Fans of the
Assassin’s Creed

series certainly are not starved for content. Between films, comics, novels, upcoming Idiot box series, a lath game, and near annual releases of the video game entries, in that location is a lot of content for fans ofAssassin’southward Creed
to cull from.

At present fans volition soon take ane more entry into the earth ofAssassin’s Creed
to consume should they desire. The beginning book of the new manga serial calledAssassin’s Creed: Bract of Shao Jun
will exist released in February 2021, though no specific engagement was given by Ubisoft.

The manga which is already available in French and Japanese is being published by Viz Media for its English release. The story stars assassinator Shao Jun, last seen inAssassin’south Creed Chronicles: China, equally she works to take down the Iron Tigers, templars that destroyed the Assassinator’due south Order in Communist china.

Blade of Shao Jun
is drawn by Minoji Kurata and Ubisoft provided a video that gives a behind the scenes expect at Kurata’s creative process. The video also explains a staple of theAssassinator’due south Creedserial; that beingness that each protagonist is actually effectively a memory being relieved by their descendant in the present. Which often has a lot of clever uses in the video games that improve immersion such as the fact that if the histrion were to do something againstwhat the historical figure actually did, information technology’south just written off as “desynchronization” which explains how in that location can be player input and error in something that is supposed to be a memory. Some games, especially recent ones, take messed with this idea a petty bit, but the general concept remains the same.

Some players may be unfamiliar withAssassin’s Creed Chronicles: China
if they take simply been playing the mainlineAssassin’s Creed
was a series of spin-off platforming games with settings in Red china, India, and Russia. Shao Jun’s game was the first one released in 2015.

Shao Jun is also notable because she was trained by renowned assassin of the series Ezio Auditore, who starred in his own trilogy and whose own debut,Assassin’s Creed 2, is considered by many to be one of, if not the best, entries in the series.Assassinator’s Creed Chronicles
as a whole kind of flew nether the radar given it was a spin off and it received mixed reviews from critics. For those that did enjoy the game even so, or for those who simply could e’er utilize moreAssassin’southward Creed
in their life, the English release ofBlade of Shao Jun
should be a welcome announcement.

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Source: Ubisoft

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