How to Make a Flower Sash Belt

Concluding week I shared some DIY Bloom Sash tutorials & inspiration. Concluding calendar week I went to work, attempting to brand one myself, to dress upward a little black wearing apparel I was planning on wear for a wedding I was attending.

For today’s DIY Wednesday mail service – I thought it would be fun to share how my material floral belt came together – and add together my ain DIY tutorial with how I ended up making it!

How to make a DIY Fabric Flower Belt or Sash

First, using the enquiry I did the previous week, I concluded upwardly using a combination of these ii DIY Fabric Blossom Sash tutorials. One from Monkey See Monkey Do and the other from Bromeliad.


  • long strips of fabric [approx 4 inches broad and ranging in length depending on size of your flowers]
  • scissors
  • needle & thread
  • hot gum & hot mucilage gun
  • card stock
  • ribbon
  • industrial velcro

Because my fabric strips weren’t long enough – I cut three out and sewed two together so that I could end  up with one larger bloom and one smaller bloom:

This is a shot of my extra long piece – it was probably 3-four feet long [distressing I didn’t measure!!]

Next, fold the fabric strip in half and hand run up thread across the bottom, forth the cutting edges. I made loops of about one inch:

Every bit you sew together yous will starting time to see that the fabric strip will begin to bunch up. This is OK! This is supposed to happen to make the fabric eventually course a bloom.

Here is a shot of the terminal sewn fabric:

The side by side part I struggled with Big time. This was taking the sewn fabric [above] and forming it into something that looked like a rose or blossom. I ended up taking one end, and sort of just gathering the fabric in a circular pattern. This make take some exercise and a couple tries!

Once I had something that faintly resembled a fabric rose, I went to town with hot glue. I cutting a piece of card stock into a small square, threw some hot glue on it and delicately placed my cloth bloom onto the square.

From at that place I added more hot glue into the flower to make sure it was all going to stick/stay in place on the bill of fare stock.

I trimmed the carte stock a bit and then that you couldn’t see it. Then I hot glued the two flowers to the end of a slice of royal, satin ribbon.

So I used industrial velcro to terminate off the belt. [A lot of other tutorials merely tied the belt into a bow at the end – I idea most buttons or snaps, but had the velcro on paw, and then I just used that. I think I might go back and use snaps instead 🙂 – FYI]

I measured the ribbon around my waist and so SNIP, I cut the stop and place the other piece of velcro there.

And VOILA! A beautiful hot pink textile flower sash that added a bit of modern whimsy to my picayune black wearing apparel! I thought they ended up matching the shoes pretty well likewise! Y’all could easily make this DIY fabric flower chugalug to snazz up a dress or even to snazz up your bridesmaids dresses!



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