Marigold Flower Tattoo Black and White

Many flowers, herbs, trees, and other plants traditionally symbolize feelings, moods, or ideas. Flower meanings have fascinated people for centuries, and in the linguistic communication of flowers, each has its own particular meaning. Which flower is the best tattoo friction match for your floral inkspiration?


The acacia flower means a beloved that is true, chaste, and pure. This dearest is sometimes curtained, which is why it can make the perfect tattoo, in terms of dimensional symbolism. Alternatively, an acacia flower tattoo also symbolizes dazzler in retirement, so as you grow with your tattoo, the beauty will non fade.



Commonly referred to as the Peruvian lily, the alstroemeria blossom is symbolic of wealth, prosperity and fortune. It besides corresponds to the middle chakra, and is the flower of friendship. An alstroemeria flower tattoo volition allow you to deport good luck in friendship, beloved, and your job.



The ambrosia flower is actually a Greek term for love and information technology stands for a returned, or reciprocated, love. This underrated flower not only has a beautiful pregnant, only makes for an extremely pretty floral tattoo.

Ambrosia flower


The amaryllis symbolizes pastoral poesy. It’s deep colors of red, white, and pink emerging from the center of the amaryllis flower has the common pregnant of pride.



The anemone, with the nickname “windflower,” makes for a perfect floral tattoo. Non only because of it’s coloring of deep reds, blues or white, the anemone flower literally means forsaken love, anticipation, fragility, and protection from evil. Conveying the Greek pregnant of “girl of the wind,” your anemone tattoo will represent dazzler and grace, while remaining strong.



The tiny white arbutus bloom makes the perfect floral tattoo, considering the blossom says, “Thee I love” without even having to speak.



When thinking nearly floral tattoo choices, yous don’t want to discount the delicate aster accents of the flower that symbolizes love. This unique bloom, making a unique tattoo, can  also signify daintiness. Asters are the birth flower of September.



The azalea symbolizes delicate passion and is the Chinese symbol of womanhood.


Bachelor Push

The blue available button is unremarkably seen as a symbol of male person solidarity since it stands alone, only its actual meaning is single blessedness.



The reddish, yellow, and pinkish begonias make for a perfect tattoo, no matter what colour you choose for your ink. The begonia flower symbolizes wealth and happiness. Brightening a room past wearing this flower on your body will bring the same positive energy as the actual flower itself.


Bells of Republic of ireland

Molucella, also known as Bells of Ireland, symbolizes prosperity and means expert luck in your future ventures.


Bird of Paradise

This unique plant will make for a cute and unique floral tattoo. The xanthous and orange leaves sprout from the blueish stems making it announced to really be a tropical bird that has landed in the flower pot. Due to its tropical nature, this flower symbolizes freedom and joy.

Bird of Paradise


Correlated in truth, the bloodshot flower signifies truth and honesty. It also symbolizes friendly love or platonic beloved, and is the perfect tattoo for a love dedicated to a friend or family member.



The blue bell flower, meaning humility, are besides called harebells in Scotland because it is believed that witches turned into hares and hide amidst the flowers. Bluebells also signify gratitude and are associated with everlasting love and constancy.



Well-nigh people know the cactus every bit a hardy plant that needs picayune water to survive, and is very tough to actually kill because information technology is a very hardy plant. This is why the cactus stands for endurance and makes for a beautiful and quirky tattoo, with the dimensional symbolism of perseverance.


Calla Lily

The small white bloom that resembles a light seedling is the highlight of the calla lily which literally represents magnificence and dazzler. Many people as well plow to the calla lily for a tattoo, every bit it signifies holiness, organized religion, and purity; as information technology has been depicted with the Virgin Mary or Angel of Announcement.



Calendula is the nascence flower for October. It is a flower with many healing properties and likewise many meanings including grace, ambition and respect.



The bright full blooms of the camellia flower convey gratitude and love. However, the specific color holds different meanings. Pink camellias represent your longing, red for telling someone ‘you are a flame in my heart’, and white says ‘you’re adorable.’



The carnation is often constitute in many bouquets for woman, besides as makes an incredibly beautiful floral tattoo, because carnations symbolize fascination and deep friendship among woman. Carnations are the birth flower of January.



A cattail that is found in the wild is often perceived equally a piece of elegant nature, and will as well assist instill a feeling of peace which is why they are frequently the subject of photographers. As well as peace, cattails also means prosperity.


Cherry Blossoms

These beautiful cherry-red blossoms are connected to the Japanese culture. The pregnant of the cherry blossom has inverse many times. Currently, the cherry flower symbolizes life, reproduction, and beloved.



