Flower Girl Basket and Ring Bearer Pillow

Boy holds a magnificent pair of shiny golden wedding rings on a pillow.
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Buying Guide for Band Bearer Pillows

Golden wedding rings on white ring bearer pillow.

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Why buy a ring bearer pillow?

Ring bearer pillows tend to be quite beautiful, ofttimes white and lacy, to friction match the overall wedding decorations and advent, merely they also serve practical purposes. Since ring bearers are often such young children, they’re not the about coordinated or reliable members of the nuptials party. The terminal matter y’all want them to practise is lose or drib your wedding rings. A pillow is much larger and thus much easier for small hands to grip, and it gives kids a more than secure place to hold the rings than in their hands or a pocket. Especially since ring bearer pillows tend to accept some ties or other ways of securing the rings in place, they don’t autumn off even if the pillow isn’t held perfectly parallel to the footing. Carrying rings up the aisle on a pillow likewise adds a more formal, ceremonial feel than having your all-time man or maid of honor carry the rings in their pocket for you.

What should yous wait for in a band bearer pillow?

  • Security:The nearly important function of a band bearer pillow is to go on your rings condom, then exist sure that any pillow you buy has a reliable fashion of securing them in identify. Some sort of ribbon or other tie is nigh mutual. Some pillows come with a ring box or an insert similar to those constitute in a band box. You may also desire to go on an eye out for a pillow with an elastic strap that your ring bearer tin can slip around this wrist, just in case they lose their grip. This feature is handy for younger kids who don’t have as developed motor skills.
  • Pattern:Do you want something traditional, white or ivory or foam, foursquare-shaped and dolled up with lace and ribbons, maybe some faux pearls or beads or silk flowers? These are the easiest to find, but at that place are other vintage or more modern blueprint options and creative alternatives to a ring bearer pillow. For instance, the pillow doesn’t have to be square or rectangular; it can exist heart-shaped, flower-shaped, circular, or whatsoever other shape. A pillow with a burlap or linen embrace provides a more rustic look, or satin with no accents for something still elegant but more than understated and simple, or have it monogrammed with yous and your spouse-to-be’s initials. Or you can attach your ribbons to match the wedding colors and bridesmaids’ dresses if you then choose.
  • Size:8 past 8 inches is more or less the standard size for band bearer pillows, though this may vary if you pick a pillow that isn’t square in shape. This isn’t a hard and fast rule, only what will exist most ordinarily available. If your band bearer is on the young side, three or four years old, you may want to opt for a slightly smaller pillow so it’southward not too beefy for them to grip properly. Notwithstanding old your ring bearer is, though, you’ll definitely want a pillow that’s smaller than the average bed pillow—they’re too big and awkward to carry, and your rings will go lost in the shuffle.

What’s the best fabric for ring a bearer pillow?

Linen, silk, cotton, and polyester are all good choices since they’re strong fabrics that won’t rip or tear easily yet look bonny. Satin is definitely an option besides, and it’ll look cute and shimmery, only keep in listen that its smoothness may work against it if the rings aren’t secured properly—information technology’s very easy for the rings to slide off such a slippery smooth material. Be sure you rings are fastened extra securely if you opt for a satin pillow. Lace and burlap are lovely aesthetic options besides but they have the potential reverse problem. If the threads on either material come loose, they may get stuck to the rings and crusade unraveling when the rings are lifted off. That’s not to say you lot can’t employ a ring bearer pillow made from or decorated with either material—merely take someone check the pillow for loose threads before your band bearer walks down the alley.

Our Picks for the Best Ring Bearer Pillows

Pros:This is a classic ring bearer pillow, from its color to its trimmings and accents to its size. If you want something a bit more understated or in a different size, there are iii other purchasing options in dissimilar designs and sizes from which you can choose as well. Regardless, this pillow volition come with a pretied ribbon with abaft ends to tie to the rings to hold them securely in identify. There’southward also a little slip at the bottom of the pillow for your ring bearer to slide his or her hands into as they’re conveying it up the aisle, for a more superior grip.

Cons:Though this band bearer pillow is listed equally existence ivory in color, the actual color is more pure white than ivory.

Bottom Line:You can’t get much more classic than this pretty little ring bearer pillow. Between the standard size, lace edging, matte satin fabric, and secure ribbon with simulated pearls, this ring bearer pillow won’t look out of place.

