Flowers for Algernon Progress Report 14

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Flowers for Algernon Progress Study 14


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Progress Study 14

  • Charlie’s famous… or his one thousand escape is, anyway. The papers run sketchy headlines similar “Moron-Genius and Mouse Get Berserk.”
  • Even long-lost sister Norma gets interviewed for the paper, saying she has no earthly clue where her blood brother could be—she actually thought he was expressionless until last yr, when she heard all about the experiment.
  • At to the lowest degree the papers give Charlie a clue where to look for his mom. He figures out that his dad bailed on his mom and opened that barbershop, after all.
  • Charlie’s still on the lam, and he gets an apartment in the city with Algernon, odd couple that they are. Charlie builds Algernon an crawly new maze, because he’s simply that kind of stand-up guy.
  • Simply then Charlie meets the daughter next door. Fay Lillman is the kind of lady your momma warned you to stay away from, which happens to exist exactly what Charlie wants. She’south then much of a hippie, y’all’d call back she walked straight out of Woodstock.
  • Fay barges right into Charlie’due south apartment, borrows some money, and waltzes out; Charlie is smitten.
  • Charlie takes a trip to see his dad and trim that shaggy head of hair. Matt doesn’t recognize Charlie.
  • Getting his pilus cut past his dad sends Charlie straight downwards retention lane. He remembers Rose threatening to dice him up into $.25 with a carving knife if he didn’t hightail it to the Warren Country school ASAP.
  • Charlie tries to reveal his identity to his dad, just Matt is having none of information technology and thinks Charlie is simply trying to strong him of his three dollars and fifty cents.
  • What the heck is incorrect with Algernon? He keeps throwing himself against the walls of his maze and freaking out. Slow down, buddy, this isn’t
  • Not to worry, Charlie’s got it covered, and Fay brings Algernon his own Minnie Mouse, figuring he could use some female visitor.
  • Fay makes a movement on Charlie over drinks i evening, but it doesn’t end well. They wake upwards naked in bed together the adjacent morning, but Charlie has no clue what happened.
  • Fay tells Charlie they didn’t have sex, but he freaked out and started acting similar a child—Charlie figures out that his onetime self is but lurking beneath the surface.
  • Globe to Charlie: our favorite male child genius spends the day wandering the streets and visiting movie theaters.
  • While getting some grub at a diner, Charlie sees a mentally disabled busboy accidentally driblet some dishes. Everyone but Charlie laughs, because that really isn’t funny.
  • Charlie to the rescue—he screams at everyone to leave the kid solitary, like a boss.
  • Finally Charlie checks in on Alice. They chat things over all lovey-dovey-similar, and Charlie tells her about his want to reconnect with his humanity. Alice wants to reconnect with him, all right.
  • Charlie tries to pretend Alice is Fay to at-home himself down a bit, just it just makes him feel like a jerk. He tin’t go through with having sex with her.
  • And and then Charlie heads right abode and has sex with Fay instead. He catches a glimpse of onetime Charlie watching them in the act, but information technology doesn’t carp him plenty to make him cease.
  • Luckily the other Charlie cuts it out after a while, and Charlie and Fay begin the kind of matter Harlequin romance novels are written about.
  • Algernon isn’t too happy with his Minnie. He bites his niggling buddy and snaps at Charlie. Algernon is as well having some serious issues navigating the maze. Charlie decides to pull the plug and telephone call Nemur.



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