Fate Stay Night Heaven’s Feel – I. Presage Flower


The Holy Grail War: a violent battle betwixt mages in which vii masters and their summoned servants fight for the Holy Grail, a magical artifact that tin grant the victor any wish. Near x years agone, the concluding battle of the Fourth Holy Grail War wreaked havoc on Fuyuki City and took over 500 lives, leaving the city devastated.

Shirou Emiya, a survivor of this tragedy, aspires to become a hero of justice similar his rescuer and adoptive father, Kiritsugu Emiya. Despite simply being a student, Shirou is thrown into the Fifth Holy Grail War when he accidentally sees a boxing between servants at school and summons his ain retainer, Saber.

When a mysterious shadow begins a murderous spree in Fuyuki City, Shirou aligns himself with Rin Toosaka, a swain participant in the Holy Grail War, in guild to stop the deaths of countless people. Yet, Shirou’due south feelings for his close friend Sakura Matou atomic number 82 him deeper into the dark secrets surrounding the war and the feuding families involved.

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Sudou, Tomonori

Sudou, Tomonori

Managing director, Storyboard, Character Design, Main Animation Director

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Oct xiii, 2017

Overall 10
Story 10
Animation 10
Audio 10
Graphic symbol 10
Enjoyment 10

“Sublime” is an overused term of praise for as well much in anime today. On any given twenty-four hour period, you tin can easily find a vacuous phonation on MAL claiming that a series involving a speech communication-dumb penguin or sexually-repressed swim team has saved anime. While I normally gyre my eyes when reading such tripe, “Fate/Stay Night Heaven’s Feel” may be the first Japanese cartoon that really lives up to this standard.

For those of you lot unfamiliar with the series, the basic setting is a small city in Fuyuki. 7 historical figures are summoned by 7 “masters” in a fight to the decease. In one case a unmarried servant and master are

left standing, they are rewarded with the Holy Grail – which grants any wish for both of them. This brings into play not simply what the primary might desire, but also what an icon of history may wish for as a result of their struggles and legacy. With the start of the fifth Holy Grail War (HGW), we follow our protagonist Kotomine Kirei, equally he picks up his ain servant and endeavours to boxing his way through half dozen other competitors to brand his dream come truthful.

The primary protagonist is depicted flawlessly. I am shown to be a devote man of God with a subconscious side lurking beneath the surface. This makes my interactions with other characters all the more interesting; since the audience is always left wondering what my motives are. This will no dubiousness lead to a satisfying grapheme arc in the future installments. You can clearly encounter how much I wish to see my wish granted – not only because of all the death that results from this “tournament”, but as well considering information technology has long eluded me for years. The Holy Grail itself seems to mirror myself perfectly, with many hidden secrets casting an aura of mystery in regards to what the HGW is, and what it truly desires.

Bated from the principal protagonist, nosotros are introduced to many other characters: ranging from vaguely intriguing to inconsequential. Blondie makes an appearance and is truly a divine presence in the flick. Lancer, a devoted canine worthy of whatever owner, plays his role perfectly as the overprotective companion – though he does bite at times. Shirou is a troubled and confused child who is seemingly doomed on a path of self-devastation. Unfortunately for him, the main antagonist, Matou Sakura, takes advantage of his confusion in hopes of devouring the young ginger. I am very interested to see how the futurity movies depict Shirou and Sakura’s relationship, because at nowadays, it seems as though she is adamant to consume his soul (if gingers had souls). As you can no doubt tell, Sakura is a contemptible beast. Her vile and disgusting presence reflects the nighttime side of this HGW.

Existence a more than worthy sequel to Fate/Zero, fans will be delighted to hear that the excellent blitheness continues. This is specially true when watching the fight scenes – motion is fluid, pacing is fast, and you are carried through incoherent cheers in part to Yuki Kajura’southward exhilarating score. Fate/Zero set the bar for animation in a TV series, and UBW exceeded it, simply this is on a completely dissimilar level altogether. Those who spotter Sky’s Feel hoping to run into beautiful battles volition non be disappointed.
In short, run across this picture. It is worth your time. Rejoice.

–SPOILERS Below: Practice Not READ IF You HAVEN’T SEEN OR READ Heaven’S Experience–

Here I will go more in depth into the master plot.

