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Blossom of Evil: Episode 12

Our cop believes that her husband is condom for the time beingness, unaware that there’due south a toll on his head. He enlists the aid of an unlikely marry to eliminate that threat simply he has no idea that an even greater danger has returned to life. Our cop and her husband are going to have to be completely honest with each other to protect their family but is that even possible after years of lies?

EPISODE 12 Epitomize

In a flashback to the day that Hee-sung hit Hyun-soo with his car, his female parent found a hollow book subconscious nether his mattress. It contained a silverish box, photos of people who were bound and gagged (the cage in the background suggests they’re in Do Min-seok’south basement) and a encarmine knife.

In spite of her terror, Mom opened the silver box and when she saw vii neatly arranged fingernails, her screams shook the house. As she numbly made her way downstairs, the knife clutched in one hand and something else in her other hand (the fingernails?), a flash of lightning illuminated Hee-sung in the backyard.

When his Mom walked outside, Hee-sung admitted that he didn’t know that she was domicile. He pointed to the unconscious Hyun-soo and explained that afterward he hit him with his auto, he couldn’t go in touch with his begetter. Mom asked if he planned to bury Hyun-soo in the pigsty he just dug and Hee-sung reasoned, “What other choice do I have?”

Seeing the pocketknife, Hee-sung asked, “Did you become through my things?” Frightened, Mom backed away only as Hyun-soo stirred, and then Hee-sung suggested that they talk later and dragged Hyun-soo into the hole.

While Hee-sung shoveled clay on meridian of Hyun-soo, his drastic female parent plunged the knife into his side. Every bit claret poured from the wound, Hee-sung’due south mother stammered, “Y’all scare me…I can’t handle y’all anymore.” Tenderly touching her face, Hee-sung asked, “Why did you have to be dwelling house,” and when he complanate, his mother’s screams echoed in the garden.

Back in the nowadays, Hee-sung muses, “Everyone has a secret… there are people who know that hush-hush, and there are people who wish to discover out.” Suspicious of the maid assisting him, Hee-sung grabs her face and forces her to look at him, “Do you really non know how to read lips?”

The maid tries to avert her optics and Hee-sung warns, “If you keep looking away when I’m talking to y’all, it’south going to brand me upset.” When the maid looks at him, Hee-sung releases his grip and asks, “Take you ever told anyone about our family.” The maid scribbles, “I never told anyone. In that location’south no i to tell.” Every bit Hee-sung wonders if he tin trust her, the camera zooms in on his mother in the family unit portrait behind him.

In his home office, Dr. Baek shows his wife the cell phone that he found in Hee-sung’south car while cleaning upward Hyun-soo’southward blood. In a flashback, Dr. Baek answered the phone and an angry Sang-chul demanded, “Where’s my coin?”

Dr. Baek explains that Hee-sung hired Sang-chul to find someone and Mom guesses that it was Hae-soo. Dr. Baek confesses that he met Sang-chul only once to deliver his money and to tell him that Hee-sung went abroad to study. When Mom questions the decision to take Hyun-soo killed, Dr. Baek argues that Hyun-soo’s investigation left him no choice.

After walking exterior with Hyun-soo, Ji-won is surprised to come across that Jae-sub is alone but she’due south even more surprised when he asks for a cup of java. When they sit downwards together in the workshop, Jae-sub looks thoughtful before thanking Hyun-soo for risking his safety to betrayal Sang-chul’s gang.

When asked about the identity of Exercise Min-seok’due south accomplice, Hyun-soo confesses that things didn’t go as planned. Jae-sub then shifts into detective fashion and asks Hyun-soo for his motive in the hamlet foreman’s decease.

At Moo-jin’s place, Hae-soo is near to call Ji-won afterwards learning that she knows the truth about Hyun-soo but Moo-jin takes her phone. When Moo-jin won’t allow her leave, Hae-soo makes herself clear, “I’one thousand going to turn myself in.”