Often given as a ‘only considering’ flower, the chrysanthemum signifies cheerfulness and rest, and in general, information technology symbolizes a wonderful friendship. The chrysanthemum is the birth flower of November.



The crocus is a common symbol of an impending spring, since they normally brainstorm to blossom as the terminal wintertime frost passes. Thus, as a tattoo, the crocus flower radiates cheerfulness, gladness, youthfulness, and glee. This bloom as a tattoo will have an uplifting and cheerful affect on your torso’s sheet.



The pink, majestic, and red low-cal shades of the cyclamen flower volition light up a bouquet, and similarly, your tattoo collection.



Symbolizing rebirth and new beginnings, the daffodil has many meanings, ranging from regard and unrequited dearest, to more than bright sentiments such equally: ‘you’re the simply one’ and ‘the sun is always shining when I am with you.’ Daffodils are the birth bloom of March.



Equally daisies mean innocence and loyal love, your daisy tattoo will stand for a virtue and purity. Daisies are likewise the birth flower of Apr.



While many people think that the dandelion is no more than a weed, these hardy flowers actually are built to be sturdy considering they represent faithfulness and happiness.


Evening Primrose

A primrose is the quintessential ‘I can’t alive without you lot’ flower. Habitually constitute in the Alps, the Himalaya’s and in the rolling hills in England, this mountain climbing blossom is delicate and has a symbolism of long lasting dazzler.



Light-green ferns represent magic and fascination. They can as well mean conviction and shelter which is why people may also associate them as business firm plants. However, with the idea of ‘habitation is where the heart is,’ carry a fern tattoo with you wherever you go.



A fir plant typically represents time. The tapered await of the sliced leaves makes for a timeless and cute tattoo.



The flax institute is a great emphasis for filler, or for a tattoo on its own. Typically the flax constitute is seen as a symbol of domesticity, making information technology a lovely gesture of love, or finding peace within yourself.



What flower is amend for a tattoo than a forget-me-not? Symbolizing true dearest, this floral tattoo will serve equally a wonderful reminder of memories with a loved ane.



The rusty yellow colored forsythia symbolize a feeling of anticipation and young love.



These fragile gardenia flowers make for a beautiful tattoo, symbolizing purity, love and refinement.



Geranium tattoos are associated with positive emotions, symbolizing friendship, wishes for skilful health, and happiness.



Despite the fact that they were known as the bloom of the gladiators, the gladioli flower symbolizes forcefulness and moral integrity, as well as infatuation and passion. The gladiolus bloom is the nascence bloom of August.



Gloxinias are for the shy only deep. These flowers symbolize kicking off your love life. One await into the deep flower of the gloxinia may leave you feeling similar y’all fell in dearest with the flower at commencement sight, making a gloxinia tattoo intoxicating.



The heather blossom comes in a diverseness of colors and represents a wide range of symbolism. Your heather flower tattoo represents adoration, dazzler, skillful luck, solitude, and protection.



The heliconia flower is a tropical bloom that immediately beckons, and literally ways, adoration. This flower makes for a perfect tattoo, because the leaves of the heliconia are incredibly centre catching. This bright blossom also signifies pride and sunshine.



In the Hawaiian culture, the popular hibiscus flower represents royalty, power, and respect.



While almost people think of Christmas when they run into holly, this bloom is evergreen. Holly flowers signify defense and domestic happiness, making them a wonderful addition to your tattoo collection.



Hyacinths tend to produce a very large bloom filled with many different flowers and come up in many different colors. Due to the fact that the hyacinth was dedicated to Apollo, the bloom is the symbol for games and sports, forth with a representation of continuance and sincerity.



The hydrangea flower may literally represent frigidity and heartlessness, only the complexity of its very full colorful bloom more oft is used to represent its secondary meaning of understanding a gratitude.



Although the deep bluish-purple flower of the Irish is said to exist the emblem of France, the flower itself stands as a symbol of religion, hope, wisdom and valor. The iris is the nascence flower of February.



When you think of ivy, you probably first think of poison ivy, but the wonderful green variety of ivy that is used in floral decorations really has wonderful connotations including wedded dearest, fidelity, friendship and affection.



Jonquil flowers are often mistaken for daffodils because of their similar blossom, but a traditional jonquil usually has white leaves with a yellow casing near the seeds giving information technology a much different feel. The jonquil tattoo symbolizes love, affection, desire, sympathy, and a desire for returned affection.