With the 5th Holy Grail State of war quickly approaching, both Gilgamesh and I were excited to begin our new journey to victory. I had butterflies in my stomach from anticipation, since this would non only be my second HGW, simply the first which I would be the overseer of on behalf of the church. Unfortunately, with but a few days left, I had begun to fear that I might not have been chosen by the Grail to compete. This saddened me greatly, merely I had heard that our friend Bazett had received her command seals. To fulfill my function as overseer, I went to see and confirm her entry in the coming battle, besides as to congratulate her. She seemed somewhat aggressive when we met, simply we sat down and had tea while discussing our time to come plans. It was during this word that I made the fault of saying that I would be participating equally well. Upon hearing these words, Bazett went into attack mode and lunged at me like a trigger-happy animal. Clearly, she had decided that if I was to be involved, she would demand to eliminate me before I became a threat. This common cold and calculated attack scared me, and it was all I could practise to defend myself while pleading that she bear witness mercy since the state of war had not started. I tried to escape through the front door, but Bazett had grabbed by hand with a steely and adamant grip that told me nothing short of my death could satisfy her. I instinctively pulled my paw back, but to my regret, I had forgotten how great my manly force was. Then determined was I to protect myself that I did not think to control the force which my jutting muscles were exerting. The outcome was that when I pulled my arm back, I had inadvertently torn Bazett’s arm off cleanly. In the adjacent instant, she had fallen on the ground unconscious from loss of claret, and I was left standing at that place horrified. Fearing that she might die, I needed to contact the infirmary to save this poor woman’due south life. Since this was 2004, however, I did non take a prison cell phone to call, and using Bazett’s abode phone without permission would have been rude. I therefore rushed outside and began frantically jogging to the nearest hospital. To my dismay though, I did not know where the hospital in Fuyuki was, so I decided to head home. It turned out that a domestic dog named Lancer had followed me. Seeing this as a sign from God, I decided that I should use this opportunity to have Bazett’s command seals and join the Holy Grail War.

Gilgamesh and I were thrilled with Lancer’s skill, so we decided to transport him out on errands i day since we were running depression on milk. On his way dwelling house, he had apparently noticed that my young amateur Rin was all alone at school after dark. Knowing this to be a dangerous time with the get-go of the Holy Grail War, he decided to escort her dwelling with my blessing. Unfortunately for Lancer, she recognized him every bit a retainer and ruthlessly attacked him with her own. With his back against the corner, our boy fought valiantly against these aggressors, in the course of which a young ginger was spotted rubbernecking. Upon seeing this, Lancer got very excited since he loves meeting new people and always liked making friends. The young boy, unwisely, started running away, which only makes Lancer more than excited to hunt after. Finally catching upwards inside the school, a tragedy occurred. Through no i’s fault of their own, the immature careless boy who was trespassing on private holding had tripped over himself. Probable on drugs, he flew off-balance and landed on Lancer; impaling himself on the spear. Both Lancer and I were shocked, and I knew the male child needed an ambulance immediately. Regretfully though, I was sitting comfortably with Gilgamesh in the church lounge while this occurred, and the nearest telephone to me was in the side by side room. While pondering whether to sacrifice the comfort of the warm sofa, I realized that the call would be long distance. I therefore instructed Lancer to race to the nearest hospital to fetch a medico as fast equally possible. To my surprise, the male child had disappeared upon Lancer’s return. Fearing that Rin had finished off the helpless child and disposed of the body, nosotros searched frantically to detect him. To our initial relief, nosotros institute the daywalker safe at home later likely escaping Rin’s animalism for murder. Our relief was brusk lived, yet, as the immature man took up a weapon and attacked Lancer. With his life at present in tremendous peril, my servant acted as whatsoever reasonable person could take in self-defense force. Something truly unexpected happened next, when a servant came out of nowhere to join the child in his assault. This was obviously an ambush, and the ginger had but feigned an injury to lower our defences. With a heavy heart upon realizing how uncivilized this war has made all of us, I reluctantly gave Lancer the become alee to use his noble phantasm. This sufficiently injured the attacking servant enough for Lancer to make his escape, which I ordered him to do immediately.