Earlier Hyun-soo can reply Jae-sub’s question, Ji-won blurts out, “It wasn’t him.” Afterward they substitution a tense look, Hyun-soo calmly explains, “I had no motive.” A flashback to the previous night shows that Jae-sub read the file on the foreman’south murder. Jae-sub informs Hyun-soo that a school compatible push belonging to a male pupil was found near the foreman’s torso.

When Moo-jin mentions that Hae-soo must want to turn herself in out of guilt, she snaps, “Why should I feel guilty? After what he did to Hyun-soo?” Hae-soo tells Moo-jin that the foreman arranged for the exorcisms, which were practically a nightly occurrence.

Hyun-soo became convinced that he was possessed by their begetter’due south ghost. A flashback shows Hyun-soo crouched in a corner and as he pointed across the room, he told Hae-soo, “I can run across Dad. He keeps talking to me…The hamlet foreman was right. I’ll end up like Dad.” Hae-soo accuses Moo-jin of turning his back on Hyun-soo along with the rest of the village, “No one in that town…is blameless when it comes to Hyun-soo.”

Ji-won remains silent equally Jae-sub puzzles over why Hyun-soo would get to the trouble of burning downwardly his business firm to destroy fingerprint evidence and photos even so leave the murder weapon out in obviously sight. Afterward Ji-won stands upwardly to distance herself from the interview, Jae-sub informs Hyun-soo that one witness insisted that he was incapable of murder.

Hyun-soo confesses, “I killed him,” and Jae-sub stands upward. Afterwards a long pause, Jae-sub tells Hyun-soo, “Thank you for the coffee. Mr. Baek Hee-sung,” and Ji-won spins around. She’s confused when Jae-sub leaves Moo-jin’s recorder on the table, “This is for the coffee.”

When Ji-won runs subsequently Jae-sub, he explains that he figured out why she believes Hyun-soo is innocent, “The tragedy of a young blood brother and sister who became the enemy of the world overnight. I don’t desire to bear upon it either.” Ji-won walks dorsum inside to tell a confused Hyun-soo that Jae-sub is no longer interested in him, “Because Do Hyun-soo isn’t a bad person.”

Hyun-soo and Ji-won selection up Eun-ha and when she sobs, “Daddy. I missed y’all so, so, and then, so very much,” Ji-won’s mother laughs that she acts as if they’ve been apart for years. After seeing that Hyun-soo is crying too, Ji-won assures her female parent that everything’s okay.

At Eun-ha’s kindergarten, Hyun-soo plants a osculation on his daughter’south forehead and tells her, “Daddy loves yous a lot…” Forming a heart with her arms, Eun-ha tells him, “I love you lot, Daddy.” Hyun-soo returns to the car and overhears Ji-won tell Jae-sub that she’ll quit as shortly as her absence won’t burden the department. Jae-sub just urges her to hurry dorsum to work and hangs up.

On the drive to the station, Ji-won asks why Hyun-soo got so emotional. Hyun-soo thought nearly the showtime time that he held Eun-ha and Ji-won reminds him that it was the showtime time he held a infant. Hyun-soo confesses, “Afterward I met you, every unmarried moment was filled with first times.”

Ji-won walks into the part and annoys the captain when she wishes everyone a practiced morning. Woo-chul informs him that Ji-won doesn’t know about the latest development while Jae-sub explains that she had to leave get-go because of her sick child.

It’southward Ho-joon who informs Ji-won that Sang-chul escaped from the ER. Jae-sub explains that a special task force will take over the human trafficking investigation so that they tin focus on finding Sang-chul and Do Min-seok’s accomplice. Jae-sub steps out when Hyun-soo calls and asks to meet without Ji-won.

While waiting for Jae-sub, Hyun-soo thinks well-nigh Sang-chul’due south question, “Who exercise yous think ratted you out to me?” Jae-sub climbs into the passenger seat expecting to be thanked merely Hyun-soo tells him what he couldn’t say in front of Ji-won — someone chosen Sang-chul to tell him that Hyun-soo was working with the police, hoping to go him killed.

In his hospital bed, Hee-sung watches CCTV footage of Sang-chul walking out of the ER but when his female parent walks in, he clears the tablet’s screen and weakly observes, “…the globe has changed so much.” While his mother massages his legs, Hee-sung mentions that he missed three World Cups and promises to accept her to the next one,
he’s still alive. Hee-sung fears that his life will be in danger if Hyun-soo figures everything out.

