Festival of Flowers Greenwood Sc 2019

Flower of the Year Art Showcase

Flower of the Twelvemonth Art Showcase

The SC Festival of Flowers is proud to announce that we are reinstating the “Flower of the Year” fine art contest during our 53rd almanac Festival in June 2020! End past Howard’s On Main during the calendar month of June to see our juried showcase.

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Signature Topiary Display & Map

Signature Topiary Display & Map

See for Yourself Our One-of-a-Kind “Living” Sculptures in Uptown Greenwood!

Take a magical topiary tour through Uptown Greenwood. You’ll see 44 topiaries displayed effectually the Square, at the County Library, and at the Farmers Market. The whimsical horticultural creations showcase the Uptown Greenwood area during the SC Festival of Flowers.

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Flower of the Year Art Competition Deadline

Flower of the Year Art Competition Deadline

The SC Festival of Flowers is proud to announce that we are reinstating the “Blossom of the Year” art competition during our 53rd annual Festival in June 2020! For more than 20 years the Festival featured a talented artist and their unique flower prints.

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Musical Salute to America by the 246 Army Band

Musical Salute to America by the 246 Ground forces Band


Bring together us for our final event of the 52nd South Carolina Festival of Flowers!

Open up to the Public, Free

This amazing
Musical Salute to America past the 246 Army Band volition exist showcasing tunes yous love and sharing their talents and dearest of music.

The 246 Army Band has been performing for more than 75 years. As the premier touring musical representative of the Due south.C. National Guard, this acclaimed system travels hundreds of miles each year presenting a variety of music to enthusiastic audiences.

Through these performances, the 246 Regular army Band fosters the back up of the American people for members of the armed services and their efforts around the country.

More Most the Due south.C. National Guard 246 Army Band

The 246 Ground forces Ring consists of 37 Soldiers/musicians who play in multiple ensembles to create the different touring groups.  These groups offer varied repertoire but consist of a standard ensemble of music of pop, patriotic and prove tunes.

The band was involved in multiple campaigns during WWII and has traveled overseas to areas such equally Guam, the Dominican Republic, Hawaii, Key Westward, and Florida.  In recent years, the band has played for the South Carolina Governors Inauguration, the “Bojangles 500” at Darlington Raceway, 75th Anniversary of the christening of the UsS. Yorktown, “Fall for Greenville” and the “Red, White and Blue” festivals in Greenville, S.C.

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Wesley Commons Bridge Luncheon

Wesley Eatables Bridge Luncheon

Wesley Eatables will host its annual
Ladies Bridge Dejeuner
from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on Friday, June 28th in Asbury Hall.

Ladies are required to sign up for a table of iv and each will rotate to other tables throughout the day to enhance the social aspect of the event. During check-in, in that location will be morning time refreshments equally well as a schedule given for seating arrangements and tickets for a chance at numerous door prizes. A lunch break from 12:00 noon – 12:thirty p.m. will feature a lunch to include vino and dessert.

Play resumes at 12:xxx p.thousand. and ends at 2:30 p.m. Prizes will be awarded for first, second and 3rd-place high scorers and door prizes will exist drawn.

Cost is $fifteen per person.

For information, contact Wesley Commons at (864) 227-7221.

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Family Fun Day

Family Fun Mean solar day

It’s all about fun on Family Fun Twenty-four hour period as visitors pigment rocks, learn drumming, craft paper birds or pot a take-habitation found.

Enjoy performances and storytellers during your time, and don’t miss out on the diverseness of community booths.

The best function?  Information technology’due south all free!

So join your friends and make new ones at Family Fun Day — because at that place’s nothing quite like a walk in the park.

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Garden Tours

Garden Tours


Discover Greenwood’s about beautiful domicile gardens and our very own City Garden.


10:00 a.m. to five:00 p.yard.


ane:00 p.m. to iv:00 p.k.

Garden Bout Maps will also be available at the Arts Center, 120 Main St., between 10 a.m.- three p.m. on Sabbatum, 6/22/xix



Step inside this young prayer garden. You’ll be able to see the freshly planted garden and distinguish it from both the older more naturalized gardens you’ve already seen today. This garden space has been here for years, but the fountain and new plantings are providing a peaceful respite for garden goers. It is the hope of those who are tending it for information technology to provide an out-of-the-style perfect place to sit and meditate and hear the Lord and hear his nature.