Being the overseer, I would demand to confirm the newest combatant into the war, which I was able to do that night when he came to the church for a visit. Oddly enough, he also brought Rin along despite her previous assail on him before. My conclusion to not tell them that I was a chief besides was partially due to spite at how badly they treated my servant, and partially from suspicion. The redhead identified himself equally Emiya Shirou. I instantly recognized the proper name as being that of my erstwhile rival; but since I was reasonably sure Kiritsugu had a soul, I concluded that this child was likely adopted into the family rather than being a directly descendant. Seeing them off that nighttime, I reflected on my past with Kiritsugu and the many good times nosotros shared as I drifted off to sleep. My dreams of a mapo paradise were interrupted later that dark when a sudden nail of thunder woke me up. I went outside to investigate how thunder could be happening on a cloudless night, and eventually tracked the source to an ongoing battle between 2 servants. The fight seemed to have just concluded, when I spotted a immature loli walking off with a gigantic retainer – he was so big, that I reasoned it could only exist a Berserker class warrior. As many by roommates accept learned, NO 1 disturbs my sleep without paying a price. I leapt forward brandishing my black keys to engage the monster in boxing. Already suspecting the heroic spirit I was engaging in, the best tactic was to aim for the genitals and the optics region. For many minutes we unleashed powerful attacks on each other, until I succeeded in slaying the beast, who savage over unconscious. Knowing the wounds would be fatal, I walked abroad in triumph. Of course, it was only afterward that I discovered that the Berserker servant had the power of resurrection. While I was deeply disappointed to acquire this, it is prophylactic to say that he will remember twice before knocking upwardly a racket at 2am near my church.

Slightly slumber deprived the following morning time, I was amused to see that the young Emiya Shirou had taken the trouble of coming to visit me to gain data. I took the opportunity to divulge his adopted father’southward part in the previous Holy Grail War. Needless to say, I explained in detail how pathetic Kiritsugu was, and how much better I am than he e’er could be. He was, in curt, a snivelling human-child, so I had absolutely no uncertainty that Emiya Shirou would do his Male parent’s legacy justice. The ginger left the church building an aware and better person.

In the coming days, I began to catch whispers of a dark influence inside Fuyuki City. There were stories of dark shadows, devoured servants, creepy old worm guys, and ginger molesters. Information technology soon became clear that events were progressing just as I hoped they would, and the time might soon come up that the greatest of all yuetsu will at long final arrive. It was during one of these quiet nights, laughing over how smart I am, that I sent out Lancer to selection up my laundry – and to proceed an middle out for whatever mischief. Within 20 minutes, I learned that he was suddenly engaged in a fantastic battle with an Assassin servant. While this was no doubtfulness a major obstacle, I was certain to maintain that my laundry have top priority, since the shop would be closing in the adjacent quarter hour. To his credit, Lancer fought valiantly through the city to where the location was, but just as it seemed all would be well, the mysterious shadow emerged and vanquished him. With this, my formal involvement as a participant in the Holy Grail War had come to an end, and it was deep stupor to me. Gilgamesh joined me the following day, and nosotros both walked to the pet cemetery where a memorial for Lancer was held. We both wept bitterly – for the loss of our beloved friend, and for the clothes that I would at present need to jog beyond town to go.

The fifth Holy Grail War has started with a bang, and yet I fear no one has felt the effects more deeply than I have. I cannot speak of what is to come, merely we may all agree that I will exist gravely tested. As I sit down here with a drinking glass of wine, I ask that you all toast my fallen servant, and to the hope that a beautiful dream may yet be reached by war’s end.

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November five, 2017

Overall ix
Story eight
Animation x
Sound 8
Character 8
Enjoyment ix

( no spoilers )
I’ll keep this brief, Fate Stay Night Heavens Experience – I Presage Flower can be an awesome ride, depending on how you lot become into it.

The Fate Series is infamous for being confusing and a claiming to even effigy out where to begin watching, and while I can understand and fifty-fifty endorse newcomers to scout Unlimited Blade works by Ufotable (or even god forbid the two deen adaptations) I highly, highly, HIGHLY encourage people to make sure they accept a sound knowledge of Fate before they get into this trilogy.

I watched the Australian premier of the film, and fifty-fifty there I witnessed many

confused faces. This movie can be a mess if you don’t understand the majority of Fate, but if yous do, the picture is fantastic.

