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My relationship with this drama tin can be described as “it’s complicated”. I watched it all, considering I liked it that much, just my friends who have seen me posting about it on the feeds (I take to thank them for their patience, this was 50 episodes after all!) probably thought I hated it sometimes. Yep, I complained about it that much.

This drama is highly rated, and so I guess I have some explaining to do. That’s one reason why I am writing this review – seeing that so many people absolutely adored this drama, I want to offering a somewhat different point of view. The other reason is that I feel like I want to sort out my thoughts about it.

So, did I like it at all? Yes, I did. Non because I idea it was very cute or extraordinary or annihilation, and non considering I was swept away by the romance. No, on the reverse I found this drama to be very, very silly with too many plotholes, and fifty-fifty though I mostly enjoy teacher/student romances I didn’t feel a lot of “chemistry” in this drama. Part of information technology tin can exist explained by the fact that the man lives in “The Hall of Emotionless”, higher up everything else. Merely still… At first I was disappointed with this drama and thought to myself: “What e’er is this?!” but I learned to have information technology for what it was and enjoy iy as such. I saw this drama as calorie-free and fun, not a comedy just definitely impossible to accept seriously, some things annoying and some things delightfully enjoyable.

The thing is, many things in this drama don’t brand a lot of sense, especially non the details. Things happen without reason or caption all of a sudden and the characters are saying and doing irrational things sometimes. At Chang Liu they honour vitures like being “emotionless” and without desire and appetite. Yet all of the characters – except the male person lead, sometimes – brandish all kinds of very human emotions all the time – similar distrust and suspicion, jealousy, and a lot of importance is placed on the times when the disciples accept to compete agains each other. They have to do their best to win, considering there tin can only be one winner of course. I neglect to empathise how it is possible to fight for the spot every bit the sect leader’south disciple without having any feelings about it. Also, it is confronting the rule to fall in love, but some people suspension the rule with no consequences.

The writing is definitely lacking, it does a terrible task at explaining the details and fifty-fifty the greater lines that would make the context – the setting, the basics of this fantasy world – come to life. We know that in that location are some “demons” and some “immortals” and some “humans”. And there is some peachy, nighttime danger that is threathening the existence of the whole world. How and why I have no idea, but the “deity devices” that are spread out among the various sects (what is the purpose of these sects and what are they doing there?) can continue things in check. Of course, the bad guys are trying to steal these devices. All of this is sketchy at best. It seems like someone wanted to write a teacher/pupil story in a fantasy globe, but didn’t take enough imagination, and decided to roughly copy the transmission of “Fantasy Story 1A”. There they are “cultivating”, which in some way or another means that they learn magic skills that mostly consist of being able to fly on the edge of a sword, push people away with a flash of light or create a shield around them, and make all those wuxia moves. The skilful guys live in golden halls, the bad guys live in dark, cave-like places, and their soldiers seem to be retired orchs who are sometimes very, very useless fighters. I really hated how wearisome and pointless the whole fantasy setting was. There is not even any existent feeling of Skillful five/s Evil.

I liked, no, I adored many of the “bad guys” in this drama. I don’t often fall for the characters that belong to or plow to “the dark side”, simply if information technology’s done the correct way, in that location is something about it that appeals to me. I liked Sha Quian Mo, aka Sha Jie Jie, from the start. I similar the manner he’s then powerful and has almost complete control over his subordinates – he has quite a bit of that awesome not bad ability that makes some people kind of hot – and yet he’s so emotional and soft on the inside. Or at least a part of his within… He was my favourite and with a meliorate story, he could have been a wonderful character! Purple Fairy, too, is a graphic symbol who is potent and proud and elegant, sharp and powerful. Too bad this is mostly ruined by her foolishness, her obsession with love that makes her kind of stupid, and weak. Fifty-fifty so, I always adored her and stayed a lilliputian flake on her side even when she did bad things. (As for the bad guys, Ni Human being Tian was i I did not like at all. She was but a spoiled brat who was mean for no reason. No fun at all.) Dongfang was likewise an interesting character and one that I liked more and more, one time I got past the first few annoying episodes. I also liked some of the supporting characters. (Yeah, I’m saying that I like the supporting characters more than the primary couple, only… I find that to exist pretty okay. Information technology’s too bad the supposedly great romance didn’t sweep me off my feet this time, just looking at the rating and the other reviews, I estimate that’s just me…)

It reverses skillful and bad, in a way. The people in the golden and pastel coloured castle are the skillful guys, merely often they are colder and more than cruel than the villains. Well, this is at least true well-nigh some of them. At that place are some lovable cliché good guys (modest characters who are sweet and give the leads back up in the right moments) and some cliche bad guys whom you love to hate. Because of this “reversal” in the characters attitudes and actions (or should I say that some characters are really rather multi-layered) it is lamentable that the setting is all the same so cliche. I dislike how they apply colours then stereotypically, especially knowing that some c-dramas tin can be really beautiful. (I’ve heard that this is actually pretty skillful for its genre, but seeing as this is my showtime Chinese fantasy drama I tin’t compare it. It does accept a few pretty sceneries only cypher special, in my opinion.)

This drama is like a large bowl of candy. Not premium quality, stuff, but sweet and colourful. Too much, but it kind of looks proficient. Fifty-fifty though you lot know information technology when y’all seize with teeth into information technology, that there’due south really not point in eating it, you simply can’t resist it. You lot but accept some other piece. And some other, and some other, until you’re total and had plenty. Yous shouldn’t take started eating to begin with. But some other twenty-four hour period, yous come up back for more!

That’south what this drama was like for me. I dislike a lot of things nigh it. I wouldn’t recommend it for the romance – as much equally I have a soft spot for teacher/pupil relationships, this couple did not motion me. Even though I have to admit there were a few sweet moments, overall I detect this romance utterly unromantic with no chemistry to speak of. Bai Zi Hua is a very stupid homo whose decisions don’t make sense a lot if the time.

Well, at that place’s one affair nigh it – this drama, I plant it agreeable! I was disappointed at outset, because I had expected something grand and beautiful and exquisite (well, who tin blame me, the 2nd c-drama I always watched was Nirvana in Fire and it kind of set the bar and fabricated me have unreasonable expectations). I found this to exist ridicilously lightheaded. It actually is. But once I accepted the silliness, embraced the comedy (although I’m not sure if all the things that made me express mirth were meant to be funny) and tried to ignore the stupidness of a lot of the plot, The Journeying of Bloom quickly became my guilty pleasure. If I hadn’t had that feeling about it, I would take dropped it after four or v episodes… but I did watch the whole matter and didn’t skip annihilation except a few figthing scenes in the terminal half of the drama.

This night I too watched a few of the cutting scenes on YouTube. They are… interesting, merely including them (the ones I watched) would not take made the drama better in my opinion, merely more than frustrating.

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