnal who should exist near the town entrance.
  • In that location volition be a battle against Ants here.
  • On the next day, view an event at the Flower Store and then speak to Illuminata. Pick any choice.
  • Speak to Clorica and so give her the Appointment Ring if you desire to ally her right there then.

Dolce’southward Town Events

Rune Factory 4 Special Dolce

In that location is but ane event for Dolce’s wedlock flag to trigger:

  • The Running Sign

    • View the graffiti next to the doors to the hot springs, General Shop, and Flower Store.
    • View the scene exterior the Flower Store.
    • Speak to Dolce well-nigh the airship.
    • Follow Docle around town, speaking to her whenever she stops walking.
    • Speak with Forte afterward the issue near Dragon Lake.

Dolce’s marriage event may now trigger and it is called
Linguistic communication of Flowers.

  • Speak to Kiel in the town square.
  • On the next day, speak with Dolce at Dragon Lake.
  • Speak with Dolce once again on the next day and head to Leon Karnak for an event.
  • On the side by side day, view the result at the clinic.
  • Speak to Dolce on the adjacent mean solar day, so view an effect at the clinic on the following mean solar day after that.
  • On the side by side solar day, speak to Nancy and then go find Dolce to bring her back to the clinic. Hither, speak to both Dolce and Pico.
  • On the following day, speak to Dolce in her sleeping room. Go to Leon Karnak for the last scene.

Forte’s Town Events

Rune Factory 4 Special Forte

Forte only has one event to view earlier her marriage effect tin can trigger, and it’s the same every bit one of Kiel’due south:

  • The Knight’south Steed

    • Speak to Forte.
    • On the next two days, go to the airship landing for two events. And so, head to Bado’s shop for another consequence.
    • After this, at that place volition be an event in the town square and a final upshot triggered by leaving town to the south.

Subsequently this, you may trigger
Where The Heart Is.

  • Speak to Forte, and then speak to Vishnal twice. Afterward this, speak to Clorica and then Forte one time more than.
  • On the side by side day, speak to Forte and view a scene in her room. Speak to Kiel after this, and then view an effect on the path that leads towards the Obsidian Mansion on Selphia Plains.
  • Speak to Forte later the event and and then defeat the following monsters: a High Orc, an Orc Archer, and a Buffamoo.
  • Go to Selphia’s gate archway one time you have defeated these monsters and so speak with Forte, then Bado.
  • On the following twenty-four hour period, speak to Kiel and Forte. Wait another twenty-four hours and speak to Forte again before speaking to Kiel and Vishnal.
  • On the following day, head to Forte’s house for an event. Speak to Forte subsequently and meet her near the Obsidian Mansion for an event. Defeat the monsters from the before step once more and speak to Forte again.
  • Caput to the clinic for an event and and so speak to Kiel. Later this, speak to Forte at her firm and then at Dragon Lake.
  • Speak to Bado and select the 2d choice earlier speaking to both Forte and Kiel.
  • Become dorsum to the identify you met Forte nearly the Obsidian Mansion and examine the object in the centre of the screen.
  • On the following twenty-four hour period, watch the event at Selphia gate and speak to Forte.

Margaret’southward Town Events

Rune Factory 4 Special Margaret

Margaret has a whopping iv events that must be completed before her wedlock event can exist triggered.

  • A Favor Repaid

    • Speak to Porcoline and Margaret before returning to Porcoline. Take Porcoline on a date and so watch the consequence at the entrance to Yokmir Forest.
    • On the next day, speak to Margaret earlier returning to the entrance of Yokmir Forest.
  • A Porco and an Elf

    • Witness Porcoline speaking with a stranger at the entrance to the town square.
    • Speak to Illuminata.
  • A Performance Without An Audience

    • Speak to Dolce to trigger the effect and then speak to Margaret. Recruit her into your party.
    • Get to the dominate room in the Obsidian Mansion for an effect. Later on this, head to the entrance of the dungeon (use the teleporter to get there speedily) and and so make your way through the dungeon normally until you run across an event.
    • Examine the spot that the ghost in the previous event was looking at to obtain some sheet music. Go along through the mansion for another event with a ghost.
    • On the following day, speak to Margaret and view the outcome in Yokmir Forest.
  • Thoughts Lost in the Lake

    • When this consequence has triggered, speak with Margaret and caput to Dragon Lake.
    • Selection up the litter.

One time these have all been witnessed, you tin trigger
Beingness Hither.

  • Speak to your neighbors until you hear about a Siren.
  • Recruit Margaret into your party and head to Keeno Lake for an event.
  • On the post-obit day, get to Margaret’south house for an issue and then speak to Porcoline.
  • Get out town for an event and then head to Mushroom Lake for another outcome.
  • Speak to all of the residents over again, so Kiel for a final fourth dimension.
  • Head to Margaret’southward house for another effect, and then become to Keeno Lake for the union event.

Xiao Pai’s Town Events

Rune Factory 4 Special Xiao Pai

To marry Xiao Pai you lot will need to have witnessed two events:

  • Oh No It’southward Contagious

    • View the consequence in the hot springs involving Lin Fa and Xiao Pai.
    • On the following day, go to the General Shop for an consequence.
    • On the following day, talk to the residents effectually town before heading to the hot springs for the final event.
  • A Copper’south Windfall

    • Speak to Kiel until he talks about Ants existence found outside town. Go and defeat them and then speak to the traveler there.
    • Go to the town square and lookout man the issue in that location, before heading to Bado’s for another event.
    • Speak to Forte earlier returning to Bado’south for all the same some other upshot.
    • Go to the hot springs for an event then exit boondocks once again to defeat more Ants.
    • Speak to Lin Fa at the hot springs and then talk to the Traveler in the town square. He will have no portrait simply his nameplate will place him as Yang Fan.

With these done, you can now consummate
Never Gonna Surrender!

  • Speak to Xiao Pai and Kiel earlier heading to the hot springs for an event. Speak to Xiao Pai again. Then, view the event at the eatery.
  • On the next solar day, head to the hot springs for an event.
  • Head to the mushroom area to the due south of Selphia Plains and go due east to the span for an event. Become back to the hot springs for the mean solar day’s terminal event.
  • On the following 24-hour interval, become to the hot springs and and then expect some other day before speaking to Xiao Pai. Speak to Blossom right subsequently.
  • On the following day, speak to Xiao Pai again and view an upshot at the eatery.
  • Speak to Xiao Pai near the airship landing and so speak to Yang Fan who can be found on the second floor of the inn. Speak to Xiao Pai subsequently.
  • On the next day, speak to Yang Fan again and and so render to the span from the previous steps.
  • One time you have seen that upshot, speak to Xiao Pai in the hot springs for her proposal scene.

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