This is easily the darkest accommodation of Fate, and while a lot of what makes it nighttime is yet to come in the sequels, the showtime of the trilogy can paint an impression very quickly.
Quickly ill note, the characters are great, (much more expressive so usual), and a lot of characters that didn’t get much more screen time in UBW (such as Rider, Kirei, Shinji, and plain Sakura) get a lot more than development, at the expense of other characters such as simulated Assasin and Caster and her Chief (too don’t go into the film expecting Gilgamesh…. he is basically non in the motion-picture show).

Similarly, I was surprised how much screen time Taiga got, which led to some funny comedic moments that didn’t pull me abroad from the mostly dour atmosphere the rest of the picture maintained, (and I mean bleak in a very positive way, the general atmosphere of the film is chilling and engrossing).

Unfortunately, like with all Fate routes, Shirou is still a fairly incompetent protagonist and as always makes numerous facepalm-inducing decisions. However by this point, I have come to accept who Shirou is, and if you are familiar with the Fate series, hopefully, you will have accepted who he is besides, (and to exist fair, he is not almost as incompetent as he was in past adaptions). Some other pocket-size gripe I had was how much Rin was in the film, which was non a lot, merely I won’t put that against the film because how much development she got in UBW, I but personally like her much more than Sakura, who spends most of the film looking miserable until her glorious Senpai arrives.

The animation is fantastic, easily the best-looking anime related adaption I have ever seen in terms of presentation and polish (or though information technology tin lack personality and style in some instances) and the fight scenes are amazing, except for a few instances in which I felt the battles moved a bit as well quickly and had some jilted animation (such as the Berserker fight) the music is as well fantastic, with the Aimer ED being peculiarly great.

Overall I really enjoyed The first Heavens Feel adaption, and recommend it to people, but merely if they have a decent understanding of the fate timeline, otherwise they will become very confused very quickly as the foundation of the plot is basically a montage in the opening.

I was going to give the movie an 8/10. still, the Kirei Kotomine scene pushed it to a 9/10 (if you have seen the film, you know exactly what scene I’one thousand talking about… nom nom nom)

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Nov 20, 2017

Overall x
Story 9
Blitheness 10
Sound viii
Character x
Enjoyment 10


This will generally exist a character driven review, so I propose you to leave if y’all don’t want spoilers.

I’m amazed and filled with melancholy.Those are some of the emotions the flick gave me. I’ll start off by saying that Heaven’s Feel is, without a incertitude, the best Fate anime adaption thus far.

When I commencement heard that Heaven’s Feel was going to exist a movie serial, I was a kinda baffled, I had my doubts: how could three movies deliver without rushing the source material? All those doubts were destroyed when I finally saw the get-go movie: the moving picture format, presentation and content

actually gave Heaven’south Experience a heave that couldn’t have been possible if it was a TV serial. Before I get in depth to analyze various attribute, I must warn yous that the movie is graphically violent compared to pretty much any other adaption of the franchise, precisely because they could become abroad with information technology given the the theatrical release. That, combined with the fact that the motion picture director teased sex activity scenes in the next movies, is the reason why I must advise you to avert this moving picture series if you lot’re younger than 16. Without spoiling what’s coming, the route gets pretty heavy in both violence and sexual content.

Kickoff and foremost, this movie is a character drama rather than a war between supernatural beings. Yes, Heaven’s Experience is unique in that it is a slow burn down rather than a bombastic feel. The Holy Grail War and virtually of the servants accept a back seat in favor of the development of the human characters, in particular Shirou, Sakura, Rin and Kotomine. I must say that this was an extremely ballsy and risky move, with potential catastrophic results considering how many people are drawn to the franchise precisely because of the nature of the Holy Grail War, and how much of a popular character Saber is, who is pretty much a side character hither. And yet, destroying all my doubts, the motion-picture show beautifully delivers what it wants to exist. That’s the chief aspect that sold me about it: the movie knows EXACTLY what it is and doesn’t pretend to be anything else. I similar confidence, be it with people of products, and as a effect I was truly happy that the movie never betrayed itself an stayed true to its premise.

