How to Make Felt Flowers Youtube

Discover how to make several unlike and beautiful felt flowers with these DIY tutorials

Just gorgeous! How to make a felt flower bouquet - felt flower tutorial by Melly Sews

Hey y’all – today I’g going to share with you how to brand felt flowers. I’ve posted several tutorials for individual felt flowers, and this post is a round up of all the felt flowers I made. I’m sharing details on the supplies and links to the tutorials for each specific flower, then that you can make your own felt flower boutonniere.

You tin can employ these felt flower tutorials to make a bouquet, to embellish apparel, to add together to wreaths – at that place are so many ways to utilise these! And they’re lovely to have when the weather is cold and the existent flowers aren’t blooming outside.


For each felt flowers tutorial, I drew up the petal shapes for myself and the pictures in the posts clearly show the shapes of the petals. But If you’d rather download a petal and leafage template for the flower shapes instead of eyeballing them from my images, I have the unabridged file for all these flowers available for purchase here for $5 as a digital download you can print at habitation. You can also impress that file at unlike scales to make felt flowers in different sizes.

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To make your ain felt bouquet you’ll need:

  • Wool felt in the color you desire your flower, and some scraps of green. I ordered all the felt I used from this shop. I prefer the wool alloy felt (which is hard to notice in stores) because it cuts cleaner and is softer and easier to shape. The craft felt sold in stores is typically polyester, and that means it is stiffer and harder to shape. You can notwithstanding use it, just know that some of the techniques I apply (like misting with water to crinkle the peony petals) won’t work with polyester felt.
  • Floral wire (chapter link). I prefer the newspaper covered kind of floral wire for these.
  • Hot mucilage gun and glue sticks. Do your fingers a favor and go the depression temp kind of hot glue gun.

Note – if you wanted to, you could use a needle and hand sew together to make felt flowers instead of using a hot glue gun. That’south the method I would recommend if you lot want to make them to embellish wearable. And then either use fabric that won’t fray, like felt, fleece or knit, or add fray bank check to the edges after you make the flower if you use other fabric.

And at present permit’s get to the individual flowers that make the felt flower bouquet!

Stride By Step Crafting

Here are the full general steps to make all of these flowers; for the particulars of each type of felt blossom, check out the individual tutorials for each. Y’all can brand a rose, peony, chrysanthemum, dahlia, and ranunculus.

Time needed:xx minutes.

How to Make a Felt Flower

  1. Cutting out petals with abrupt scissors

    Depending on the type of blossom y’all’re making, you’ll cut petals of different shapes and sizes This image shows the peony petals. Other flowers cutting out strips or a spiral; the shapes are specified in each tutorial.Step 1 - How to make a felt peony - felt flower tutorial by Melly Sews

  2. Shape the petals

    The secret to making the flowers look more realistic is to shape the petals. Petals for real flowers are rarely flat, and so shaping the petals makes a departure. Over again I’m showing the peony petals; to shape these y’all’ll cut slits in them and overlap to brand them cup.Step 3 - How to make a felt peony - felt flower tutorial by Melly Sews

  3. Glue the petals to the stalk in order

    The specifics vary based on which flower yous’re making. This image shows the ranunculus.Step 5 - How to make a felt chrysanthemum - felt flower tutorial by Melly Sews

  4. Finish with a calyx and leaves

    These final touches help the flower stay together and look realistic. Here I evidence the chrysanthemum.Step 5 - How to make a felt chrysanthemum - felt flower tutorial by Melly Sews

Types of Felt Flowers

Below I have the pictures of the private blossoms I fabricated so you tin run into what they look like finished. Each ane is also linked to the full tutorial. Some of the tutorials are in pictures, some are in video, some have both. But each 1 has enough information for you to replicate the wait.

Make a Felt Rose

So pretty! How to make a felt rose - felt flower tutorial by Melly Sews

Felt colors – Fuschia and Moss. Felt Rose instructions here. I exercise similar the style this one turned out, but adjacent time I’m also going to experiment with crimper the tiptop edges of the outer petals, using a pencil and a niggling bit of water.

Make a Felt Peony

Lovely! How to make a felt peony - felt flower tutorial by Melly Sews

Felt colors – Carnation and Moss. Felt Peony tutorial here.

Make a Felt Chrysanthemum

Darling! How to make a felt chrysanthemum - felt flower tutorial by Melly Sews

Felt colors – Georgia Peach and Loden. Felt Chrysanthemum tutorial here.

Make a Felt Dahlia

Stunning! How to make a felt dahlia - felt flower tutorial by Melly Sews

Felt colors – Mulberry and Loden. Felt Dahlia tutorial here.

Make a Felt Ranunculus

Perfect! How to make a felt chrysanthemum - felt flower tutorial by Melly Sews

Felt colors – Fresh linen, Mediterranean Mist and Loden. Felt Ranunculus tutorial here.

More colors!

For the flowers above, I used the following colors

  • Peony – Pink petals, Moss leaves
  • Chrysanthemums – Old Gilt petals, Enchanted Forest leaves
  • Anemone – Peach pare petals, charcoal center, Loden leaves
  • Ranunculus – Custard petals, Enchanted Forest center and Loden leaves.

Promise you enjoy making your own felt flowers as much equally I have enjoyed making these!


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