This pocket-sized flowering plant makes for an incredibly beautiful tattoo. It is, what many would consider to be, an “old world” bloom. As flowering Kalanchoes all flower for at least eight weeks, the constitute’south symbolic meaning is persistence and eternal love.


Kangaroo Paw

Are you considering looking for a unique constitute that is full of beauty? Then y’all should think most the popular Kangaroo paw for a tattoo. The genus name, Anigozanthos is derived from the Greek word ‘anises’, meaning unequal or oblique. The flower is comprised of six uneven parts which gives it the characteristics of an outstretched Kangaroo paw.

Kangaroo PawTattoo


The birth bloom for July, the larkspur blooms come in a diversity of colors. The Larkspur flower symbolizes fickleness, honey, amore, and ardent attachment. Regal Larkspur flowers stand for commencement beloved. These flowers besides symbolize levity, lightness, pure heart, sweet disposition, and desire for laughter.



The lily is a fantastic bloom, and makes for an even more fantastic tattoo. Lilies represent modesty, purity and have sensitivity and a charm that is refreshing and total of life. They besides symbolize the beginning of life and condolement in the finish of life.


Lily Of The Valley

You lot probably recognize the bell shaped lily of the valley flowers from bridal bouquets, but you may not exist enlightened that they are affectionately known equally the tears of the Virgin Mary because of the sweet innocence the flowers seem to radiate. Additionally, the lily of the valley can also symbolize sweetness, a return to happiness, humility, and the sentiment that ‘you’ve made my life consummate.’ The lily of the valley is the nascence flower of May.

Lily Of The Valley-Tattoo


In Buddhism, the lotus is symbolic of purity of: the torso, speech, and heed. The lotus, while rooted in the mud, blossoms on long stalks, as if floating above the dingy waters of attachment and desire. This symbolism makes for a pop tattoo design.

Screen Shot 2019-04-19 at 3.09.38 PM


Magnolias are unique because the multi-layered leaves of the bloom oftentimes make it announced as if in that location is a flower within a bloom inside. The magnolia is often seen as a sign of nobility and dignity, and in ancient Prc, magnolias were thought to be the perfect symbols of womanly beauty and gentleness.



Although marigolds are available in a diversity of colors, you most oftentimes run across them in brilliant yellow and orange shades, mark the beginning of fall. However, the literal meaning of marigolds is annihilation merely shiny, as they represent cruelty, grief, and jealousy. The marigold bloom is the nascence blossom for Oct.



While about people think of mistletoe around Christmas and the new year, across seas, the mistletoe actually ways surmounting difficulties. This is why the mistletoe is the Sacred Plant of India, and could best compliment mandala ink.



The monkshood flower is a beautiful deep blue/purple flower that is normally known equally the monk head bloom, due to its close pronunciation. However, the monkshood is not a blossom every bit hope as you may think, as its meaning is really to beware or equally a warning that a deadly foe is near.



The myrtle flower comes in a variety of colors and is known for its thin thistles that come out from the center of the blossom. Since the flower represents love, and is the Hebrew emblem of marriage, you unremarkably will see information technology in nuptials bouquets and decorations.



Narcissus blooms are much like a daffodils, simply in a variety of many more colors and with many different meanings. Although its name has close similarity to the word narcissistic, the narcissus flower means egotism and formality, but also a sentiment that says, ‘stay as sweet as y’all are.’



Nasturtium blooms are usually dissimilar hues of red, oranges, and yellows and the nasturtium flower symbolizes a conquest or a victory in battle.



The oleander blossom can come in a diversity of colors, although most commonly, the oleander’s delicate beauty comes in white or pale hues of pinkish. Its literal pregnant is circumspection, which is well conveyed past its frail structure as you will want to take caution when taking care of any oleander blooms.


Orangish Blossom

The orange blossom is a mark of the sweet that information technology hides behind it as the fruit continues to develop. Therefore, the significant of the orange blossom can exist seen as the hidden qualities found inside as it means innocence, eternal dear, and symbolizes spousal relationship and fruitfulness.


Orangish Mock

The orange mock resembles an orangish bloom, but behind this cheerful flower the heart of this bloom symbolizes deceit, only also gentleness and nurturing. While the orangish mock is the state flower of Idaho, this flower is often used to calm on overly aggressive person.

Orange Mock flower tattoo


Orchids come in a broad range of colors, but the delicate blooms usually announced to exist hanging from a thread off of the stem, as if they designed to await frail like but cute. Although the orchid is a Chinese symbol for many children, these highly coveted ornamental plants represent love, beauty, luxury, and force.


Palm Leaves

Palm leaves tin can add a tropical kick to your tattoo collection. The palm co-operative is a symbol of victory, triumph, peace, and eternal life.