Moo-jin walks out with Hae-soo when she leaves and pleads, “…stop saying that you’ll turn yourself in. My heart shrivels every time I hear it…I like you, you know.” Moo-jin gets a taxi for Hae-soo and every bit before long every bit it drives away, she asks the driver to take her to the police station.

In a café where Ji-won won’t encounter them, Jae-sub guesses that Hyun-soo has an idea who called Sang-chul. Hyun-soo thinks of Dr. Baek’south generous offer to convince him to disappear and tells Jae-sub that he knows of a fashion to catch Sang-chul.

Before Hae-soo tin enter the police station, Moo-jin calls from his new phone. Hae-soo reminds him, “You lot’re the simply friend Hyun-soo has,” and admits that she’s about to plough herself in.

Ji-won is surprised when Hae-soo walks into her office and tells her, “Remember how I said I’d tell you everything when the fourth dimension was right?” Grabbing the list of Sang-chul’s victims, Ji-won suggests going outside for Hae-soo’southward “interview”. When they accomplish the roof, Hae-soo tells Ji-won, “I heard that you lot found out everything virtually Hyun-soo.”

Hae-soo confesses that
killed the village foreman, Hyun-soo only took the blame. Ji-won reminds Hae-soo that Hyun-soo is no longer a boy who needs her protection, he now has a wife who volition stand by his side, no matter what.

Ji-won argues that Hyun-soo will exist encumbered with guilt if Hae-soo takes responsibility for the foreman’south death and begs, “…please respect your brother’s decision…you should be the one to feel guilty instead.” As Ji-won walks away, a tearful Hae-soo cheers her for trusting in Hyun-soo and promises to find a mode to repay her. Uh-oh.

Parked in front of the station, Hyun-soo shares his worry that Ji-won will get out him if the stress of existence with him becomes too much. Hee-sung explains to Jae-sub that’s why Ji-won tin’t notice out that Sang-chul is out to kill him. Jae-sub doesn’t empathize why Hyun-soo won’t identity the person who hired Sang-chul but a wary Hyun-soo tells him, “I’g all the same very careful.”

Sang-chul calls Dr. Baek from a phone berth and promises to kill Hyun-soo if he can be lured to the right location. When Dr. Baek gets a call from Hyun-soo, he warns Sang-chul not to do anything rash and hangs up. Dr. Baek pretends he’s relieved to hear from Hyun-soo and agrees to see him the following evening.

Only as Hyun-soo hangs upwards, Moo-jin barges into the workshop, “Why didn’t you answer my calls?” Moo-jin explains that Hae-soo went to run into Ji-won to turn herself in and asks Hyun-soo to call his married woman. Hyun-soo tries to transport Moo-jin away and when he refuses, he tosses Hae-soo’s repaired necklace at him and suggests, “You should get to Hae-soo.”

Moo-jin waits for Hae-soo outside her apartment and recalls Hyun-soo’s parting words, “She’ll be fine. I’m sure nothing happened.” When Hae-soo returns, she walks past Moo-jin but he confronts her, “You don’t care about me at all, do you lot?”

Hae-soo tells the worried Moo-jin, “…information technology’southward weird that y’all all the same feel the aforementioned way most me.” Placing the necklace in Hae-soo’s manus, a stung Moo-jin tells her, “I’m sorry for liking you ever since I saw y’all in fourth form. I’ll effort to become over you.”

That night, Ji-won finds Hyun-soo on their roof’due south patio and guesses that he couldn’t sleep. Taking her hand, Hyun-soo confesses that he’south been wanting to inquire, “How was your day?” After everything that happened, Ji-won merely tells Hyun-soo that information technology was a decent and rests her head on his shoulder.

The maid pauses outside of Dr. Baek’due south office when he tells Hee-sung that Hyun-soo will be paying him a visit and that he can’t detect out that Hee-sung woke upwards. When Hee-sung asks well-nigh Hae-soo, Dr. Baek confesses that it’s Sang-chul that he’s worried virtually.

