Monsieur Ibrahim is a l year one-time Turkish Muslim owner of a grocery shop in a building where a Jewish family alive in France…in the year of 1957…

Every morning the family send their 7 year old son Jad shopping only the male child fabricated a addiction to steal a bar of chocolate every time he did the shopping for his family.

During one visit, Jad forgot to steal the bar of chocolate only when he left the shop,
Monsieur Ibrahim
called him dorsum, ‘you forgot to steal your bar of chocolate Jad” the grocer said ,to which Jad was very surprised and replied, ” have you seen me every mean solar day taking the chocolate.

yes the grocer replied and with a kind smile handed Jad the chocolate saying ‘hither is today’southward bar “.. and i have only one request for you Jad, please do not ever steal once more.


On later shopping trips Jad told the grocer, he had taken the chocolate.

Solar day by day a potent bond formed between the former man and the male child.

Jad trusted
Monsieur Ibrahim
and confined to him all his problems

The older man listened attentively and when Jad finished, he opened the drawer of his desk and pulled out a volume, asking Jad to close his eyes and open the book in whatever page he liked .

Monsieur Ibrahim
read 2 pages of the book and discussed the issues Jad faced and found a solution for him.


Years passed and Monsieur Ibarahim became 67 years old and Jad became a young man, and the bail between them grew and continued until the old man died

In his volition the older homo requested his son to hand a box to Jad.

Jad who was totally devastated by the decease of his long time friend walked the streets in sadness and pain..

Years later Jad faced a trouble and he wished
Monsieur Ibrahim
was all the same hither to open his drawer and accept out his book and help him to solve the problem


Simply then did he remember that the box that was left for him by
Monsieur Ibrahim
and to his surprise when he opened it, he found the same volume his friend had solved the problems with within.

Immediately he closed his eyes and opened the book at whatever page,hoping to observe the solution as his old friend used to do.

He discovered the book in a different linguistic communication and he guessed information technology was Arabic and then he went to his Tunisian friend and asked him to read the two pages for him, which he did, and the solution to his trouble was solved.


Jad asked his friend ‘what book is this, to which he replied this is the Quran.

The finish outcome of his experience of Monsieur Ibrahim and the bond they had formed, and the style the older human had shown Jad all his problems could exist solved past this book, The Quran.

Jad non only embraced Islam but he gained a PHD in Islamic studies and his proper name was changed to Dr, Jad Allah Al Qurani….

and he became the biggest propagator for Islam in Europe, more than 6,000 Jews and Christians embraced Islam, thank you to Allah and Dr Jad’s efforts…

Once Dr Jad was asked , what was the happiest fourth dimension of his life, he replied when someone embraces Islam , with the help of Allah and my efforts.

I feel I paid role of my cute debt I owe to Monsieur ibrahim.


In the 17 years I spent with him, non once did he say he was a Muslim, nor did he tell me the proper noun of the book, with which he was solving my problems, and with his patience and perseverance he tied me with the Quran.

He always had a saying. the servant of Allah has to seek but it is not upon him to reach success….

Dr Jad travelled extensively ,generally in Africa, staying there more than than 10 years, and by the assistance of Allah and his own efforts, more than 6,meg of the Zulu tribe accepted Islam.

Dr Jad died in 2003 anile 55 as a consequence of a illness he picked up in Africa,

Ever plant the seeds of goodness and y’all observe later on information technology volition behave wonderful flowers with the aid of Allah.

The story of Jad and Monsieur Ibrahim has been adjusted into a volume and a film.

Link to download the book Monsieur Ibrahim and the Flowers of the Quran in French language


Mr. Ibrahim and the Flowers of the Koran
was originally written in French equally a play, based upon the life of Schmitt’s friend, Bruno Abraham Kremer.

Kremer had asked Schmitt to write a play based upon his life growing up in Paris, specifically the relationship with his gramps, Mr. Abraham.

The play was written with only 1 graphic symbol, Moïse (Moses), referred to equally “Momo” an adult, who reflected upon his childhood. In 2001, it was rewritten, and was printed as a short novel by publisher Albin Michel, the 2d in the religious series “Cycle de l’Invisible” (Wheel of the Invisible).

In some respects, the book closely resembles the novel “La Vie devant soi” (Life earlier you) by Romain Gary under the pseudonym Emile Ajar.

In that book, a immature Muslim male child, too chosen Momo (here a nickname for Muhammad), lives with an quondam Jewish woman, Madame Rosa.

Momo often goes to visit an quondam Muslim human being, Monsieur Hamil, who teaches him almost the religion, after inbound into a grandad-grandson relationship, quite similar to that of Momo and Mr. Ibrahim in Schmitt’south novel.