How to Make a Balloon Flower Hat

  Here’s another not bad chapeau from The Inflatable Crown Balloon Hat Volume by Addi Somekh and Charlie Eckert.  I can’t remember the proper noun of it, but will expect it up when I get a chance. Save

The fishing pole and fish is a fun, interactive balloon to brand for kids.  Here is a Youtube video on how to make the fishing pole.  I brand mine slightly different.  Instead of leaving a long tail on the airship that is the rod, I leave a short tail and tie an extra uninflated 260 […]

This is a moving-picture show of the very early wand that I used to make.  It’s very, very simple and can be customized with whatsoever 5″ balloon you lot want for the top portion.  I’ve used a skull, geo blossom, heart, Disney princess, and more.  Here is a link to the Youtube instructions.  This human makes three […]

This hat looks ridiculously large on my model, but that just seems to make it that much more festive.  Here are the instructions on Youtube.  The simply thing that I did differently, was that I used two 260’s spiraled together for the bristles.  Information technology just changes the await of it and makes the beard longer. […]

I actually like this design considering information technology registers a 10 on the cuteness calibration.  You lot can customize it likewise, which makes it even more than fun.  Brand the stem, flower, or bee’s wings dissimilar colors.  Experiment and accept fun!  The video is on Youtube.  A child did this tutorial so it’s not very polished, but he […]

Here’due south a fun trivial 1-airship ram.  Instructions on Youtube.  The ears/horns tin exist a little finicky, but you lot’ll get the hang of it after making a couple. Relieve

Here’s the airship bunny, which is some other variation on the dog.  It’southward a little trickier to get the proportions right on this footling guy.  Instructions on Youtube.

Today I made a figure to go with the skateboard from yesterday, from Out-of-This-Earth Balloon Creations.  But to exist silly, I gave it a Cinderella confront.  Her proportions are a bit off though, and then I call her Cinderilla — a cross between Cinderella and a gorilla.

This balloon skateboard is nice and easy, except for those finicky tulip twists.  At that place must exist a hush-hush to them that I don’t get.  The design comes from Out-of-This-World Balloon Creations by Shar Levine & Michael Ouchi.  I’ll make a figure to go with the skateboard tomorrow.

This is a not bad niggling one-balloon monkey that’due south fairly quick to make.  Instructions on Youtube.

This is a very like shooting fish in a barrel snake to make, but it looks fancy because of the spiraled torso and floppy tongue.  Instructions on Youtube.  If yous can’t inflate the balloon by mouth, you can wrap the balloon around a child’s fingers and blow it up that way.  There are other methods for getting a curly balloon–peradventure […]

Today’s hat came from The Inflatable Crown Airship Hat Kit by Addi Somekh and Charlie Eckert.  Quite easy to brand!

The snail is super-easy to brand, and it looks impressive because of the spiral.  Be forewarned, kids will undo the screw and will come dorsum repeatedly so you can fix it.  How-to video on Youtube.  He adds some eyes and antennae.  It’due south not necessary, equally you tin can see from the picture higher up, but a dainty […]

If yous want to learn balloons, y’all must learn how to make a airship flower.  Directions on Youtube.  Her version is slightly different from mine, but I like hers and volition probably use her blueprint next fourth dimension.

I really enjoy making the airship mouse.  He’s then tiny and cute, and his tail sort of wobbles around.  Little kids really similar him.  His trunk is the same as the bones dog, just much smaller.  It volition take some practise to work with the little bubbles, but once yous have it downward, information technology goes […]

This airship Jack-o’-lantern is easy to make using a dipped bee body.  You can purchase pre-dipped ones so that yous don’t take to make your own like the guy in this video does.  Then employ a Sharpie to draw the face on.

This is a uncomplicated 1-airship crocodile that yous can make.  The merely video I could find of this type of crocodile is in German.  If you just sentinel him, you should be able to do information technology.

I love how this lid looks!  Make a basic helmet and embellish information technology with spirals of different colors.  Fully inflate three balloons of whatsoever colors you lot choose–school colors, sports squad colors, whatever.  Insert one of the fully inflated balloons through the elevation of the helmet and wrap effectually, spiraling balloon and lock twisting at the […]

As you can run into from the picture show, this is a giant lid!  Make sure the person wearing it has plenty of clearance.  Even though it looks quite impressive, once you become the hang of it, the blueprint is quite elementary.  It’s from The Inflatable Crown Balloon Hat Book by Addi Somekh and Charlie Eckert.

The idea for this cool conflicting hat came from some other blog.  I like how you can pose his artillery, so it looks similar he’s reaching out to grab someone.


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