The maid watches Hee-sung’s rima oris every bit he tells his father, “Nosotros need him to get rid of Exercise Hyun-soo.” After telling Hee-sung to stay out of it, Dr. Baek hands him some English linguistic communication training materials. Hee-sung looks them over just turns towards the maid who shrinks away in fear.

When Ji-won interrogates 1 of Sang-chul’s men, she learns that Sang-chul got a call during his meeting with Hyun-soo and was hired to impale him. Ji-won exits the interrogation room to call her husband but Jae-sub stops her.

Ji-won exclaims that someone wants Hyun-soo dead and she’s shocked when Jae-sub admits, “I know. I already know.” Subsequently finding an empty room where they can talk, Jae-sub explains why he couldn’t tell Ji-won, “Your husband begged me not to…He said he was afraid you’d intermission because of him.”

Hae-soo visits Hyun-soo’due south workshop to tell Hyun-soo virtually the Ilshin Hospital volunteer bracelet that their male parent’s accomplice was wearing. When Hae-soo mentions that she visited Dr. Baek to ask for his help in finding the volunteers from that fourth dimension, Hyun-soo asks if she sensed that he was the accomplice.

Frustrated because her memory has faded with time, Hae-soo is hopeful that her adjacent hypnotherapy session will help. Hyun-soo advises her non to bother, he’ll ostend information technology himself later.

At the police station, Ho-joon suggests enlisting Hyun-soo’s help to take hold of Sang-chul and Woo-chul agrees it’southward worth a endeavour. Only equally her colleagues go out, Ji-won gets a telephone call from Hyun-soo who offers to pick her up since it’due south raining.

Hee-sung’s mother sees a photograph of Hee-sung as a toddler and tells him, “Yous were such an angel. I ruined you.” The maid asks to speak with her and when they sit downward together, she hands Mom a note, “I quit…Please transfer my severance pay and the money for my silence into my business relationship by next calendar week.”

When Ji-won runs under Hyun-soo’s umbrella, they both suggest going on a date. As they walk in the pelting, Hyun-soo admits that he lied nearly why he can’t eat raw food. Information technology’s not considering it gives him a stomachache, the aroma reminds him of his male parent.

Ji-won asks to talk about ordinary things and when she starts to weep, Hyun-soo asks if she’due south all right and pulls her into a hug. At showtime Ji-won insists that she’s fine but she breaks down and confesses that she’southward non all correct at all. Subsequently admitting that she resents Hae-soo and hates lying to her colleagues, Ji-won tells Hyun-soo what hurts the near, “It’s the fact that yous kept another hole-and-corner from me.”

Using sign language, Mom asks the maid what she knows and she answers, “You stabbed your own son. To cover that, you made someone else live your son’due south life. The human being who your son ran over with his machine.” When the maid tries to leave, Mom struggles with her and falls, hit her head on the table.

The maid is distracted when she sees that Mom is hurt and doesn’t notice that Hee-sung is behind her. Hee-sung asks “What did you practice,” and the maid signs that they’re both crazy and warns Mom, “Wire me the money or I’ll expose all of you lot. Y’all have until next week.”

The women are shocked when Hee-sung stands up. He tells the maid, “I knew you weren’t to be trusted,” and when she tries to run out the front door, Hee-sung pulls her dorsum inside.

While Hee-sung uses the maid’south scarf to strangle her, Mom calls her husband and begs him to come home right away. She backs away when Hee-sung finds her merely he just takes the phone and tells Dr. Baek, “Mom cutting her forehead. I call back she needs stitches.” After hanging up, Hee-sung tells his mother, “I couldn’t think of some other way to protect y’all.”

Dr. Baek gets home and when he sees the maid’s body, he finds Hee-sung and demands to know why he killed her. When Hee-sung explains, “She knew as well much,” Dr. Baek slaps him. Dr. Baek shouts that Hee-sung promised to do whatever was needed to get his name back, not make things worse.

