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Flower of Evil: Episode 7

Every bit new show surfaces, more people go interested in finding the murderer’s supposed cohort, though not all for the right reasons. Someone has something to hibernate, someone has something to disclose, and someone is just trying not to get pulled back into the past.


In 2005, Do Hyun-soo woke upwards after being hit by a car to find himself in someone’southward home. He’d torn out his IVs and limped to the living room, where he’d seen a large portrait of the family who’d taken him in — an older couple with their developed son.

The firm seemed empty, so he’d gone to the principal bedroom closet and started stealing annihilation he could. Dr. Baek had walked out of the secret doorway carrying a tray of encarmine bandages, and when Hyun-soo made a run for it, Dr. Baek and his married woman had both chased after him.

Back in the present, Hee-sung is home from the hospital. He and Ji-won spent terminal night in very intimate activities, but in the forenoon, Ji-won wonders if Hee-sung had no option but to do the things (she believes) he’s washed. She thinks, “All I want from yous is just ane thing. A reason to forgive you.”

She reaches out to touch his face and he grabs her manus, startling her, but he merely says he had a dream. Ji-won gives him a new sentry and lies that the police couldn’t find his lost one after his kidnapping.

At breakfast, Hee-sung mentions that the lock on his workshop’s basement door is broken. Ji-won fibs that she did it while looking for Eun-ha’due south former baby walker to give to a friend. Hee-sung stifles his alarm, and Ji-won pretends she didn’t notice annihilation of notation down in that location.

Meanwhile, Moo-jin and his coworkers marvel at the astronomical number if views he’s gotten on social media for a video he made regarding the vocalisation recording of a possible accomplice in the Yeounju murders. There are thousands of articles being written based on his video, and his telephone is ringing off the hook.

While looking over the Baek family register, Ji-won reviews what she already knows — that Exercise Hyun-soo has been living equally Baek Hee-sung for xiv years, and that the real Hee-sung’s parents have been in on it. She overhears a pair of students watching Moo-jin’southward video and watches it herself, and hears the altered vocalism telling Mrs. Jang that she saw him the night Mi-sook was kidnapped, merely that he saw her, too.

In a flashback to May 12, 2002, nosotros run across that Mrs. Jang has gotten into a fender-bender with another car. She’d been drinking, so she’d offered the other driver her phone number in hopes of settling. Suddenly, Jung Mi-sook had burst out of the vehicle and attempted to escape, merely the commuter had talked to her as if she was his wife and had drunk too much, and had taken her dorsum to his car. Mrs. Jang had gone to the constabulary and the vehicle’s license plate was matched to Practise Min-seok’southward machine, but Hyun-soo had provided a solid alibi, with evidence that they’d been at the movies together.

In a convenience store, Hae-soo sees Moo-jin on the news talking about the events of that night. He says that Do Min-seok committed suicide 2 weeks after, and that Jung Mi-sook’due south thumbnails were institute in his workshop with those of his other victims. The instance was closed, and not long later, Do Hyun-soo disappeared after killing the town foreman.

The phonation recording is played over again, and Hae-soo looks downright terrified. She starts to run out of the store and bumps into a man who drops a canteen of wine, and the bright carmine splash reminds her of the claret when the foreman was killed.

Hee-sung seems to be the only one non watching the circulate — he’south in his workshop, replacing the broken lock with a strong new one. He returns upstairs just as Ji-won is watching the end of the broadcast, and she offers to play the cohort’south vox for him, just he says he’s besides dainty to listen to it.

Ji-won asks Hee-sung to set bated some time for her tomorrow then heads to bed. Equally soon as he’s alone, he goes exterior to heed to the phonation recording. He calls Moo-jin, who’south out celebrating with his coworkers, and tells him to terminate implicating Do Hyun-soo and look into the idea that the accomplice may be someone else.

Moo-jin drunkenly objects to being bossed around by Hee-sung: “From at present on, this instance isn’t your life. Information technology’s my life.” Hee-sung practically begs Moo-jin to believe him, only Moo-jin belligerently asks, “Or what? Y’all’ll lock me in the basement and threaten me again?” and says he can’t trust Hee-sung.

Having seen the news report, Dr. Baek calls Hee-sung to his function for a lecture about keeping promises. Hee-sung says he idea Dr. Baek would be glad he didn’t kill Kyung-choon, simply Dr. Baek says that’s not what this is about. He plays the voice recording and asks if the voice is Hee-sung, and when Hee-sung nervously denies it, Dr. Baek says he doesn’t believe him.