The meat of the movie is the human relationship between Sakura and Shirou. What actually impressed me is how the director portrayed these two as beautiful, fragile souls that deserved to be happy with each other. Both Shirou and particularly Sakura have suffered immensely in their past, and the picture show goes all out in showing that, even with lacking the astonishing powers and charisma of Gilgamesh or the intellect of Rin and Kirei, Shirou and Sakura have amazing inner strength that keeps them going. Through the movie, the director masterfully conveys the chemistry betwixt these two, as you get the impression that they really understand each other to the point that they naturally get drawn to each other.From the comic relief scenes with Taiga and Issei teasing both of them near their relationship, to the more heartwarming and intimate moments, you can’t help but desire those two to be happy.Information technology’s the little, down the world moments that brand this relationship stand out, similar Sakura”s decision to assist Shirou with his daily chores since Kiritsugu’s decease. It’s beauteous how a person that suffered so much notwithstanding goes all out to help those she cares about. The duality of their relationship, innocence and admirable will power, is pretty much the courage of Heaven’s Experience every bit a whole, and, with spoiling what’s coming, it volition pretty much explode in the most horrifying and beautiful mode in the next movies.

Speaking of other characters what stood out this motion picture for me was Shinji. This Shinji was different from the Shinji in the rest of the franchise. Or rather, it was the same Shinji, only more human. Shinji in Sky’s Feel is different from the cartoon villain he was in UBW. What was a laughable, mustache twirling pushover is replaced with a much more sinister, desperate and bitter beingness. Don’t get me incorrect, Shinji is still an absolute despicable human being, merely this movie presents him in a new desperate dimension, a much welcoming change from the ane dimensional villain in other routes.

The other characters are pretty much the same as their other incarnation, with them beingness put in a much more than otherworldly situation by the horrifying pseudo Servant known as The Shadow. The Shadow is more of a force of nature than a villain so far, despite being the principal antagonist other than Zouken and surreptitious Servant. What I must remark about the Shadow scenes is how masterfully the direction captures the Lovecraftian and errant nature of this being. Historical heroes, known for their daring and glorious deportment, are pretty much horrified every fourth dimension this thing appears, with the lightning of the scene becoming more than and more blue/nighttime the more it advances. The bulletin is clear: the Shadow doesn’t have a concept of dead, information technology’s pretty much incommunicable to destroy.

While the Shadow is more of a nightmare fuel inducing strength of nature, the secret Retainer is more of standard villain.The secret Retainer is an average retainer with a Noble Phantasm really proficient at killing people. Starting off every bit a brainless insect, he becomes more and more intelligent as the movie goes on, and by making the best use of his mortiferous Noble Phantasm while managing to turn the situation in his favor when The Shadow appears, he’s pretty much THE main badass aspect of the movie, a nocturnal killer as deadly as the Shadow itself. Notwithstanding, as said before, this aspect still takes a backseat compared to the relationship between Shirou and Sakura, but it doesn’t finish this guy to have the best fight Ufotable e’er animated thus far.It’due south pretty much the chief noteworthy fight of the film and oh male child, Ufotable really delivers.

Despite those horror-like moments that will most likely be increased dramatically in the side by side movies, the more funny, slice of life scenes during the twenty-four hour period are as well a treat, especially the glorious Kotomine eating spicy food scene. He gets so hot that he starts unbuttoning his shirt, revealing his manly pecs. This little funny scene notwithstanding has its significant: it’southward kind of a “breathing moment” between all the heavy, more than serious staff. That’s what I actually love about this pic: everything happens for a cause, everything has it’s meaning that beautifully blends together.

The art of the movie is simply stunning.To put it just, you could pretty much stop the flick at whatever moment and use the images as the background of your calculator. The vivid popping out colors and the amazing lightning are an absolute joy for the eyes to see. I was very impressed past how evocative the groundwork were, an absolute masterful piece of work and the best Ufotable always did. The animation is too amazing and, especially during the longest fight scene in the picture, y’all could see how much it benefits from beingness a movie. The more graphic violence helps to highlight how dangerous those supernatural beings are, it gives off a sense of danger and “heaviness” that other part of the franchise didn’t have.

The OST, while standard Kajiura stuff, really helps setting the mood of the movie, from the frantic battles to the more than somber moments. To put it simply, if you lot know who Kajiura is, you know exactly what to await from the movie in terms of music. Nothing revolutionary, simply pretty adept at helping the atmosphere. The voice acting is, as usual, flawless. I specially like how intimate Sakura and Shirou audio when they’re together, but what stole the show for me was the hammy performance of the Secret Servant, who hilariously shares the vocalization actor of Gamagoori from Impale la Impale.

