Due to popular demand, we are finally making a crepe paper gladiolus! In fact, and so many of you requested this flower that nosotros decided it would be a good Member Make project. As with nigh of our Member Brand projects, Meagan has taken the time to design a gorgeous flower for the states all to make. We have listed everything you need beneath so you tin get ready for our alive workshop on the 19th.

If you lot accept whatsoever questions before and so, be sure to allow us know. Along with getting your tools and materials ahead of time, you lot tin can besides download the flower pattern at the cease of the post.

We’re then gladiolus yous’re hither

We had some new members bring together us for final month’s Member Make! And information technology really makes me and my team happy to see and then many more people crafting correct now. Whether you’re brand-new to making flowers or have been crafting for years, in that location’southward ever something new to acquire. And we’re always grateful to exist your guides and support you along your creative journeying.

With that being said, we can’t expect to show y’all how to brand these crepe paper gladiolus flowers. These flowers are known for their alpine bloom spikes and large blooms. But their blooms can range in size from less than iii inches in diameter to greater than five inches across. The plants can also exist anywhere from two to five anxiety tall and come in a diversity of colors.

Equally you can probably tell, there’s a lot of room for creativity with this blossom when it comes to size and colour. We made our crepe paper gladiolus flowers on the smaller side, just you tin e’er play around with your flowers and run into what y’all like best. That’s what Fellow member Make is all about!

If you haven’t joined u.s.a. for Member Make before, be sure to read the instructions on how to participate. Otherwise, scroll on downwards for the tools and materials list plus the blossom pattern.

How to Join Our Fellow member Make Challenge

  1. Go a memberand — if you desire to meet other bloom makers and get more than crafting tips — bring together our Facebook page for members.
  2. Gather the arts and crafts tools and materials you need for these crepe newspaper gladiolus flowers— listed below. Then download the printable bloom template or SVG file at the finish of this post.
  3. Join our YouTube Alive onJune 19th at xi:00 a.m. PST to arts and crafts this project with us! We volition share the link to join on the Facebook page for members and transport it to members who are on our email list. It will also exist bachelor for playback here once the live workshop is over.
  4. Watch our video tutorial to craft forth with us and create your own version of these crepe paper gladiolus flowers. Yous can use different colors of paper, materials, or techniques; play around with your arrangement; or style your flowers in dissimilar means.
  5. If yous demand some guidance, accomplish out to u.s.a. and others in our crafting customs. You tin also post progress pictures or inquire questions on our Facebook page for members. Make sure to utilize the hashtag #MemberMake on Instagram and Facebook so your project is easy to find.
  6. Lastly, share your terminal version of your crepe newspaper gladiolus flowers with us! You can post your pictures on our Facebook folio for members or on your Instagram page with the hashtag #MemberMake.

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  • Cricut Maker or Craft Scissors
  • Needle-Nose Pliers/Wire Cutters
  • Crimper Tool
  • Art Sponge


  • Lia Griffith Extra-Fine Crepe Newspaper  —
    Juniper, Fern,
  • Lia Griffith Double-Sided Crepe Paper —
    Ferns + Moss
  • Floral Tape —
    Fern & Moss
  • PanPastel —
    Pearlescent Xanthous, Magenta Tint, Bright Yellow Green,
    Bright Xanthous Green Shade
  • Thick Paper-Covered Stem Wire
  • 24-Gauge White Paper-Covered Wire
  • Aleene’s Turbo Tacky Gum

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