He says this is the cost of non keeping his promises, and that he wants to trust Hee-sung again. He suggests they make another hope — if Hee-sung’s true identity gets this close to being revealed again, he’ll leave and get where nobody can detect him. Dr. Baek vows to take intendance of Ji-won and Eun-ha if that happens, and says it’s to avoid the worst possible outcome: “I’m sure yous know what that is.”

Moo-jin ends up sleeping information technology off at his desk, and his boss wakes him in the morn when Practice Hae-soo walks in and offers to do an interview, but but if it’s with Moo-jin. Moo-jin hides under his desk (ha) and his boss tells him honestly that he looks like hell. He begs her to go buy him a fresh shirt, shyly explaining that Hae-soo is his first love and that he hasn’t seen her in seventeen years.

Meanwhile, Ji-won requests to see the videos of counseling sessions that Do Hyun-soo underwent as a child. She’s shown one video where he meekly confesses to throwing a dog into a well to drown, then says that he actually wanted to hurt the dog’s possessor, “But I couldn’t kill a person. The body is harder to get rid of.”

Ji-won asks the advisor if Hyun-soo could accept been born with antisocial personality disorder, then she’s shown a 2d video in which Hyun-soo flew into a rage and attacked i of the doctors. The counselor points out a cassette player on the flooring and says that it triggered manic episodes in Hyun-soo.

Ji-won knows that the cassette recorder (and the fish tile charm attached to it) are in the bag she got from Nam Soon-kil’southward wife so she listens to the tape in it. She calls Before long-kil’s wife and asks why Presently-kil thought Practise Hyun-soo would return for the bag. She says that Hyun-soo obsessed over the cassette recorder inside the bag, but their call disconnects before she learns any more.

Moo-jin manages to get cleaned up and sits at a buffet with a very serenity Hae-soo, utterly failing at small talk. He notes that she’s changed a lot from the laughing daughter who was always surrounded by friends and she says that finding out her father murdered seven people will practice that to a person, then he asks most her job and she says she got fired.

Hae-soo abruptly says that they need to go, pointing out a guy nearby — it’s one of the reporters who’south been bugging Hae-soo to reveal where Hyun-soo is hiding. Moo-jin is all gear up to confront the guy until Hae-soo gives him a wide-eyed look and says she wants to exist alone with him.

Ji-won takes Hyun-soo’s cassette recorder to the Chinese restaurant’s owner, who recognizes information technology right abroad. She asks if he knows nearly the tape inside, and a flashback shows Hyun-soo listening to the record on the restaurant steps. The possessor had reached for one earbud, curious to see what had Hyun-soo so engrossed, only for Hyun-soo to nearly twist his arm off.

The owner tells Ji-won that whenever Hyun-soo listened to the tape, he would go a foreign wait in his eyes like he was possessed. Ji-won says that she came to ask him a favor.

Ji-won’s mother drops off Eun-ha at the pharmacy and asks Hee-sung’south female parent to scout the little girl for a while. Hee-sung’s mom refuses, but Ji-won’south mom leaves her anyway. Eun-ha chirps that Grandma will get fastened to her eventually, hee, then sits to do her schoolwork.

Hee-sung’south mom notices that she’southward using a math workbook well to a higher place her grade level, but Eun-ha says she’s capable of the advanced piece of work. She bursts into tears when Hee-sung’s female parent rips the workbook apart, yelling that information technology will make her go crazy and impale her and her mother. Okay, lady’s got problems.

Eun-ha wails that she’s scared, so Hee-sung’s mom tries to comfort her, proverb that she’s only doing this for her own good. She asks Eun-ha what she wants, and Eun-ha hiccups, “I desire… I want a tart! Buy me an egg tart.” LOL.

Hee-sung listens to the recording of the accomplice’s voice over and over over again, and he notices a repetitive clacking sound in the background. He tries to recreate the clacking but zero matches up, so he listens again and also hears beeping.

He rapidly closes his laptop when Ji-won comes into his studio and sets his onetime duffel bag on the table. She tells him that she plans to catch Practice Hyun-soo, and Hee-sung hides his truthful reaction and asks how. She asks for his help and takes out the cassette recorder and a sketchbook, which he picks up at her urging.