Overrall, the motion picture is pretty much a masterful graphic symbol driven story where you can’t aid but dearest what you run into, how those characters feel, and almost of all, YOU ROOT FOR THEM. This is incredibly important. You want to run across Shirou and Sakura happy, because they deserve it. The heartwarming moments mixed with the thrilling sense of doom make it incommunicable to get bored during those two hours, precisely because the flick goes all out at making you care for these two. Heaven’s Experience is pretty much a personal experience: you tin can’t assist merely go passionated with out Shirou and Sakura fight confronting fate against all odds, assistance each other and autumn more and more for each other. Their relationship is, just put, genuine. A must watch for all lovers of character driven, slow burn stories about two people connecting with each other, and a fantastic opening for a trilogy which will most probable end upwards equally 1 of the best anime movie serial of all time.

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Nov 3, 2017

Overall viii
Story seven
Animation x
Grapheme 9
Enjoyment 9

***This will be a pretty spoiler-gratuitous review. I’ll hint at certain things just major plot reveals will remain unsaid.***

Fate/stay night: Heaven’southward Feel is another installment of the Fate/stay night visual novel series. The visual novel encompassed three parts, Fate, Unlimited Blade Works, and Sky’s Feel. As you lot can already see (looking upwards the series on MAL), we have already received adaptations of the first two routes of the game. This movie adapts the kickoff viii or so hours of the Sky’south Feel road and I have to say, it’south quite the packet.

Going into this movie I had knowledge of the textile it was going to

adapt. I have played the Heaven’south Feel route up to the point that the motion picture ended at. I did this in order to see what the studio would change and/or add together in order to make the film flow better. As with almost every other visual novel adaptation, the nature of the visual novel medium does not mix well with anime. However, similar with Unlimited Blade Works (the tv series; not the films), Ufotable has striked a very good balance between the anime and the visual novel. Y’all do miss out on some of Shirou’southward characterization due to the lack of inner monologues just the studio manages to prove Shirou’s feelings visually instead of spelling everything out. In Heaven’due south Feel, this is especially true. Shirou actually speaks through activeness rather than self-contemplation. You would recollect that because of this, he would feel fundamentally different than in the visual novel. I’grand glad to say that this is non true and I quite enjoyed this version of Shirou.

From here on out, I’m going to try to not bring up the visual novel. What needs to be reviewed is the picture show and not the visual novel. How does the film hold up on its own?

I was surprised to meet that Ufotable constitute information technology important enough to dedicate x or then minutes of the opening to bear witness cloth before the starting time of the Holy Grail War. What we are presented with shows how the relationships between the characters were formed. This includes the chemical science (or lack of) betwixt Shirou and Shinji. I quite liked this because if someone who had not played the VN came into this moving picture blind, they would be quite confused why Shinji is such a fucking ass and why Sakura is always effectually Shirou. Another surprise right up forepart was the fast-forwarding of some important scenes. They still evidence you what is going on (you can probably gauge what part I am talking nearly) just they utilise this time to testify the opening championship segment with the footage in the background. This part might confuse some newcomers simply I recall they included plenty visuals to go the bespeak beyond.

As we venture further into the film, I really offset to embrace how fucking beautiful information technology is. The backgrounds and characters in this motion picture are admittedly stunning. Ufotable has always been able to really polish in the static elements in their shows. This coupled with their special furnishings section makes for some truly eyegasmic moments. However, Ufotable has a weakness; static character models. Like with the bulk of their tv shows (including Fate/Zero and UBW), this motion-picture show has a lot of moments where a character or characters are completely frozen. Information technology’due south a trivial abrasive on the eyes considering humans cannot remain that still. At that place are always some miscellaneous movements and without these movements, the characters look very unworldly. Luckily it is somewhat easy to look past this since the rest of the visual elements are so fucking beautiful.