Fifty-fifty if you’ve been here before, at that place’s always something new to run across here. Master Gardener and Urban center Horticulturist, Ann Barklow, has turned her entire yard into a classroom. Come hear all about planting natives, the importance of pollinators, and how to become a Pollinator Champion. If you’re interested in having a Monarch Certified garden, you can acquire all near that too. You tin likewise detect out what to do with your leaves in the fall and get great composting tips.

Metropolis GARDEN OF GREENWOOD 510 Due west CAMBRIDGE Avenue

This beautiful gateway is 1 of Greenwood’southward crowning glories. Rich in history, this garden is quite oft the properties for prom and wedding photos. Don’t miss the rose garden, the children’south garden, and fifty-fifty a peanut butter tree!


This pocket-size courtyard garden attracts visitors all year long. It’s minor size and unique shape has many ideas to offer. Small gardens are fun and tin be achieved rather quickly – mayhap a weekend project. Nearby you will find a meandering City garden backside the splash pad. Both are worth the visit.


Dr. Mays rose to get one of the greatest international leaders of his generation. He is the most prominent citizen ever born in Greenwood County. At this tranquility and surprising spot, you volition can bout his actual childhood abode, the Burns Springs school, besides as a museum in his laurels. See the vegetable gardens including bodily cotton fiber plants and beautiful flowers surrounding this site.

(Sabbatum Merely)

Just minutes from the middle of Greenwood, this 75-acre precious stone graced with towering oaks and fruit trees is truly a subconscious treasurer. If you’re looking for a fiddling fleck of magic, then a trip to this working farm is just what you’re looking for. Iridescent peacocks serenade you and perhaps even put on a display of beautifully preened and spectacularly busy feathers. You lot’ll as well observe Swiss goats and llamas. Other displays include a delightful herb garden and a honey bee observation hive. Observe the queen, learn all about what each bee’s role is in the hive, and the dangers of the electric current dear bee shortage. Bring the children for a ride the train. Plus view the amazing model railroad train museum, and browse their antique and gift shops.


With guidance from retired horticulturalist Klaus Neubner, Immanuel Lutheran’south “Medieval Garden” was created to simulate what was a garden would be like during Martin Luther’s time in Europe. You’ll be impressed with how the plants were as useful as they are decorative. Come up take a trip back in time to explore the uniquely decorative botanical garden.


Pace inside this tranquil garden and you’ll feel the power of prayer and the healing sense of flowers. This garden is open every twenty-four hours and beckons visitors to come, sit, meditate, and search for answers to all life’s many riddles.

(Saturday ONLY)
1110 MARSHALL Route

Park in the chief entrance parking lot, and be greeted by tour guides who will drive you by golf cart to the gardens of Wesley Commons. Many of the gardens are tended by the residents. You will see the impressive garden of Helen Bryan, a 92- twelvemonth old native of Abbeville. You will tour the beautiful indoor gardens, and will as well run into a rain garden. The highlight of the bout volition be the Bonsai garden of Bristol Court. Don’t miss this fun adventure!

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Family Fun Day

Family Fun 24-hour interval

Join Greenwood Variety Grouping

Saturday, June 22, 10 a.grand. to one p.thou.

At Magnolia Park

For a twenty-four hour period filled with family unit fun activities!

Take hold of a functioning by a hip hop artist. Be entertained past the magical sounds of a saxophonist and a bass player. Exist swept away by poesy and puppeteers. It’s all about fun on Family unit Fun Twenty-four hour period as visitors paint rocks, learn drumming, arts and crafts newspaper birds and pot a take-abode plant.  At the bookstall, children can select their own books and hear a storyteller. At Beanie Babies and Bears, there will be free stuffed animals. The Dorsum to Nature berth introduces snakes and other treasures from the woods while children use clay and colors to create their ain interpretations of nature’southward bounty.And it’southward all free.So join your friends and make new ones at Family Fun Day  — because there’s nothing quite like a walk in the park. (Sponsored past Greenwood Diversity Group)