While Hee-sung innocently flips through his erstwhile sketchbook of metalwork ideas, Ji-won thinks, “I tin be like you, too. I tin prevarication to you without even blinking.” She says that Exercise Hyun-soo might nonetheless be doing metalwork and asks Hee-sung to check with his clan to see who makes similar designs to the sketches.

Thinking fast, Hee-sung says that he’d need to see Do Hyun-soo’s actual work to determine his fashion. Ji-won agrees and asks him to come to Do Min-seok’south old workshop with her, since Hyun-soo apparently spent a lot of fourth dimension in that location. She heads out to the motorcar first, and Hee-sung clutches his chest as if he’s having difficulty animate.

HAHA, Hee-sung’southward mom totally caved to the tiny tyrant’southward egg tart manipulation. First she tells Eun-ha to eat chop-chop then she tin can get back to work, then she softens and tells her to take her time then she doesn’t get sick. Eun-ha promises not to tell about the ripped workbook and then that her dad won’t yell (Mom: “Who yells at who??” hee).

On the way to Yeoungju, Hee-sung asks Ji-won why she’s working so hard to discover Do Hyun-soo. She says she’ll go a special promotion if she catches Do Min-seok’due south accomplice, and although they smiling at each other, they both look troubled.

Moo-jin takes Hae-soo dorsum to his place and opens a fancy bottle of wine against her protests. While he babbles, Hae-soo looks around and mutters softly that she’southward glad to meet he’south doing well. Moo-jin admits that he thinks about Hae-soo often, and that he believes she’s the biggest victim equally the only normal person in her family.

He says he didn’t mean what he said when they broke upward, and Hae-soo drinks her wine in ane gulp. She tells Moo-jin that it’s not Hyun-soo’s vox on that recording, but he thinks she’s just protecting Hyun-soo and spits that he’s living his own life and not fifty-fifty thinking of her. But Hae-soo says that it tin can’t be Hyun-soo, because she killed the village foreman.

It’s dark when Hee-sung and Ji-won arrive at Do Min-seok’s onetime workshop, and Ji-won says information technology feels similar once she goes in, she’ll never come up out. Hee-sung remembers a day when he was young — Hae-soo had cut a notch in a tree and told him that when he was that alpine, she’d find their mom for him.

She’d said almost angrily that if he doesn’t consume, he won’t grow tall enough. Their father had come outside and motioned Hyun-soo dorsum in, and Hae-soo had told Hyun-soo to just agree with whatever Dad said “Or he’ll make you copy the ‘Myeongsim Bogam’ in the basement.”

The workshop door is locked, so Ji-won climbs in through a window. She finds a small metal turtle on the flooring and asks if Hyun-soo could have fabricated it, but Hee-sung says information technology’south cast from a wax carving, not engraved. Ji-won points out that Hyun-soo would have been immature and has probably improved, but Hee-sung counters that they can’t know that for sure.

He sighs that they came all this style for zip, just Ji-won insists on seeing the basement where the murders happened. Hee-sung doesn’t desire her going solitary and takes the flashlight, and Ji-won surreptitiously checks her firearm as she follows him.

When they get to the basement, the cage where Min-seok kept his victims is yet there, and Hee-sung reels at the lingering stench of former blood. While he’south staring at the cage, Ji-won pushes Play on his quondam cassette player, and the sound of a girl’south vocalisation bustling echoes through the room.

Ji-won tells Hee-sung that she establish the cassette player in Do Hyun-soo’s bag, and Hee-sung asks why she’s playing it now. Ji-won says that information technology triggers Hyun-soo into violent episodes and wonders why, adding that she thinks it was recorded hither where the unthinkable happened.

She says she’due south still baffled by why Do Min-seok started killing, and she muses that he might have fifty-fifty fabricated his young son deliver food and h2o here to his victims. In a shaky voice, Hee-sung says he wants to leave at present. But Ji-won continues that this recording must have reminded Hyun-soo of the things he’d washed, which is why he would blow up when his listening was interrupted.

She says she’southward expecting the owner of the Chinese eating place to run across them hither with some of Hyun-soo’s more than electric current artwork. He calls to say he’s five minutes away, and while they look, Ji-won internally urges Do Hyun-soo to show himself. “Make your option. What you do today will determine our future.”

Hee-sung struggles, then jerks and drops the flashlight. He steps towards Ji-won, making awful choking, gasping noises, and grabs her shoulders. She’s got her hand on her gun, and Hee-sung’s hand goes to her throat, but so he collapses to the floor and stammers that he can’t breathe.

