Stardew Valley
is a perfect game to allow a player to unwind and only enjoy building their subcontract at their own pace. But that doesn’t mean that the game is uneventful either. In fact, there are plenty of events that occur in Pelican Town over the course of a twelvemonth.

During the spring, players tin can feel two holidays, the Egg Festival and the Blossom Dance. While the Egg Festival is near a competitive egg hunt, the Flower Dance is more of a bonding experience between the actor and their fellow townspeople. While the issue doesn’t take also much work while it’s going on, there are some things to note near how to brand attending the trip the light fantastic toe worth information technology.

When Is The Flower Trip the light fantastic?

The Flower Dance being performed in Stardew Valley

Prior to the event, players will go a letter from Mayor Lewis informing them near the upcoming dance. In the letter, he will state that if players are able to find a partner, that they tin can fifty-fifty participate also. The event itself is held on the 24th day of Jump from 9 a.chiliad. to ii p.m.

To nourish, players need to head to the southwest. The clearing is just across the bridge that is southward of the Wizard’s belfry. In one case in that location, the event will brainstorm and in one case it is over, the thespian will be brought back to their farm around 10 p.g. that solar day. If players are looking to ignore the result, they are able to. However, all homes and shops are closed on that day, since anybody else will exist celebrating.

Who Can Be A Trip the light fantastic toe Partner?

Shane agreeing to be the player's dance partner in Stardew Valley's Flower Dance

Because the event is meant to exist romantic, eligible dancers consist of those who are currently unmarried and able to be dated in the game. Unfortunately, players can’t just just arrive at the dance and pair upwards with someone without putting in some piece of work prior to the event. In guild to ask someone to trip the light fantastic, the player must have a friendship level of 4 hearts with said individual. At that place are few ways to get about increasing friendship level:

• Talking to them on a daily basis

• Giving them a souvenir they at least are neutral most

• Giving them ii skillful gifts in a week

• Helping them evangelize an item

• Inviting them to encounter a pic

• Purchasing a snack for them

• Making certain choices during cutscenes

If players have reached that friendship level with the trip the light fantastic partner they want, they but need to talk to them twice at the beginning of the trip the light fantastic toe. Friendship level volition go up a total middle upon dancing with the individual. Players can even participate if they are married and can dance with someone other than their spouse, although their spouse tin can dance with someone else equally well. Note that a histrion volition not be able to participate in the dance in their beginning year.

Pierre running the stall at Flower Dance in Stardew Valley

While at the upshot, players can swing by Pierre and purchase different spring-themed items and recipes. The list includes:

• Seasonal Decor (350 gold)

• Pinkish Seasonal Constitute (350g)

• Yellow Seasonal Found (350g)

• Tub o’ Flowers (250g)

• Tub o’ Flowers Recipe (1,000g)

• Daffodil (50g)

• Dandelion (50g)

• Rarecrow (2,500g)

• Wall Flower (800g)

• Small Wall Flower (800g)

• Ceiling Leaves Variant 1 (400g)

• Ceiling Leaves Variant 2 (400g)

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