Mom explains that the maid was blackmailing them and admits, “If Hee-sung didn’t kill her, I might’ve done it instead.” Mom promises to fix Hee-sung but first, something needs to be done almost the maid’s body. When Dr. Baek can’t think of what to practise, Hee-sung tells him, “I take an thought.”

Hyun-soo cancels his meeting with Dr. Baek and asks to employ the summer house for i nighttime while he’south out of town on business trip. Dr. Baek agrees as Hee-sung brings him the maid’s scarf.

Hyun-soo tells Ji-won that he plans get Dr. Baek to confess to everything and warns that his true identity will come up out. Ji-won tells Hyun-soo that she’south already prepared for that possibility and that she’south not scared. When Hyun-soo turns to get out, Ji-won reminds him that as a cop, she doesn’t need a warrant to arrest Dr. Baek.

Sang-chul removes the encompass from a car in a parking garage and turns the key simply every bit Hyun-soo and Ji-won get in at the Baek firm.

Dr. Baek and Hee-sung load a suitcase with the maid’southward body into the trunk of a car when Ji-won rings the doorbell. Dr. Baek announces, “Practise Hyun-soo is here,” as the gate swings open.


I know how ridiculous it seems that someone who was comatose for xv years is not only able to stand and walk, but he’s besides capable of strangling someone. I think that Hee-sung is but and then driven to kill that he was able to push himself beyond his limits but it’s too true that he’s been acting more feeble than he really is for some time. And that’s what makes Hee-sung such a chilling villain, he hides his true nature backside that meek façade. While his mother and male parent keep him hidden, Hee-sung manipulates them to run into things his manner which means that they’ve now go his accomplices in murder.

What I find harder to believe than a recently revived man making incredible physical gains is that Hee-sung’south become to solution for his problems is murder. For a man who was a math whiz as a child, how he can have such tunnel vision? Mathematics is all about finding solutions for complex issues only rather than finding unique answers for his issues, Hee-sung kills and then figures out how to hide his crimes. Really, he just wants whatsoever excuse to kill and it’s that approach that led to his blackout. Later his mother found the bear witness of the serial murders, she stabbed him earlier he could bury Hyun-soo alive. Yet, in spite of that spooky testify and the recent murder of the maid, she still thinks she tin “fix” Hee-sung. It’due south the hopes and dreams that Hee-sung’south parents take ever had for him that fuel the delusion that Hee-sung tin can somehow lead a normal life.

While the Baek’s refuse to have the truth about Her-sung, Hyun-soo is nonetheless struggling with being honest with Ji-won. Even though he thinks he has a proficient reason not to tell Ji-won that Sang-chul was hired to impale him, Hyun-soo learns how wrong he was when he sees how much his latest prevarication hurt her. Again, after realizing that Ji-won knows the truth, Hyun-soo confides in her and together, they face the challenge. What Hyun-soo needs to learn fast is to tell Ji-won the truth
she hears about it some other way. They really need to be firing on all cylinders if they’re going to triumph over the unbelievably evil Baek family. While Hyun-soo noted that he and Dr. Baek stop at zip to reach their goals, Dr. Baek doesn’t have anyone like Ji-won by his side. She’s but as committed as they are to become what she wants and it’s going to take that kind of resolve to overcome someone as powerful as Dr. Baek and someone as diabolical as Hee-sung.

I’m with @lollypip, Hae-soo is driving me crazy just this time it’s not considering she’s off investigating on her ain. I don’t like the manner she treated Moo-jin, even though of course she doesn’t have to return his affections simply because he’s crazy about her. Hae-soo takes all of her frustrations out on Moo-jin and
breaks his heart, talk virtually adding insult to injury. But realistically, what does the hereafter expect like for Hae-soo and Hyun-soo if the village foreman’s murder remains unsolved? The just way for Hyun-soo to live in peace is for that case to be airtight but Ji-won didn’t allow Hae-soo to confess out of respect for Hyun-soo. When Hae-soo promised to repay Ji-won someday, I had a sense of foreboding. If something happens to Hae-soo, Hyun-soo won’t accept to protect her any longer. It’s a terrible thing to consider but this late in the drama, I take no idea what to expect so I’m preparing myself for all kinds of possibilities.


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