Jazz Saxophonist Michael Hudgens

Hip Hop Artist

Poets — Selma Sims and Fred Bassett

Women of Praise vocal group

Hispanic music


Get Growing — potting plants with Unit Ane Garden Order

Becky’s Box of Puppets featuring Becky Becker of Charleston

The Art of Puppet Making with Susie Holloway

Emerald Rotary signs children up for monthly books via Dolly Parton’south Imagination Library

Book Stall — children select books to take home, free, courtesy of donors

Beanie Babies and Bears — more than 75 to have abode courtesy of donors

Back to Nature —learn about snakes, cicadas and other treasures from the woods courtesy of Rusty and Nancy Wilson and Dr. Bob Phillips

Go Rockin’ — paint a stone to take home courtesy of volunteer artists

Story Time with local storytellers

Tai Chi sit-in

Beat the Drums —Learn basic rhythms on the djembe drums

Birds of Peace — Tryon, NC artist Chris Baschon teaches how to weave newspaper peace birds

Face painting by volunteers

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Benjamin Mays Historic Site Tours

Benjamin Mays Celebrated Site Tours

New Mays Sculpture3 11-17.JPG

Notice Greenwood’due south virtually beautiful home gardens and our very own Metropolis Garden.

Saturday, June 22

9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.g.
Sunday, June 23

ten:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Absolutely Complimentary!

Built-in in Greenwood County, Dr. Benjamin Eastward. Mays rose to become an American Baptist minister and ceremonious rights leader who is credited with existence “the principle founder of the Civil Rights Motility”.

The site contains Dr. Mays’ birth abode which was removed from its original location in Epworth in southeast Greenwood County and furnished with circa 1900 furniture. In addition, the site has a barn-like structure that serves as a modern museum and theater.

Visitors will observe a large drove of his books, writings, films, speeches, and personal items. The 3rd building on site is the original Burns Springs one-room African-American school, originally located in Epworth.

The yard surrounding the home site is reminiscent of a 1900s era sharecropper homestead that includes a cedar postal service clothes line, wash pot with rinsing tubs, chopping block, tree swing, old well, an original outhouse, and a family garden. The homestead is accented with a cotton field.

 For further information, please contact:Christopher B. Thomas at (864) 229-8833.

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Men's Amateur & Senior Championship Golf Tournament

Men’s Amateur & Senior Championship Golf Tournament

This tournament is one of the S’s premier golf game tournaments.

The Patriot at Grand Harbor Golf & Yacht Club is proud to be hosting this event and we are striving to make it again one of the best amateur events in the upstate.

The tournament is 36-Pigsty stroke play with a starting select field of 60+ players.

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Bee Buzzin' Bike Tour

Citadel Family Rally

Citadel Family unit Rally


The Greenwood Citadel Alumi Invite you to the Emmett Bulldog Citadel Family unit Rally

All the Citadel fun will be at the Bulldog Topiary in Uptown Greenwood.

Th, June xx
6:30 p.m.

Bring your Citadel friends and family to connect with your fellow fans. This has become a proud fan tradition here in Greenwood during the SC Festival of Flowers and we would dearest to have you bring together us!

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“It’s A Blooming Good Time!” Ladies Night at Belk

“It’s A Blooming Skilful Time!” Ladies Nighttime at Belk

Fix to have a blooming adept time…shopping?

Come out to Belk and celebrate summer and the SC Festival of Flowers with a fun celebration of what’south trending in fashion right now! So grab your girlfriends and visit Belk to shop ’til you drib!

Enjoy special discounts, cosmetic goody bags for the start 50 purchases in ladies or cosmetics, and giveaways every one-half hr! Vino, hors d’oeuvres, and music volition be sure to keep y’all feeling the fun all evening long.
  Come gloat with us in style!


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Pollinator Garden Tour

Pollinator Garden Bout

Join usa in celebrating National Pollinator Week with a special effect touring the SC Festival of Flowers Topiaries and several of the Urban center of Greenwood’south Pollinator gardens.


Your tour volition be led by City of Greenwood Horticulturist, Ann Barklow, of the SC Festival of Flowers topiaries and the pollinator gardens.

National Pollinator Week is a time to celebrate pollinators and spread the word most what
you can practice to protect them.

Bee Metropolis Us fosters ongoing dialogue in urban areas to raise sensation of the role pollinators play in our communities and what each of united states of america can do to provide them with good for you habitat.


