Crochet Flower Pattern for Baby Hat

I’m then happy to share with you the Lacy
Crochet Baby Hat with flowers

for beautiful infant girls…

I made it with love, like my other hats for babies and toddlers, and the truth is that I didn’t await it to become i of my all-time performers (many sales, lots of views and favorites)…

Lacy Crochet Baby Hat
Lacy Crochet Baby Lid

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But at present, when I look at it, I find it so cute, isn’t it? I’one thousand even thinking about designing a new matching dress and booties.

Yous can proceed and read the free pattern correct on the blog, or yous can go the inexpensive
advertisement-costless Printable PDF on Etsy.

Easy crochet baby hat
Like shooting fish in a barrel crochet infant lid

Y’all can make this crochet baby lid in whatsoever size, only follow the design and make your own beautiful baby girl hat.

I did this chapeau for a newborn with the shell sew together in just 30 minutes. Information technology’due south pretty easy to follow and I recommend information technology for beginners. Y’all can crochet a bunch of these in an afternoon and brand super cute gifts all day long!

You can play with the hat’s colors or with the flower colors, it’south up to you. Possibilities are countless here…

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Crochet Baby Girl Hat
Crochet Baby Daughter Hat

If you lot decide to try it, I’d actually love to come across your finished crocheted hat. I similar to see the colour variations, sometimes I do a lid, and so someone tries information technology with a new colour or a new twist, and that gives me ideas and inspiration for the next i!

Alright, let’south get started now…

Skill level: Easy/Medium/Beginners

Sizes:​ 0-three months

Tin can I make this baby chapeau in whatever size?

Yes, y’all can crochet this beanie hat for all sizes easily, with any claw or yarn.

Just follow the two unproblematic steps below:

  1. First, make a crochet circumvolve (the flat circle) by making rounds until you lot achieve the right size of the hat crown. For case: I made five rounds = 12 cm/ four.7 inch for baby size 0-3 months.
  2. Then, follow the pattern and make rounds until you lot reach the right size of lid height. For example: the lid acme for babe 0-3 months is eleven.5 to 15.five cm, right? I made 6 to 10 rounds = 14 cm/ 5.five inch.

Hat Sizing Measurements:

Hat Sizing Measurements
Hat Sizing Measurements
Materials / Supplies:

Yous will demand :
  • Crochet hook size:3.50 mm.
  • Yarn: wool or cotton in any colour (30g). (I used wool yarn Alize Sekerim BEBE (100 g, iii.53 0z, 320 mt, 350 yds).
  • 1 ball of pink color (15g)
  • one brawl of violet color (15g)
  • Stitch markers.
  • Pair of scissors.
  • Yarn Needle.
  • Tape measure.
  • 1 bow / flower. (yous can see the tutorialHere).
Abbreviations(U.s.a. Terms):
  • ch=chain.
  • st/sts=stitch/stitches.
  • sl st=skid stitch
  • sc=unmarried crochet (Insert hook into sew together. Yarn over pull through two loops).
  • dc=double crochet (Yarn over. Insert claw into stitch. Yarn over pull through sew together. Yarn over pull through two loops. Yarn over pull through two loops).
  • Shell stitch.
  • rep=repeat.
  • sk=skip

Pattern Notes:

  • Chain 2 doesn’t count equally a stitch, and the first sew together should be worked into the same sew.
  • We always join rounds with sl st in the first stitch.
  • If the number is written before the stitch (2dc) work 2hdc into the same stitch. If the number is written after the stitch (dc ii) piece of work hdc into the next 2 stitches.
  • Repeat what is written in the () as many times as it’south written correct after the (). For case: Repeat (2dc, dc1) 5 times. It means that yous have to repeat the sequence work 2 dc sts into the same st. 1 Dc into the next one v times. And you volition get 5 additional stitches past doing that.
  • Brand sure you check your gauge via the measurements tabular array above to be sure your hat fits the child you’re making information technology for perfectly.


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Lacy Crochet Babe Girl Hat (0-3 months):

24 stitches and thirty rows = 10cm / four” 10 4”

1-5​ ​rounds
(Flat circle)=
/ 12
Hat Height
= 14 cm (v.5 in).

Note:​​ In the last round we volition change the color into pink. Make a magic band, ch ii, 12 dc in magic ring, sl st in the get-go st to join.

Round 2:​
​ch two, two dc in the same st, 2 dc in adjacent xi sts, sl st to join.​(24) sts.

Round 3:​​
ch 2, dc in the same st, 2 dc in next, (dc one, two dc) rep effectually, sl st to bring together.​(36) sts.

Round 4:​
ch 2, dc in the same st, dc in side by side, two dc in next, (dc 1, dc 1, ii dc) rep around, sl st to join.​(48) sts.

Round 5:​ ​ch 2, dc in the same st, dc in next, dc in adjacent, 2 dc in side by side, (dc 1, dc one, dc 1, ii dc) rep around, sl st to join.
​(lx) sts.

Round six:​ ​ch 1, sc in the same stitch, sk two sts, now make (5 dc) in the same st, now rep (sk 2 sts, sc in adjacent, sk 2 sts, five dc in side by side) effectually, sl st to join.​(10 shells)

Round 7:​​
ch 1, 5 dc in the aforementioned st, sk two st, sc into the next dc st ​(​ ​y’all should work into the center sew in the grouping of vanquish stitches in the round below)​, ​sk 2 sts, work a group of five double crochets (another shell) into the next stitch, now rep (sk ii sts, sc into the middle of the next trounce, sk 2 sts, work a group of 5 dc sts into the next stitch), sl st in the get-go dc, sl st in adjacent.​(10 shells).

Round eight:​ ​ch ane, sc in the next, sk ii sts, 5 dc in the next st, now rep (sk two sts, sc into the middle of the next beat out, sk 2 sts, work a group of five dc sts into the next sew), sl st on the starting time st.​(x shells).

At present rep
rounds seven – 8

Round 9​ = ​Round vii

At present modify the colour and rep.

Round ten​ = ​Round 8

Lacy Crochet Baby Beanie
Lacy Crochet Baby Beanie

That’due south it!

Thank you for trying my pattern.

Crochet baby hat pattern
Crochet baby lid pattern

I’thousand and so happy when you lot share your finished blueprint on
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Happy crocheting ))


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