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Flowers in the Attic by V. C. Andrews

Flowers in the Attic by V. C. Andrews

Writer:V. C. Andrews [Andrews, V. C.]

Language: eng

Format: epub, mobi

ISBN: 9781476775852

Amazon: 0671729411

Publisher: Gallery Books

Published: 2014-01-07T06:00:00+00:00

The Long Winter, and Spring, and Summer

Never had our mother spoken truer words when she said now nosotros had a real window to wait into the lives of others. That winter, the Telly set took over our lives. Similar others—invalids, sick people, old people—we ate, bathed, and dressed, and so we could sit downwardly to watch other people living imitation lives.

During January, February, and nearly of March the attic was much too cold to enter. A frigid vapor hung in the air upwards there, eerily misting everything over, and information technology was scary, you bet. And miserable; even Chris had to admit that.

All of this fabricated united states of america very content to stay in the warmer bedroom, cuddled shut together as we stared and stared and stared. The twins adored the Tv and so they never wanted to turn it off; even at night while nosotros slept they wanted information technology on, knowing information technology would so wake them up in the mornings. Even the scramble of dots later the tardily-tardily shows was better to them than zero at all. Cory, in particular, liked to wake up and see the little people backside the desks giving the news, talking well-nigh the atmospheric condition; for certainly their voices welcomed him more cheerfully into another day than did the covered, dim windows.

The Idiot box shaped united states, molded us, taught us how to spell and pronounce hard words. We learned how important it was to be clean, odorless, and never allow wax accumulate on your kitchen flooring; never let the air current muss your hair, and God forbid if you had dandruff! Then the entire globe would concord you in scorn. In April I’d exist thirteen, approaching the historic period of acne! Each twenty-four hour period I examined my skin to see what horrors might pop upwardly any moment. Actually, we took commercials literally, believing in their value as a volume of rules to see us safely through the dangers life held.

Each solar day that passed brought near changes in Chris and in me. Peculiar things were happening to our bodies. We grew hair where nosotros hadn’t had hair before—funny looking, crispy, amber-colored hair, darker than what was on our heads. I didn’t like them, and I took the tweezers and plucked them out whenever they appeared, simply they were like weeds: the more you plucked, the more than came back. Chris found me i 24-hour interval with my arm upraised, seeking diligently to grasp i single, crinkly amber hair and ruthlessly yank it out.

“What the heck are you lot doing?” he shot out.

“I don’t desire to have to shave nether my arms and I don’t want to use that depilatory cream that Momma uses—information technology stinks!”

“You mean yous’ve been pulling hairs from your body wherever they appear?”

“Certain I exercise. I like my torso nice and not bad—fifty-fifty if y’all don’t.”

“Yous’re fighting a losing boxing,” he said with a wicked smiling. “That hair is supposed to abound where it does—so go out it alone and stop thinking about looking childishly neat, and begin to think of that hair as sexy.”

Sexy? Large bosoms were sexy, not crinkly, wiry pilus.


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