White Flower Cake Shoppe Buttercream Recipe

Make your first buttercream cake with guidance from White Flower Cake Shoppe owners Lauren Bozich and Marianne Carroll. They’ll make it fun and piece of cake to whip upward signature designs for cakes almost besides cute to slice. Permit’s become the party started!

Run across Total Overview

Lauren Bozich & Marianne Carroll

Lauren Bozich & Marianne Carroll

Lauren Bozich and Marianne Carroll are co-owners of White Blossom Block Shoppe, which boasts several locations across the greater Cleveland, Ohio, surface area. They’ve been invited to participate in four Food Network Challenges, and White Flower Cake Shoppe was featured on Nosotros tv’s Astonishing Wedding Cakes. Lauren and Marianne as well teach cake decorating classes in their Ohio shops, every bit well as globally.

Buttercream Basics: Uncomplicated Celebration Cakes – Supplies, Recipe and Template

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