Fancy Pick

HoneyGifts Wedding ceremony Middle Box Band Pillow

Intricate and flowery, this gorgeous heart-shaped ring bearer pillow is topped with a foam insert and clear dome to prevent your rings from falling off and rolling away.

Pros:You’ll be hard-pressed to discover another ring bearer pillow quite similar this one. It’south heart-shaped rather than square or rectangular, and adorned with white satin roses as opposed to smoothen cloth and lace. The assorted faux pearls, faux diamonds, white ribbon, and “dearest” charm help information technology to announced fifty-fifty more intricate and elaborate. Rather than using the ribbon to secure the rings, even so, this pillow comes with a built-in ring box that features foam inserts with slots for the two rings underneath a clear plastic dome that keep the rings in place without hiding them away, unlike a usual band box. And the entire pillow weighs in at merely over ane.v ounces, extremely lightweight and so as non to tire fifty-fifty the youngest of ring bearers.

This ring bearer pillow doesn’t have the greatest grip in the world. The bottom is wider in shape and firmer than about, so it can’t exist slipped around your ring bearer’s arm or wrist to agree information technology in place.

Lesser Line:If you’re looking for something a flake fancier or more unique than a traditional foursquare ring bearer pillow, this just might be the model for you. It’ll look like your ring bearer is conveying a bouquet rather than a pillow downwardly the alley, however the built-in box and its clear dome ensure that the rings are both protected and like shooting fish in a barrel to spot despite the intricacies of the pillow.

Pros:Non but do yous go a beautiful, lacy, snow-white band bearer pillow but a matching flower daughter handbasket—both for the same cost that a unmarried pillow lone might toll yous elsewhere. Not only does this save you money and fourth dimension but it ensures that your bloom girl and ring bearer and their accessories will friction match each other, which is especially platonic if they’re walking down the alley at the same time. From the color to the lace patterns to the satin-like ribbons to the unique brooches, these handmade items are (quite literally) cut from the same textile.

Cons:These two items come as a package; there’s no fashion to buy just the pillow.

Bottom Line:Everyone knows how expensive weddings tin can be, even the more than infinitesimal or smaller details. Fortunately, this cute little ring bearer pillows helps to save you both time and money past giving you two primal items for the price of one, and saving you the trouble of having to find a split up blossom girl basket.

Pros:This ring bearer pillow is great for whatever wedding with a rustic, country, farmhouse, or vintage theme thanks to the burlap brand and white ribbon and lace and burlap flower decorations; it’due south a blend of traditional and coincidental. The ribbon belt is handy non just for aesthetic purposes but it gives you a spot to necktie the rings to and the ring bearer a spot to slide their hand under for a more than secure grip. Yous won’t accept to add your own elastic band or addition for them to grasp.

Cons:Unfortunately there aren’t whatsoever alternate styles or designs to choose from. Also keep in mind that the combination of burlap and lace increases the risk of the rings snagging on loose threads.

Lesser Line:Rustic, farmhouse-style weddings are all the rage right now. If that’south the theme you’re going for, you’ll desire to ensure that all your decorations and details will friction match your vision, which is where this lace and burlap ring bearer pillow comes in handy.

Pros:If you’re looking for a cute, unique, or creative alternative to a archetype ring bearer pillow, y’all’ll love this “secret agent” kit. It comes with a briefcase labeled “ring security” for your band bearer to carry up the alley with the rings within, plus sunglasses and a faux earpiece for them to clothing. The letters on the case are large, clear, and defined and so your guests should be able to read them no matter where they sit, and the child in question will likely get a huge kick out of pretending to exist a cloak-and-dagger agent or a security guard. They’ll get to use their imagination and their chore will exist more than enjoyable. With the rings securely within the briefcase, y’all won’t accept to worry at all about them falling off a pillow and getting lost, either.

Cons:This isn’t the greatest option if you want your weddings rings to exist on display, and at that place also isn’t a pillow inside, so the rings will exist rattling around.

Lesser Line:Anybody volition get a huge kicking out of this “pillow” when your band bearer walks down the alley with it in tow. The ring bearer him or herself will bask the attention and the pretending to be a “secret agent” or “spy” on an important mission, while your guests will appreciate your inventiveness.

Final Thoughts

If you decide to accept a ring bearer at your wedding, a cute ring bearer pillow is a pocket-sized only key function of the ceremony you won’t desire to overlook. The correct pillow will look beautiful and match your wedding theme perfectly, while keeping your rings safety and secure until it’s time to say “I do”.

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