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Okay so I’ve only watched about i one-half of this drama and it’s also tardily to back out considering so I’d experience like I wasted my time but I likewise lowkey feel similar I’one thousand wasting my fourth dimension continuing to lookout man this drama. Anyways …….

1) The beginning episodes with the kids were and so skillful, it was interesting and every character seemed cool. I loved the kid squad as in my opinion, they were better actors/actresses than the grown upward actors/actresses. I wished that they didn’t grow upwardly too early. The female lead is so tiresome compared to literally everybody else omg. It felt like the kid her and the grown upwardly her are ii different people. The royal eyed daughter in my opinion should’ve been the FL considering her story arc is more interesting and in my opinion, she acts amend. The male lead feibai omg, he is and then stoic and awkward like the romance scenes merely await weird. Too, there was barely whatever romance bt him and FL; there was more romance westward/ him or shall I say his twin with purple eye girl. Anyways, I don’t see the necessity of him being a twin like it’s extra misunderstanding and complications for nothing. The majestic heart girl deserved better! The FL’due south blood brother is abrasive as hell and I felt bad for Jin Xiu for liking him but likewise it’south gross bc they’re cousins. Oh btw there really shouldn’t take been rape scenes like the director/screenwriters need to chill. The purple eyed guy is besides annoying similar be your king and stop messing around omg. The other support characters are blah and meh likewise.

2) The storyline is annoying in my opinion. There shouldn’t take been likewise many complications and misunderstandings like everything could’ve been solved in .1 sec if feibai and his twin explained everything. Too lets be real a lot of u.s.a. are watching for romance and the romance is not in that location. The romance between all the characters are and then dull and awkward except for Jin Xiu in my stance lol I felt for her but she was lowkey actually desperate and needed to arctic. I also don’t understand why every single male wanted to be with the FL. Like sure she’s smart and pretty but there are so many other pretty girls like how is she beingness fancied past all the males! it’s annoying, specially when she has literally no screen time with the ML. The political power is meh like you would expect in whatsoever ability hierarchy drama. Information technology’southward but frustrating to say the to the lowest degree.

3) It’south kind of predictable and you lot know the purple middle sister will exist evil and probably deplorable ending. The FL will terminate upwards with the ML bc the ML will probably die for her once or twice just non really. Jin Xiu and the FL’southward brother will probably not have a happy ending bc he don’t love her. The red eyed prince volition probably end with Bi Ying. The purple eyed prince volition probably die or end up being king and distressing.

four) Take my opinions as you wish and I practise non mean to fustigate this drama although I already am but mayhap the other half will be amend so I will definitely come up back and change this rating. 🙂

I am coming dorsum after fast forwarding 20 episodes and I hate this drama with all of my passion.

ane) FL and ML have no chemical science whatsoever like they’ve been apart for and so long and I withal don’t understand why FL is in love with ML. She should exist in love with the purple eyed prince like they went through and then much more her and ML. The cantankerous dressing was okay and funny at first but and then it got so fucking draggy and annoying similar did we actually need ten episodes of them hiding omg like bruh.

two) I have a problem with the FL existence the innocent typical goody two shoes that gets blamed for things and try to be like no it’s not me but doesn’t actually try to fix the trouble or whatever. She but lacks motivation and ambition and it’s like watching a character beingness dragged around by anybody simply everyone needs her for some reason. Not to mention like why does and so many people like her lol, the other girls are like able too. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again Jin Xiu deserved better than that piece of trash. BiYing or whatever her proper name is had a decent story arc merely when she saw her mother lol her mother low primal looks younger or her age so it was weird to sentry. It’south also annoying that she believes everyone and is similar a flower that bends in whatever direction the wind blows. Her beloved story with the red eyed prince was merely weird and annoying like they’re adults they simply need to communicate but they kept hiding their true emotions.

3) Second FL has every right to be evil and I’m glad she’s evil bc at to the lowest degree her grapheme has some depth but honestly she deserves and then much better than FL. I remember she’ll have a bad catastrophe but I’g so ill of FL omg. I’grand so annoyed at how everyone is jealous of FL bc it’s annoying and information technology’southward the roots of all problem. It’s just super cliche and honestly she isn’t that special lol.

4) ML dad pisses me off bc don’t he need the vi kids to make him rex or whatever then why he trynna kill them like what exercise you want bruh?!?! I’one thousand just done with this drama and stupid plot. This drama couldve easily been 30 episodes similar everything was so dragged out for no fucking reason and information technology’s ii/3 done but in that location really hasn’t been much action lol. Too FL is doing cypher for so long it’s getting so annoying like don’t u want to revenge for ur parents? She literally witnessed her mother fall to her expiry simply has to motivation to do annihilation. It’southward annoying that her motivation towards the end of the drama is love and it’s not beingness convincing love like u barely had scenes with ML. I am so annoyed lol anyways I hope y’all don’t wasted our time on this trash smh.

I finished this drama and I want to take back the fourth dimension I fast forward this drama omg I would rather take someone slap me than watch this drama if I could plough back time. The FL honestly I don’t think she was remotely cunning like everyone else was just mad dumb and annoying that’s why the FL looks smart. The fact that none actually died while they should’ve made me annoyed lmfao. Honestly, this drama can go away. I had high expectations but was met with so much utter bs I am so bellyaching lol. I highly recommend that you lot practice not scout this drama and save your time. Doing chores or working out is improve than watching this.

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