The Bee City USA program endorses a set up of commitments, defined in a resolution, for creating
sustainable habitats for pollinators, which are vital to feeding the planet. Communities that participate are provided numerous benefits, including improving local nutrient production and addressing pest command issues less toxically.

Incorporated cities, towns, counties and communities across America are invited to make these commitments and become certified as a Bee City USA affiliate. For more than data refer to www.beecityusa.org.

Hosted by:
Lakelands Beekeepers Association & Greenwood In Bloom

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Music on the Lake - CLG Summer Concert Series Kickoff

Music on the Lake – CLG Summertime Concert Series Starting time

Kickoff the summer on the Lake in style


Lake lovers and music lovers alike will assemble to kickoff the Lake Summer Concert Serial with entertainment by Split Shot. Separate Shot has grown to exist one of the most popular variety bands in the Carolina’s! With the charm only true Southerners tin can possess, they bring their talent to the land with a quick-witted, knee joint slapping sense of humor coupled with a articulate dear for the music.

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Flag 24-hour interval Celebration

Delight join u.s. as nosotros gloat Flag Day 2019!

Hosted past the Knights of Columbus of Our Lady of Lourdes Cosmic Church

The John Paul Two Associates will sponsor the Greenwood SC Festival of Flowers Flag Day Anniversary at the boondocks square in forepart of Howard’s on Master, Uptown Greenwood.

Father Tebalt volition open the ceremony with a prayer and the program volition follow with a featured guest speaker.

Palmetto Girls Sing will also perform.

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Blooming Uptown Live Concert with ELoveation Band

Blooming Uptown Live Concert with ELoveation Band


Featuring ELoveation!

There is no better place to savour an outdoor concert than the Uptown Market place. Join Festival fans as we partner with Uptown Greenwood.

Fri, June 14th
5:30 p.one thousand.
Free Admission

Food and Concessions Available.


This years amusement volition feature “ELoveation.” They are a South Carolina based band that is speedily gaining recognition for their intense musical energy, versatile vocals, sensational style and dynamic sound. The Eloveation feel is a prove is like no other. They let the audience to go absorbed past their high energy and style. Eloveation is an eight-piece outfit with a lead guitar, bass, keyboards, drums and outstanding vocals.

Sponsored by


DavisFloyd_65years_Logo_SimpleDesign 2.jpg

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Junior Open Tennis Tournament

Junior Open Tennis Tournament

Southward Carolina Tournament Level three hosted by the Greenwood Country Society


Trophies become to winners and runners up in all age divisions for boys and girls 10 through xviii in both singles and doubles. Many top-ranked junior tennis players throughout the country play in the SC Festival of Flowers championship matches.

The SC Festival of Flowers Inferior Tournament has been around since 1981. This is a SC Level 3 Junior Tournament held at the Greenwood Country Social club.  Last twelvemonth nosotros had 89 participants merely have had as many as over 100 in the years past.

We play at the Greenwood Country Club, Lander University and Gatewood Club during the weekend.  Each participant receives a player gift, lunch on Saturday, the use of the GCC swimming pool during tournament hours and lots of match play.

This tournament is for ages ten – 18 years of historic period. Tournament Dates are June xiv – 16, 2019.  We reserve Fri in case we need to begin play for the larger events, only play volition not brainstorm before 4pm (merely usually around 5:30pm).  Sat nosotros begin play at viii:thirty AM and Sunday play begins at nine:00 AM and is usually for those involved in the Final Rounds.  Occasionally, we may have to play more than than the Final Rounds depending on what the weather did for us throughout the weekend.

For whatever questions please phone call the Greenwood Country Club Tennis Pro Shop at 864-942-8863 or e-mail



*Mon, June 17 volition be used for pelting day*

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Greenwood Festival Chorale Performance

Greenwood Festival Chorale Functioning

Bring together us!

The Greenwood Festival Chorale celebrates the SC Festival of Flowers 52nd Anniversary with a special performance.

Tickets are $xv and are available for purchase from Chorale members, the Arts Eye in Uptown Greenwood and at the door the evening of the operation.

For more data, visit GreenwoodFestivalChorale.org

This twelvemonth the Chorale presents Comedies & Tragedies – Songs about love lost, love found, love avoided, and love confounded (and avenged!). Songs about the quondam westward, the Blue Skies, and “up yonder”.

