Missouri Star Flower Garden Quilt Tutorial

The Totally Tulips Quilt from Missouri Star Quilt Co. Watch the free quilt tutorial today.

At that place’due south no greater pleasure than sitting outside under a warm, cozy quilt and watching jump flowers flower on a cool April morning. In an unprecedented fourth dimension where all of us are spending more time at home, opportunity has presented itself to allow u.s.a. to accept a moment to capeesh the simpler things in life. When is the last time you truly stopped to smell the flowers?

Whether yous’re inside or out in the garden, adding some bloom power to your next quilting projection is the best way to capture these peaceful leap mornings. Historically, quilters take immortalized their surroundings in their work; stitching things from the night heaven to the natural growth of the Earth effectually them. These six free quilt tutorials volition allow you lot to snip a bud from your very own garden (or maybe the garden you’ve always dreamed of!) and bring it into your home for years to come up!

Lightheaded Daisy Quilt

The Dizzy Daisy Quilt from Missouri Star Quilt Co. Watch the free quilt tutorial today.

The beginning flowers of bound for many of usa are often the reliable daisy! From the Chrysanthemum family unit, the daisy has long been a symbolic representation of the first days of spring. This adorable quilt brings those daisies indoors with the use of either 10″ squares or 5″ squares of precut fabric. Follow Jenny’southward atomic number 82 to learn how to apace snowball corners and add sashing with cornerstones to create this cute project!

Following Jenny’s tutorial we suggest using 10″ squares to create this design, but if you have some favorite packs of 5″ squares they’ll piece of work just the same. Capture the essence of the daisy by keeping your material choice in the same color palette of soft whites and luminous yellows. Marguerite 10″ Squares for Windham Fabrics is a great place to offset, as the palette is true and the delicate addition of florals, foliage and intricate vines will requite your quilt a real outdoor experience!

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Wallflower Quilt

The Wallflower Quilt from Missouri Star Quilt Co. Watch the free quilt tutorial today.

The outdoors aren’t for everyone, some of u.s.a. enjoy the comforts of our own dwelling and are wallflowers in our own respect. With the utilize of the Missouri Star Mini Orange Peel Template and some basic applique piece of work, you lot tin can create a bountiful boutonniere from your very own sewing machine! The Wallflower Quilt comes together quite merely with your choice of 10″ squares of precut material!

Blooming with vibrant blueish and majestic pansy flowers and brought to life with the addition of adorable collywobbles, Pansy Paradise ten″ Squares for Timeless Treasures is the perfect selection for this project! The astounding spectrum of blues and purples in this cloth will create an outstanding pattern that is both reserved and comfortable while still eye-catching and bright!

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Sweet Petunias Quilt

The Sweet Petunias Quilt from Missouri Star Quilt Co. Watch the free quilt tutorial today.

Petunias are a wonderful addition to whatsoever garden equally they are so elementary to care for! The Sugariness Petunias quilt is no different, take hold of your favorite roll of two.five″ strips and you’ll be amazed by just how simple this quilt is to create! Slice your material together and create the illusion of sweet petunia flowers raising their blooms towards the sun!

Petunias compliment gardens so well considering they come up in a rainbow of unlike colors. Accept some fun with your option of fabric for this project and add together an array of colors with Radiance 2.5″ Strips for Clothworks! These gorgeous textile strips feature a bouquet of unlike flowers and vines in every color from petal pink to soft greenish!

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Dresden Flower Pot Wall Hanging

The Dresden Flower Pot Quilt from Missouri Star Quilt Co. Watch the free quilt tutorial today.

The Dresden Flower Pot Wall Hanging is an adorably cute design! This fun piece of domicile decor is fabricated by using the Missouri Star Big Dresden Plate Template for ten″ Squares and a pack of 5″ squares of fabric. When pieced together, the Dresdens form the petals of a fabulous bloom pot! Hang information technology inside to brighten up the room or let it add an incredible ambiance to your garden, the choice is yours!

Keep your textile choices fun and calorie-free for this project to go along that oh-then-cute ambiance! Consider Madison 5 Karat Crystals for Wilmington Prints to capture a beautiful contrast of yellow and blue with the added bonus of some green leaf for your stems! These packs of 5″ squares volition not disappoint when creating this unique dresden wall haning!

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Totally Tulips Quilt

The Totally Tulips Quilt from Missouri Star Quilt Co. Watch the free quilt tutorial today.

For the real flower lovers out there, the Totally Tulips quilt is a bold blueprint that will delight anyone who has the gamble to snuggle up under it! By using a quick and like shooting fish in a barrel method of making one-half-square triangles out of x″ squares, you’ll take this project ready to stitch up in no time!

We tin’t assistance but recollect how darling this quilt would look created with batik fabric! Go wild with Petal Party Batiks Stacks for Island Batik for an eye-opening burst of color and design that will make this blueprint radiate creativity! The best part is, fifty-fifty with this batik fabric, you’ll all the same be calculation natural elements to proceed in the theme of a flower quilt!

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Spring Dresdens Quilt

The Spring Dresdens Quilt from Missouri Star Quilt Co. Watch the free quilt tutorial today.

We just cannot get enough of these ambrosial flower pot dresdens! The Spring Dresdens quilt is total of fun and comes together in an unbelievably easy style using the Missouri Star Small Tumbler Template for five″ Charm Packs for a bloom pot and the Missouri Star Big Dresden Plate Template for 10″ Squares for the flowers! This project will exam your determination though as it uses 5″ squares, 10″ squares and two.5″ strips of fabric equally well as some light applique work! The last result is worth the endeavour, however, every bit this quilt is just too much fun!

Since you lot’ll need the full spectrum of precut textile for this quilt, exist sure to find a consummate collection when selecting your textile. Consider Modern Farmhouse for Riley Blake as your go to option for this project. These pastel pink and black fabrics will add a modern flair to your quilt while keeping with the floral tradition!

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Tell us, what’s your favorite flower quilt?

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