Mary and the Witch’s Flower Myanimelist

Overall four
Story 3
Animation 9
Sound ten
Grapheme 3
Enjoyment v

Mary and the Witch’due south Flower is the countdown film from Studio Ponoc and the tertiary directorial effort from Hiromasa Yonebayashi, whose previous films include the respectable Ghibli efforts The Secret Earth of Arrietty and When Marnie Was There.

Being essentially an adjunct of Ghibli, y’all can immediately see the visual cues Ponoc borrows from its roots. In many ways, it is as if nothing changed. From an blitheness standpoint, this picture show may as well take been made by Ghibli staff – but I say this non as a criticism, as not only will it take time for Ponoc to develop its own style, simply this anime is a fantastic visual feast. Gorgeous backgrounds, excellent attention to every detail and nuance accompanied by fluid and scenic animation is what you can await from Mary and the Witch’s Blossom (MATWF).

Unfortunately, this is where the comparisons to Ghibli go from being a worthy tribute to a pale imitation.

There are many common themes in Ghibli films that Mary and the Witch’s Flower attempts to replicate – the cadre i being essentially the aforementioned journey that Sen takes in Spirited Away. A clumsy, naive picayune girl bored by her mundane life is unwittingly whisked away to a magical place that will be the setting of her coming-of-age story.

The set-upward for this is perfect – in fact, many ideas presented to the audition in MATWF are enticing. The trouble is that movie barely does anything with them, and we are left with a very hollow story and anti-climactic tertiary act. The world of the witches and magic that Mary encounters is just barely explored as she faces her trials, and somehow even manages to exist tiresome at times despite its fantastical themes and overdose of whimsy.

As much every bit I don’t desire to proceed to compare Ponoc to Ghibli, I feel the best case is over again the comparison of characters betwixt Mary and Sen. In Spirited Away, Sen spends the bulk of the pic in Yubaba’s bath firm, and meets many memorable and interesting characters while living there. Each one helps her a little flake on her journey – she learns something, makes a new friend, takes some other step closer to condign the hero of her own story. Yous learn a lot virtually the inner workings of this ethereal yet perilous labyrinth of a bath house that she inhabits. Miyazaki has e’er been a main of setting and applying it to a character’s journey.

In MATWF, it will be no surprise to you that Mary is endowed with the power of a witch. Her magical broom flies her to the “Endor College of Magic” – an absurdly massive schoolhouse in the clouds full of what seems to exist hundreds if non thousands of students learning to become witches. Withal Mary merely interacts with no more 3 people while there, and most of the time it feels empty – aside from some animals and democratic magical servants that don’t utter a word. We get a glimpse of life in the higher, but only that and cipher else. Ultimately, everything we run into at Endor is zippo but an near unnecessary loose end.

A great example of this is when Mary visits Endor for the first fourth dimension. Before entering, she is informed that Endor has very strict rules, written on a giant stone plaque outside its gates. The audience and Mary cannot read it because it’due south written in some magical linguistic communication. The kickoff dominion is read to Mary, but the others are left unread because they go interrupted. Yet not only do nosotros never learn the other rules to Endor, the first rule ends up beingness entirely irrelevant to the chief plot despite its supposed importance.

I could nitpick the movie and its little faults, but its ultimate failing was the story arc of Mary. Early in the film, Mary meets a boy named Peter. If I must make some other Spirited Abroad comparison here, he is basically the movie’s Haku, except that he’south basically nothing more a helpless pawn with no real attachment to Mary.

Peter and Mary don’t really become along – in fact, they are not even friends, just acquaintances who tease eachother. After interacting with eachother in real life for all of 5 minutes, eventually Mary accidentally puts Peter in peachy danger and decides to rescue him – she suddenly cares greatly for him as if they were practiced friends, and act like totally unlike people than when we last saw them together.

While there is motivation for Mary to rescue Peter, it lacks confidence from the weak script. At that place just needed to be more of what mattered and less of the spectacle. The story feels rushed and cobbled together, sometimes even confusing. Every bit far as Yonebayashi goes, information technology’due south definitely a step backwards when it comes to characters.

Perhaps information technology is part of the growing pains of transitioning to a new studio. Perhaps it is difficult to succeed without the abiding guidance of masters like Miyazaki and Takehata. Perhaps it’due south both. Whatever information technology is, I hope for the all-time for the future of Studio Ponoc – living nether the shadow of Ghibli is not easy. They stumbled a bit out the gate, simply in that location’south no mistake that Ponoc employs incredible talent. If they take some time to reflect on what went incorrect with MATWF and how to do it right, at that place’southward no reason why they cannot build on it.

Overall, the motion picture is not altogether terrible. It is a scrap of a bore to watch at times, the script lacks subtlety and the moral of the story is cryptic at all-time, but it has its heart in the right place and should be a joy for pocket-size children, especially immature girls. The opening flashback sequence is a corking hook (and honestly looked like it would have been a more intriguing movie), the animation and backgrounds are fantastic and there are moments of genuine laughs and charm, but they are sometimes far apart.

It is, for all intents and purposes, simply decent.

I would say don’t go in expecting a Ghibli moving-picture show, but even if information technology looked nothing like one, I don’t think that would alter much.


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