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Seussical Summer Spectacular - Summer Camp

Seussical Summertime Spectacular – Summer Camp

Bring together Greenwood Customs Theatre for the funnest kids camp this summer!

June 10th – 14TH
9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Kids Only! (5k – rising 3rd graders)
Camp Cost $150

The Cat in the Hat, Horton the Elephant, and even The Grinch all jump from the pages of Dr. Seuss’south vast library on to our stage for our heady “Seussical Summer Spectacular” summer camp. During the week, campers will participate in age-advisable crafts and activities related to creative and performing arts, every bit well every bit encounter characters from the testify, and learn most what it takes to put on our biggest show of the twelvemonth. Campers volition be invited to perform on phase with the cast of “Seussical the Musical” during the Friday, June 14 performance.

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Historic Cokesbury College Tour & Ice Cream Social

Celebrated Cokesbury College Tour & Ice Foam Social

The Cokesbury College Historical & Recreational Commission, volition provide tours of Cokesbury College from two:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m.  Visitors will see all the recent restoration efforts, both inside and outside of the College building.

Commissioners, acting as tour guides, volition discuss the Commission’south brusk and long-range plans for enhancing access to and community use of the College and grounds.  In addition, Commissioners will hash out planned restoration of other elements of the Cokesbury Community, including the Chapel and the original General Store and Post Office buildings which are located across the street from the College.

Cokesbury College was congenital in 1854 and opened equally one of the earliest Masonic Female Collegiate Institutes in the rural southeast.  Cokesbury College is the centerpiece of the original 19th century utopian Cokesbury Community.  The Higher building and grounds are listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and are maintained and managed past the Cokesbury Higher Historical and Recreational Committee.

Historic Cokesbury College

Although Cokesbury feels a bit “off the beaten path” today, information technology was once one of the most prominent communities in the upper part of South Carolina. At its peak, it was a thriving hub of education for the entire country, and many influential S Carolinians called information technology abode. From Tabernacle to Cokesbury The story of Cokesbury began when visionaries in the Tabernacle Community decided to build a new school. After much deliberation, a public meeting was held on July 4, 1824 to promote the idea of develop-ing a new village around the new school’due south location. The name of the new village: Mountain Ariel.

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Topiaries & Tastings Wine Walk

Topiaries & Tastings Wine Walk

wine drinkers.jpg

Join us for our 10th Annual Topiaries and Tastings Vino Walk in Uptown Greenwood.

You’ll taste some of the most exceptional wines at our local Uptown merchants while strolling among our Signature Topiary Display. This fun and lively wine walk is a Festival favorite.

Wine Tasting stops include:

  • Atlantic Bay Mortgage

  • Blossom Shoes and Such

  • David Lindsey Clothier

  • Flynn’s On Maxwell Uptown Vino & Beer

  • Chief & Maxwell

  • Master Street Market

  • ReVamp Studio

  • The Spa On Maxwell

  • Sugar Bazaar

  • Sweet Teas Children’s Bazaar

  • Thayers

  • Call up Tank on Main

  • The Museum

  • The Vintage Vault

  • Voila Conjugal and Formal

  • Wade’s on Waller

WINE WALK TICKETS: $25 in advance, $35 week of event. Includes souvenir wine glass

Tickets on Sale at Flynn’s on Maxwell Uptown Vino & Beer, 120 Maxwell Avenue, 864-223-9463 or the Greenwood SC Chamber of Commerce, 110 Phoenix Street, 864-889-9314.

Cheque-IN: the Plaza at 323 Main Street for wrist band, your wine drinking glass and wine walk map.

NOTE: You must be 21 or over and prove an ID. According to our city ordinances, nosotros crave that you consume your tasting in the businesses. Walking with any wine in your drinking glass is strictly prohibited on the sidewalks or streets. We greatly appreciate your cooperation and contributing to a fun and enjoyable evening tasting wines provided by the SC wineries and Flynn’due south on Maxwell in our beautiful Uptown among the topiaries. Drink responsibly.
Thank you!

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Topiaries & Tastings Beer Garden

Topiaries & Tastings Beer Garden


Join the states for our Inaugural Topiaries and Tastings Beer Garden.

At the Beer Garden yous’ll feel locally brewed beers from Skillful Times Brewery. This garden will feature music, finger foods, and a feel good environment to hang with old friends and make new ones.