He begs Ji-won to go him out of there, so she helps him back to their car, where he says he thinks it was the scent making him ill. Ji-won worries that she was too hard on him, but she reminds herself that he lied to her for fourteen years and tells herself non to be weak.

When Ji-won spoke to Nam Soon-kil’s wife earlier, she’d said she was having a ceremony for her husband at his restaurant. Hyun-soo and Before long-kil’due south old boss shows up at the restaurant and asks where Ji-won is, proverb they were supposed to come across. Oh wow, information technology was a fox.

On their way back to Seoul, Hee-sung asks Ji-won to end looking for Practise Hyun-soo. He says information technology’s too unsafe, just she counters that that’due south why she needs to catch him. Hee-sung lies awake late into the night, thinking nearly Dr. Baek making him promise to disappear if his identity is nearly discovered.

Moo-jin also has trouble sleeping after his conversation with Hae-soo. She had brought upwards his connections with her family unit — he’d admired her father, he was Hyun-soo’due south only friend, and was the only person who’d liked her for herself. She’d apologized for not thinking virtually how he felt back then, and had sobbed at Moo-jin to cease harassing Hyun-soo.

Hee-sung shows up at Moo-jin’s door and asks Moo-jin to help him find Hae-soo. He apologizes for threatening Moo-jin and gives him the recording he fabricated of Moo-jin confessing to his fraudulent online posts. He asks Moo-jin once again for his assist, growling that he needs to find “that bastard” no matter what.

Back at their house, Ji-won is also upwards. She’s on the reckoner, tracking Hee-sung’s location through the device she had installed in the new scout she bought for him.


Information technology’s so distressing to come across Hee-sung and Ji-won lying to each other and mistrusting each other so much, though information technology’southward understandable. Things are getting really heated up at present that Ji-won knows that Hee-sung is really Practice Hyun-soo. I respect that Ji-won isn’t sticking her caput in the sand (or “taking the pill,” like she said previously that she would exercise if she learned something sinister almost her husband)… she’s pursuing this issue with everything she’southward got. But so is Hee-sung, in an try to clear his name even if he can’t live under information technology.

It’s interesting that Ji-won isn’t going to much trouble to hide what she knows from Hee-sung — I think she wants him to come make clean to her and so that, like she hopes, he can give her a reason to forgive him. I think that Ji-won is hoping that Hee-sung is innocent, having known him to be a good man for so long, and I can’t arraign her. The troubled, trigger-happy Do Hyun-soo she’southward learning nigh sounds cipher like the happy, caring, loving man she married. We’ve seen Hee-sung do some pretty horrible things, but I still want to justify that he just attacked Moo-jin and Kyung-choon when they attacked him first, and that he did let them both continue their promises to help him.

I completely agree with @TeriYaki, I don’t call up Hee-sung has ever killed anyone. I retrieve that he learned how to be frightening from his father, which fabricated him good at threatening Moo-jin and Kyung-choon. And I retrieve that he’s definitely got some serious issues that go dorsum to his childhood, only who wouldn’t with a begetter like his? Even if he didn’t know about the murders until afterward he died, Hee-sung doesn’t seem to accept had any sort of normalcy growing upwards — a murder basement would mess anyone up and brand them super wary to open up or care nearly anyone.

I was right virtually Hae-soo having killed the foreman, though I’chiliad giving her the hard side-heart for confessing to someone she hasn’t seen in decades. I’ll even have it one farther…. I retrieve that Hae-soo may accept been the
murderer in the family unit. It’southward possible that she started killing at a young historic period and that Do Min-seok was covering up for her, and maybe he killed himself considering he couldn’t handle the guilt anymore. Looking back, when Hee-sung imagines his father’s spirit, those blackness eyes do seem a little sad, and we withal know and then little of what really happened that I’m open to any possibilities.

As for Hee-sung, he’s proven himself to me. In that moment in the former basement, surrounded by haunting memories and the olfactory property of death, he battled with the worst of himself and won. He could have easily killed Ji-won, but he stopped himself, and that’south enough to show me that he does love her. I now trust that if it came downward to protecting himself or Ji-won, he would cull Ji-won. As a cop, I understand that Ji-won nevertheless has a mystery to solve, and I call back she’d exercise the right matter if she institute that her husband was guilty of murder. But I don’t remember it volition come to that, because I recall he’s innocent, and I promise they team up to take hold of the real killer.


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