5 Petal Flower Template Free Printable

Please read before you lot download

On this folio y’all will discover all the nine newspaper blossom templates I accept shared and so far. Merely there are a few things I need to point out in case you lot get lost on how to utilize them.

  • The templates were designed to fit an A4 sail of paper (210mm x 297mm/ 8.27″x 11.69″) Simply you can too print them on US Alphabetic character size which is slightly different (215.9mm x 279.4mm/ 8.5″ten xi″) by fitting to size  or download the appropriate size as in indicated in the download links provided nether each picture of the petal designs.
  • The templates used in my YouTube videos were printed on a smaller canvas, a 1/four of A4 called A6. Alternatively download the appropriate seize every bit indicated in the download link provided under each motion picture of the petal design yous want.
  • Not all the templates have tutorials yet. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to become notified when i make more projects. Be sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook to stay updated on my projects likewise.
  • Please visit the FAQ page to read my answers. If your question hasn’t been answered, contact me and i will write it upwards when i get the chance.

Click on the highlighted words to download the template. Happy Crafting!!!

Rounded tip petals

Petal Design i (A4 size)

Petal Design 1 (Us Letter Size)

Petal Design ane (Video Tutorial size)

Projects made using petal design 1 include:

Y’all tin lookout man tutorials for all these flowers on my YouTube Aqueduct

pointy petals

Petal Pattern 2 (A4 Size)

Petal Design two (United states of america Letter Size)

Petal Pattern ii (Video Tutorial size)

Projects made using template pattern number 2 include:

You can watch tutorials for these two flowers on my YouTube Channel

scalloped petals

Petal Design 3 (A4 size)

Petal Pattern iii (Us Letter Size)

Petal Design 3 (Video Tutorial size)

I fabricated a flower with this template design but i have not even so uploaded a video for it

Agatha Paper Blossom

smooth triangular tip

Petal Design iv (A4 size)

Petal Pattern 4 (US Letter Size)

Petal Design four (Video Tutorial size)

Projects for petal design 4 include:

You tin can lookout man tutorials for these two flowers on my YouTube Channel

cone shaped petals

Petal Design 5 (A4 size)

Petal Design v (U.s.a. Alphabetic character Size)

Petal Design 5 (Video Tutorial size)

Projects made using petal pattern number 5 include

You can sentry tutorials for all these flowers on my YouTube Aqueduct

heart shaped petals

Petal Design half-dozen (A4 Size)

Petal Pattern 6 (U.s. Letter Size)

Petal Design half-dozen (Video Tutorial size)

I made some flowers for this template some time back, i will have to recreate them before i share.

Diamond shaped petals

Petal Design seven (A4 Size)

Petal Design vii (US Letter Size)

Petal Design 7 (Video Tutorial size)

Designs for this template all the same to exist shared.

petal design 8

Petal Blueprint eight

Petal Pattern 8 (The states Letter Size)

Petal Design 8 (Video Tutorial size)

 The flowers made with this template design include:

You tin can watch tutorials for these two flowers on my YouTube Channel


Petal blueprint 9 (A4 size)

Petal Pattern ix (U.s.a. Letter of the alphabet Size)

Petal Design 9 (Video Tutorial size)

PoinsettiaPetal design ten

Sumber: https://anyonecancraft.wordpress.com/large-flower-petals/

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