Beer Garden Tickets: $20 in advance, $30 week of consequence. Includes souvenir beer glass

Stop by Greenwood SC Chamber of Commerce, 110 Phoenix Street, 864-889-9314

Flynn’s On Maxwell Vino & Beer, 120 Maxwell Ave, 864-223-9463

Beer Garden Registration/Cheque-In begins at five:00 p.g. beside Buffalo Grill, 324 Main St. in Uptown Greenwood.

Annotation: You must be 21 or over and bear witness an ID. According to our city ordinances, we require that y’all consume your tasting in the garden. Walking with any beer in your glass is strictly prohibited on the sidewalks or streets. We greatly capeesh your cooperation and contributing to a fun and enjoyable evening tasting local beers provided by Good Times Brewery in our beautiful Uptown. Drink responsibly.

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Life of Honey Bees Observation Hive

Life of Honey Bees Observation Hive



Come join the Lakeland Beekeepers at Emerald Farm for a fun and educational day!

An observation hive will be set for you to catch a glimpse of the life of a beloved bee. Find the queen bee without the worry of getting stung! See and learn about the equipment that the beekeepers utilise in their apiary. You volition exist amazed with what these little bees can accomplish in their short life.

Questions are welcome during the event!

Join the fun, visit the farm, and ride the Emerald Farm Limited. Pick upward some honey, plants, bird houses or chiliad art too!

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48th Annual Emerald City AACA Auto Show

48th Almanac Emerald City AACA Auto Show

This effect was rescheduled for September. Please contact the Emerald City Region, AACA for more data.

Hosted past Emerald City Region, AACA
Benefits Greenwood County Veterans Memorial
Pre-registration for Vehicles – $15, Mean solar day of Show – $20

Top 20 Trophies Awarded past Pop Vote of Show Participants, Club Participation Award.  Club Judged: Longest distance, All-time Pigment, Best Interior, All-time Truck, Best Orphan, Best Vintage (Pre-WWll), Best Chevrolet, Best Mopar, All-time Ford, Best Foreign Car, Best of Show.

Registration from 9:30 a.m. – 12 noon.

Goodie bags to showtime 50 entries–first come, first served.

To register mail registration course to: Michael Johnson, 116 Crabapple Fashion, Greenwood, SC 29649.

For more information contact: Lewis, 864-227-3446, Jim, 864-506-3042 or Eric, 864-223-0541.
All cars and trucks welcome! 50/l Drawing Raffle, prizes and music!

Free for spectators.


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Kidfest 2019

Kidfest 2019

Due to the Rain FORECAST:
Kidfest along with The Butterfly Encounter, Juried Arts & Crafts Show and Photography Exhibit will be at the James Medford Family Result Heart at Piedmont Technical Higher.
620 N Emerald Road, Greenwood, SC

Fun and Entertainment for the Whole Family!

(CANCELLED) Chalk it upward Sidewalk Chalk Art Competition
8:00 a.thou. – 10:00 a.thou., Uptown Greenwood, Oregon Ave.
All ages/categories/talent levels!

Come up Experience The Butterfly Encounter!

Feed” and enjoy six unlike butterfly species – hundreds flying around.

The Butterfly Run across is not merely an interactive, walk-through exhibit only it likewise provides educational demonstrations. You lot and your family unit will get to encounter the lifecycle of a butterfly from egg to adult. Y’all’ll also learn how to set up a cleaved wing.


A Crowd Favorite: Wildlife Geeks, Chuck Alberding


Shows at 1:thirty p.m. & three:thirty p.m. at the Museum, 106 Master St.

Relish the
Wild fauna Geeks, Chuck Alberding,
showcasing an incredible multifariousness animals for the kids to experience and detect! Chuck introduces his entourage of mammals, snakes, reptiles, and amphibians to kids of all ages. His presentation focuses on the unique characteristics and habitat of the animals as well every bit the importance of conservation of all species. Don’t forget to join us for the rest of Kidfest at Piedmont Tech’s Medford Center that will likewise include karate demonstrations, dance performances, activities, exhibits, and face painting for your kids to enjoy.

Teacher Collage.jpg

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5K Run & 1 Mile Fun Run

5K Run & 1 Mile Fun Run

Join united states for one of the most fun 5K runs and 1 mile fun run!

