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Garden lovers exist sure to mark you calendar for i of the largest flower and garden shows in Northward America, the Northwest Blossom & Garden Show in Seattle at the Washington Land Convention Middle every Feb.

The Northwest Flower & Garden Evidence in Seattle offers 20 stunning brandish gardens,
and free garden and horticulture seminars and workshops
. Yous’ll find inspiring mural ideas, the latest features and products for outdoor spaces, formal and informal gardens, balcony and container gardens, and vegetable and herb gardens.

Whether you are a new gardener in need of sensible advice or a seasoned pro, y’all’ll find ideas, products, fact-filled seminars, hands-on demonstrations, and more valuable information for your next home gardening project, small or large.

Below we include basic information about the testify and several tips for making the nigh of your day at the Northwest Blossom & Garden Show.

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Summer flowers at the farmers market 2011 photo by Carole Cancler

Flowers photograph by Carole Canceler

Northwest Blossom & Garden Show Basic Information

  • When & Where: February nine-xiii, 2022 at the Washington State Convention Centre in downtown Seattle.
  • Hours: Midweek – Saturday: nine:00am – 8:00pm. Sunday: ix:00am – half dozen:00pm.
  • Tickets/passes: $25/adult. Children (ages 12 & under) Gratis. Half-Day Pass $thirteen (entry after 3pm Wed-Sat and 2pm Dominicus). 2-day pass $36. Five-mean solar day pass $75.

Discount tickets & parking for Northwest Bloom & Garden Show

  • Early on bird:
    buy adult ticket in advance before opening 24-hour interval: Northwest Flower & Garden Festival 2022 (
  • Outlets:
    buy ticket at Local Ticket Outlets – Northwest Flower & Garden Festival (
  • Half-day tickets: Half Twenty-four hours Pass $13, includes entry afterward 3pm Midweek-Sabbatum or later 2pm on Dominicus. This can be an exceptional deal since most people spend 4-five hours at the Northwest Bloom & Garden Show. Plus, late afternoon and evening offer the smallest crowds. To make the nigh of your time, check the Show Attractions at the Northwest Flower & Garden Festival ( nd make note of “must see” attractions. You may besides desire to bank check the Seminar Schedule for Northwest Blossom & Garden Festival (; if at that place is a particular presentation you want to meet, you will want to plan your visit effectually those times and may need a full 24-hour interval pass.
  • Convention Middle Parking: It’s possible to relieve on parking when you reserve through Spot-Hero Page.

For more data: Official Northwest Flower & Garden Festival | Feb 9-13, 2022 | Seattle, WA (

Northwest Flower Garden Show preview 2-6-17 photo by Carole Cancler

Northwest Flower Garden Show celebrates 30 years in 2018 photograph by Carole Cancler

Tips for getting the virtually out of the Northwest Bloom & Garden Evidence

FREE package check
located in the center of the show side by side to the Skybridge Antechamber. Y’all can shop to your hearts content and shop plants and bulky purchases here until you leave the show.

Complimentary seminars
are included with your Flower & Garden Show Ticket. Seminar seating is first-come up, first-served. Plan to arrive 15-xxx minutes the seminar kickoff time to be assured of a good seat. Plan ahead to identify the seminars virtually of import to you. Check the Northwest Blossom & Garden Prove seminar schedule on the Northwest lower & Garden Prove website.

Shop the marketplace
from hundreds of exhibitors featuring plants, unique garden products, vintage decor items, and then much more. Have advantage of discounts and special offers during the show. Store beforehand then you know what current prices are and can spot the good deals to grab and the non-so-skillful deals y’all can refuse.

Bookstore and author signing.
Purchase books from your favorite horticulture and garden authors and meet authors after seminars at the Volume Signing Station located near the seminar rooms. Autographed books too make swell gifts for garden-loving family and friends.
You lot tin can besides store for books from by speakers and other current popular gardening titles. More info: Book Signing Schedule at the Northwest Bloom & Garden Festival (

Video and even so photography
are encouraged at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show in the garden and other chief show characteristic areas. However, please ask a vendor for permission before photographing their exhibit booth. And,
no photography is allowed during the seminars.

ADA Accessibility
: The Washington State Convention Center is ADA accessible with disabled parking in the Convention Center garage. The Convention Center does not have wheelchairs bachelor, so yous plan to bring your own wheelchair or rent one from a local company who tin can deliver to the show.

Social media.
Find the Northwest Flower & Garden Prove on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter @nwfgs or #nwfgs. More info: Blog and Social Media – Northwest Blossom & Garden Festival (

Food and beverages
at a range of prices are available from many food service establishments inside the Convention Center and the surrounding downtown Seattle neighborhood.

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Pacific northwest garden -

Lush Pacific Northwest garden –

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Depositphotos_2395479_l-2015 spring flowers photo by xdrew73

Bound flowers photo by xdrew73 – Depositphotos


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