Peonies are ane of the near common floral tattoo choice, and for expert reason. The bright colors of a full peony blossom are then multi-layered that this is one flower you are non likely to mistake for some other. Yet, these traditional floral symbol of China— every bit well as the country bloom of Indiana— are also incredibly beautiful in black and grey. Although the peony can represent shame and bashfulness, the peony more than commonly means a happy life, a happy matrimony, prosperity, and compassion.



Petunias come in a wide arrange of colors and they symbolize the colors of resentment and anger, but tin can too say to a special one that ‘your presence soothes me.’



Many people view pine every bit a symbol of hope, but alternatively, pine tin too mean pity.



The story behind the poinsettia is very revealing to its meaning: a apprehensive young man dug up weeds on the side of the road and placed them in the church altar at Christmas, the weeds inverse into vibrant red and light-green flowers in front of their eyes. Poinsettias seem to hold the magic of the holidays, and are the birth blossom for December babies.



The sharp sweet flowers of a poppy symbolize imagination. All the same, poppies also mean eternal sleep and oblivion, making their more popular office every bit a flower to symbolize sorrow and sympathy in a funeral bouquet. However, in Greek and Roman myths, poppies were used as offerings to the dead.



Primroses tin can come in a full vibrant array of vivid and stake shades making information technology the perfect tattoo to represent, ‘I tin’t live without you.’


Queen Anne’s Lace

According to fable, Queen Anne was challenged by peers to create lace that was as lovely as a real blossom. While stitching it, she pricked her finger, creating a royal-cherry-red colour in the heart. This flower is said to represent the labor of love, and the beauty that lies in its serenity. Queen Anne’s lace symbolizes sanctuary, dreams, and protection. This flower corresponds with the crown chakra.



The traditional rose tattoo will never go out of style, nor realism roses. Common for good reason, roses symbolize dear, desire, and secrecy or confidentiality. When choosing colors, while the blood-red rose is nigh common for love and lust, white roses mean purity and innocence, as well as new beginnings. Night crimson roses are for mourning; pinkish roses are for grace, happiness, and gentleness; and yellow roses stand for joy, friendship, and the promise of a new beginning. Lavander roses are dedicated to love at first sight, while coral roses represent friendship, modesty, sympathy.



A simple rosebud that has not yet opened symbolizes beauty, youth, and a middle innocent of love. The rose is the nativity flower of June.



Snapdragons are native to the Mediterranean areas, simply they are now found simply about anywhere every bit the delicate blooms can grow. Snapdragons signifies a gracious lady or deception, as the proper name implies.



More normally known as the Goldenrod flower, the Solidago blossom symbolizes encouragement and growth. As a flower, they may exist given to show support after a loss or in a hard time. It is often thought that these flowers tin can help reduce depression.


Spider Blossom

While spider flowers are very common houseplants, but many aren’t in tune with what they mean when they are giving. The literal significant of the spider flower is to ask someone to elope, but they too signify a general appreciation for passionate love.



Stephanotis flowers are tiny and plentiful, pregnant happiness in a marriage, but equally a tattoo, can serve as skillful fortune when embarking on a new journey in your life.



Stock is an annual flower that grows similarly to irises although they grow in a wide array of colors. The stock bloom symbolizes bonds of amore, promptness, and the sentiment that ‘you lot’ll always exist beautiful to me.’



Sunflowers have long since been admired and documented as symbols for anarchistic beauty. They represent the sun, and accept strong historical ties to ancient cultures because sunflowers follow the dominicus. Their heads face up and open to the sun and reverberate happiness, longevity, warmth and growth, making for a beautiful and meaningful tattoo.



While most people recollect of sugariness pea as a smell, the lovely flower is known for its pastel pea similar shaped leaves and can mean a multitude of things including: expert-cheerio, a divergence, blissful pleasure, or is a kind fashion to say thanks for a lovely time. Sweet peas are also the nascency flower of April.



Tulips, the blossom keepsake of Holland, marker the truthful beginning of spring as their lovely pastel buds begin to appear. Tulips represent perfect dear, royalty, worthiness, and forgiveness.



Violet flowers are small and well-nigh appear bashful in gentle hues of blue and regal which correspond with their true meaning of modesty.



The Zinnia flower represents a longing or empathy for a friend who is absent-minded. They come in very many varieties and oftentimes in bright colours. Perfectly sweet, these innocent blooms were discovered by Johann Gottfried Zinn. Interestingly, his chief focus was the study of the eye, sight and perception.



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