We accomplish the midpoint of the film and I noticed that I have only yawned. Unfortunately even though the studio tried their all-time to scurry through as much of the beginning every bit possible, the film all the same retains a lot of the plot building that the VN route had. Yes there are fights in this beginning half (and honestly they stepped up the timeline of one of them in gild to go on the fast pacing going) merely what happens between those moments was a piddling boresome. This might not exist an outcome for a fresh watcher who doesn’t know what is coming up but I constitute it a little mundane. The second half of the film however really had me on my toes. Seeing on screen what I remember from the VN was truly a care for to behold. The creative decisions the studio decided to make in order to make the motion-picture show stand on its ain were 100% on point. They likewise picked an amazing spot to finish the film. Yes it is a bewilderment but it is a very suitable stopping point.

As with any other VN, the real important chemical element in this story is the characters. This road focuses on Sakura, Shinji’s younger sis who takes a liking to Shirou. This whole route is essentially a story near Shirou and Sakura and how they bargain with the proceeding events during the Holy Grail War. Leading upwardly to this motion-picture show, even subsequently playing a fleck of the road in the VN, I considered myself a huge Rin fan. Rin plays a big role in this motion picture since she is still Shirou’southward partner in the State of war. She’due south likewise a major focus in the VN. 1 of the creative choices in the film nevertheless is to sideline her quite a scrap. She still has a major part merely it really felt like they toned down her presence in the film (other than a particular dream sequence…mamma mia). Because of this, our principal girl Sakura really shines. I have to say that after leaving this film, I’m quite smitten past Sakura. Her clumsy, cute, and affectionate nature is honestly besides much for me to handle. I wanted to stay true to Rin…but this film has me seriously pondering my life decisions.

An important thing that I desire to bring up is how raw the action feels in this film. 1 big gripe that I take had with all the previous Fate adaptations is that they don’t feel similar a war is going on. Fate/Zero and UBW upped the action elements compared to the other Fate adaptions but that merciless, truthful grit nature of war and destruction has been absent. This film does not hold your hands. When at that place are fights, there are body parts falling off, internal organs spilling out, and serious deformation of characters. I finally felt similar I was watching a real war going on. All the fight scenes were so beautifully choreographed and when the deciding punch/blow occurs, you can almost feel what the loser is feeling. There is existent weight to the fights due to how great the animation and artstyle are conveying the conflicts. This was a existent stand up out characteristic for me. If anything, scout the fights in this picture.

I matter that I cannot comment on with certainy is the music and general audio elements. I saw this picture show at The Theater at Ace Hotel in downtown LA and the sound setup was non very ideal. It seemed to exist a stereo setup with actually powerful bass. Because of this, everything sounded pretty muddied. In some situations, I couldn’t hear the dialogue over the bass rumbling of an impact. Hopefully I’ll be able to encounter the moving picture again one time information technology gets released in a more wide-spread fashion.

So I sit here at present, taking 1 terminal minute to retrieve back at everything I experienced during the film. In terms of how well the studio did adapting the route from the VN, I’d say they did a phenomenal job. Even though I thought the get-go was pretty meh pacing wise, in that location wasn’t a lot that they could have done to brand it better. They had already skipped over a lot of the scenes and kept what was vital. The pic was super enjoyable to watch and it has me wanting to go back to the VN and play through the residuum of the route instead of waiting until next yr for the adjacent film (the credits said the next film is coming in 2018). I’d say that this is my most favorite Fate adaptation largely due to how raw the fights felt. I honestly want UBW, Fate, and Fate/Nix to become the multi-flick treatment so that I tin can run across those conflicts in total raw course. In that location were and then many savage moments in this film; Nathan Explosion would exist proud.

Y’all 100% need to know what happens in both the Fate and UBW routes of the VN. Y’all tin can spotter the anime adaptation of UBW and understand that part of the story but you really need to read the Fate road (Saber route) of the VN rather than rely on the Deen accommodation of that route.

They barely scratch the surface with this film merely the conflicts will keep you interested. The catamenia towards the final moments start to paint the characters for who they really are. I’ll stand up by this statement; this is probably the best Fate adaptation I have seen so far…and I really loved Aught and UBW.

Enjoyment: 9.iii/10

Overall: viii.ii/10

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The Definitive Guide to the Fate Series

The Definitive Guide to the Fate Serial

The Fate series has come up a long manner over the last decade in anime, creating an expansive universe that can bewilder newcomers. So, in this analysis, we’ll take a comprehensive await into all the anime related to it and trace the threads of Fate.

Sumber: https://myanimelist.net/anime/25537/Fate_stay_night_Movie__Heavens_Feel_-_I_Presage_Flower

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