Persona 5 Flowers to Thank Someone

Persona 5 Royal offers a huge number of ways for Joker to pass his time. Amongst these are a scattering of part-time jobs, granting the risk to make a bit of money whilst boosting social stats. The bloom shop Rafflesia is one such opportunity, where Joker can increase his kindness as he pockets some hard-earned yen.

There are some of import tips and tricks to get the maximum benefit from this task. Here is our full guide for the Persona five Royal flower shop office-time job.

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How to unlock the Flower Shop part-time job in Persona 5 Royal

To unlock the flower shop office-time job in Persona v Royal, Joker will need his Charm to accomplish at least level 2 (“Head-turning”). This isn’t particularly hard, and can be reached by reading books, watching films, or bathing in the bath business firm (particularly Sundays).

One time you’ve reached “Head-Turning” Charm, then caput to the underground passage of Shibuya station from iv/eighteen onwards and examine the magazine stands. Yous’ll have the pick of calling Rafflesia (among others), who’ll take you on with minimal fuss. From this point on, you tin turn up basically any time and work a shift. Information technology’southward based in the Shibuya Underground Mall.

persona 5 royal flower shop haru

Benefits of the blossom store role-fourth dimension job in Persona v Royal

As already discussed, the flower shop is a nifty way of increasing Joker’s kindness, just this can be considerably increased if you plow upwardly on the correct day, and provide customers with the best flower combinations.

On a typical shift, y’all will earn 2 points towards your kindness, but this tin be increased to three points if yous receive a customer bouquet request and select the right flowers. Nosotros’ll cover the specific combinations further beneath, so yous can ever earn this additional benefit.

Furthermore, you lot will earn iii,200 yen on a typical shift and up to seven,800 yen on busy shifts. Busier shifts are on Wednesdays or Saturdays, where Happy Flower Days are in effect, and fifty-fifty on a standard shift you tin increase earnings to 4,300 yen with a correct boutonniere combination.

There are also some bonus scenes where Haru and Yusuke occasionally show up at the end of your shift, giving some dialogue choices that can sneak some extra music notes towards their next confidant levels. For the record, this can also happen with dissimilar confidants in the other part time jobs likewise.

How to unlock the flower store Mementos request

Moreover, there is a Mementos asking chosen “Who’s Been Assaulting People?”, which can be accessed from eight/3 onwards. However, yous’ll need to work two shifts in the flower shop before the request is provided by Mishima via text.

Once Mishima has given yous the request, work a shift in the flower shop once more, and you should have the opportunity to enquire about the culprit. If you don’t get the choice to ask, Morgana will specifically say that you’ll have to piece of work there once again – and then unfortunately, that’s exactly what you lot volition have to practise. In total, yous will have to work at least 3 shifts in Rafflesia to complete this request.

Once you have asked, you’ll exist given the proper noun Taizo Naguri. With this noesis you tin head into the Path of Kaitul in Mementos and take him down to earn a Accuse skill card.

persona 5 royal flower shop rafflesia

Correct flower combinations for the flower shop chore in Persona 5 Royal

When customers turn upward and make cryptic requests for bloom bouquets, Joker will have to pick a specific number of flowers from the listing.

Here is the right combination for each customer request in the flower store. There are a total of
possible combinations – and snagging the right ones will reward you with more kindness points:

Flowers to Express Dear:
Scarlet Rose, Intendance-Nation and Enamored Orchid

Scarlet Flowers:
Scarlet Rose, Care-Nation, Gecko Orchid

Thank You lot Flowers:
The Sweetest of Peas, Rainbow Sage, Gecko Orchid

Commemoration Boutonniere:
Scarlet Rose, Care-Nation, Venerable Chrysanthemum

Small Flowers with Soft Colors:
Justice Jasmine, Enamored Orchid, Fluorescent Freesia

Large Flowers with Niggling Fragrance:
Gold Gerbera, Venerable Chrysanthemum, Fluorescent Freesia

Bright, Pungent Flowers:
Blood-red Rose, The Sweetest of Peas, Stinking Olive

Flowers for Friend’s Childbirth:
Rainbow Sage, Delightful Lily, Aureate Gerbera

Flashy and Exciting Flowers (four flowers):
Scarlet Rose, Gold Gerbera, Gecko Orchid, Venerable Chrysanthemum

By nailing these combinations, you’re in for some more money and some boosted kindness, then it’due south well worth getting them correct.

persona 5 royal plant nutrients

Buy nutrients… until Shinjuku is unlocked

The plant in Joker’s room is some other source of some kindness points which tin can be earned without taking up any precious fourth dimension! Examine the plant pot and you’ll have the option to feed information technology, and this is a priceless opportunity to get kindness points without having to waste a time slot.

If you lot turn up at Rafflesia flower store in the Underground Mall and choose to simply do some shopping, you can purchase Bio Nutrients. Feeding this to the plant will boost your kindness by 2 points – a great way to spend i,200 yen.
Ever make sure yous have some nutrients in your possession.

However, one time Shinjuku is unlocked on half-dozen/18, so you should instead buy the Mega Fertilizer from the flower store in that location. This volition toll a bit more at 3,000 yen, just increases kindness by three points when fed to the plant. One time you’ve fed it, you won’t exist able to exercise this again for a while only only keep checking every time you get back to your room and eventually Morgana will prompt you to give it the side by side lot of nutrients.

Y’all tin can also purchase a volume called Flowerpedia in Shinjuku, which gives some better flower descriptions to assist you pick the right combinations. However, this is
necessary since we’ve got all of the necessary combinations higher up anyway! Spend your subway reading slot on some other book to heave social stats.


That’s everything you need to know about flowers and the Persona five Royal blossom shop part-time job.

The function-time blossom store job is a smashing way to reap a number of benefits. Honestly, once you have maxed kindness and beaten the Mementos request, you don’t actually demand to go back to the blossom shop role-time job in Persona 5 Royal. Though it can feel rather harsh to ignore Hanasaki’s deserate pleas for help via text, so the guilt may get the better of yous in the end…

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