How to Crochet a Five Petal Flower for Beginners

I know information technology seems like I’ve been talking crochet a lot these days, so I just want to explain a bit.  Non that crocheting needs explanation, I honey it!  But correct at present, my craft space is under renovation and has no floor, which means 99% of my supplies are in storage, and the only thing I could become to were my crochet hooks and a couple balls of yarn.  And so there it is.  You’ll meet my desk re-practise in one case I’1000 done, and my new floors once they’re in too.  If you can’t wait, imagine how I experience!  For now, here’s a little crochet flower for yous to enjoy!

When I was making hats for my
arts and crafts fair, I discovered that I tended toward adolescent or at the very least, gender neutral hat colors and designs.  Maybe because I take a fiddling boy at home and always despair at the lack of cute boy designs.  I did brand “girlie” hats, in hot pinkish, for case.  But I’chiliad not a (very) girlie girl, and you won’t ever catch me with a hot pink hat.  I’m also terrible at making up my mind, and so I similar having options bachelor for those last minute mood-dependent decisions.  I decided to brand (and sell) crocheted blossom pins that tin be pinned to a hat (or not), and so you lot tin can mix and match flower and hat colors.

One Dog Woof: 5-Petal Crochet Flower

I couldn’t observe a flower pattern that I loved, so I made up my own.  These little flowers are quick and easy to make, and tin brighten upward any outfit.  Or group them together for some springtime cheer!

One Dog Woof: Free Pattern for Crochet Flower

If you’d like to sell items from this pattern or share it with your friends, I just enquire that you give credit back to One Dog Woof.  Please do not repost or re-distribute the pattern in its entirety.  Thanks!

five-Petal Crochet Flower


One thousand size (4.25 mm) crochet hook
Small corporeality of cotton or acrylic worsted weight yarn.
Yarn needle
Pin or Barrette

Abbreviations, in US terms:

ch = chain stitch
sc = unmarried crochet
sl st = slip sew
hdc = one-half double crochet sew together
dc = double crochet stitch

Magic Ring:  Wrap yarn effectually 2 fingers as if to start with a chain, pull upwards a loop, simply do not tighten.  Yarn over, and secure a chain stitch on hook.  Work Circular one stitches into ring and then pull tight.

*Note:  If you intend on attaching a pin or barrette to the flower, I recommend leaving a long tail earlier yous start, and using the tail to secure the pin/barrette in one case the bloom is complete.

Circular 1:  Offset with a magic ring.  5 sc in the ring.  Join with sl st to first sc, pull tight.

Round ii:  *Ch 3, sl st in next sc*.  Echo from * iv more times.  The last sl st will be in the sc you started with.  You should take 5 loops.

Circular three:  Piece of work (sc, hdc, 3 dc, hdc, sc) in each ch-3 infinite.

Round 4:  * Ch 5, working behind the first ready of petals, sl st in the dorsum of the sc from Round 2*.  Repeat from * four more times, with the final sl st at the beginning of the showtime ch-5.

Round five:  Work (sc, hdc, 5 dc, hdc, sc) in ch-5 infinite.  Join with a sl st in first sc of circular.

Fasten off and weave in ends.

This motion picture is my endeavour to show where to make the sideslip stitch after the 5 ch in Round 4.  This is the dorsum of the flower, with the white department being the back of the sc stitch from Round two.

One Dog Woof: 5-Petal Crochet Flower Pattern

One Dog Woof: Pattern for Simple Crochet Flower


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