Saturday, June 8th, 2019

Yous will commencement out from the soccer field, then keep the Capsugel/LONZA track, and and so out to the Greenwood Track to Trails and back.

5k Certified Course: Capsugel/LONZA Running Track & Greenwood Rails to Trails / Timing by: Racing Toes

$ Cash Prizes $

Overall Winning Male/Female person & Masters Male/Female Winners will receive $100.
2d Place winners will receive $fifty.

Race Package Pick-up:

vi:15 a.m. at the Jeff May Sports Complex

Entry Fee:

if received past
June 1, 2019 online or by mail.

if received
June ii-Solar day of
Event (Cash or Check just)

T-shirts guaranteed to all pre-registrants thru June i, 2019.

“Feel the Fun” at our 5K run and 1 mile fun run/walk with greenbacks prizes! The 5k starts at Lander’s soccer field, loops around the Capsugel/LONZA track, downwardly the Greenwood Rails-to-Trails and back. Our i mile walk and kids run starts and finishes on the soccer field, making a lap around the runway. T-shirts guaranteed to all pre-registrants thru June 1st.

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GCT Performance "Seussical the Musical"

GCT Performance “Seussical the Musical”

Greenwood Community Theatre Presents


Dates and Bear witness Times: June 7 – 23

June 7, fourteen, 21, & 22 at seven:30 p.m.
June eight, 9, xv, xvi, & 23 at two:00 p.thousand.


Adults $25, Seniors/Military $24, Students and Children $15
Phone call the box office at 864-229-5704 or visit Greenwood Community Theatre.

Tony winners, Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty, loving bring to life all of our Dr. Seuss favorites. The Cat in the Lid tells the story of Horton, an elephant who discovers a speck of dust that contains the Whos, including Jojo. Although Horton faces ridicule, the intrepid Gertrude McFuzz never loses faith in him. Ultimately, the powers of friendship, loyalty, family unit and community are challenged and emerge triumphant. Presented by Bacot and Padgett.



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Clemson Tiger Team Fan Night

Clemson Tiger Team Fan Night

The Greater Greenwood Clemson Lodge Invites you to Tiger Team Fan Evening!

All the C-Fifty-E-Grand-Due south-O-North fun volition exist at the Tiger Topiary in Uptown Greenwood.

Friday, June vii
7:00 p.m.

Let’s Celebrate the 2018 National Campions!

This has get a proud Clemson fan tradition here in Greenwood during the SC Festival of Flowers and we would love to have you lot join usa!

The Tiger, Clemson Cheerleaders and Clemson celebrities will be joining us for this fantastic event.  Yous do not want to miss the take a chance to visit with our Clemson guests!  Come out and bring your family and friends and bear witness your Clemson pride!

The Greater Greenwood Clemson Gild will be selling a licensed one of a kind Clemson gray curt sleeve t-shirt that depicts Clemson’s 3 National Championships: 1981, 2016, and 2018.  Nosotros only have adult sizes in the t-shirt and all t-shirts are $25 each.  We will be able to accept cash, checks or credit cards for payment.

DJ Jerry Stevens will kick off the party and facepainting will be provided!

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Music at the Medford Center

Music at the Medford Heart

New Location (due to pelting):  PTC’s, Medford Center, 620 North. Emerald Route

Wipe Away the Rainy Day Blues with some tunes at the Festival’s Arts & Crafts Evidence

Take Your Tiffin Intermission at PTC and Check Out our Crafters and Local Entertainers….

Free Access

Food and Concessions Available.

Friday’southward Line Up :

  • x am – 2 pm      Trio of Jake Bartley, Ashby Stokes, & Keller Ridgeway

  • ii-4 pm                  Becky Greene

Sat’s Line Upward:

  • Sat 2 – 4 pm       Chris Hardy (from Aiken area)


This years entertainment volition feature “ELoveation.” They are a S Carolina based band that is quickly gaining recognition for their intense musical energy, versatile vocals, sensational mode and dynamic sound. The Eloveation feel is a show is like no other. They allow the audience to become captivated by their loftier energy and way. Eloveation is an eight-piece outfit with a lead guitar, bass, keyboards, drums and outstanding vocals.

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Sumber: https://scfestivalofflowers.org/calendar

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