Heat Exchanger Counter Flow Vs Parallel Flow

Inthe parallel-flow arrangement ofFigure 188a the hot and cold fluidsenter at the same end flow in the same direction and leave at thesame end. LMTD in case of counter flow heat exchanger as compared-to parallel flow heat exchanger is a higher b lower c same d depends on the area of heat exchanger e depends on temperature conditions.

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The results demonstrate that given the same operating conditions operating the same heat exchanger in a counter flow manner will result in a greater heat transfer rate than operating in parallel flow.

Heat exchanger counter flow vs parallel flow. MechFundaHey friends I welcome you all to my YouTube channel this is Mandar Kulkarniguys Maine is video mei parallel flow Heat exchanger aur Counter flow. In the counterflow arrangement ofFigure 188b the fluids enter atopposite ends flow in opposite directions and leave at oppositeends. The main difference is that the tubeside fluid enters the exchanger at the opposite end of the shellside fluid.

The cooling medium heats up as it travels through the heat exchanger but as colder water enters the heat exchanger it absorbs more heat reducing the temperature much lower than could be achieved with parallel flow. It is the most efficient among the three exchangers. A counterflow heat exchanger is the most efficient flow pattern of the three.

Cross Flow Cooling Tower. Counter flow shell and tube heat exchangers. In a parallel heat exchanger the hot water and the steam flow in the same direction.

In a parallel flow exchanger both fluids in the heat exchanger flow in the same direction. However if the mass flow rate is increased to 15 kgs the required length decreases to 152 m for counter-flow arrangement and 155 m for parallel-flow arrangement. A counter flow or countercurrent shell and tube heat exchangers construction is in many ways identical to that of a parallel flow shell and tube heat exchanger.

Counterflow parallel flow and crossflow are common heat exchanger types. The hottest steam and the coldest water enter the exchanger at one end and the cooled steam and the heated water exit at the other end. In heat exchangers degree of approach is defined as the difference between temperatures of a cold water inlet and outlet b hot medium inlet and outlet c hot medium outlet.

In a counter flow cooling the incoming cooling medium absorbs heat as the hot fluid travels in the opposite direction. Parallel flow vs counter flow heat exchanger. A counter-flow heat exchanger is one in which the direction of the flow of one of the working fluids is opposite to the direction to the flow of the other fluid.

Parallel flow arrangement the heat exchanger must operate at lower values of heat capacity ratio R. Counterflow just takes one stream and reverses it. Counter Flow Cooling Tower.

The heat capacity ratio around R05 gives the optimum performance of counter flow arrangement based on. It leads to the lowest required heat exchanger surface area because the log mean temperature drop is the highest for a counterflow heat exchanger The Counterflow Heat Exchanger. Counter Flow Heat Exchanger The diagram above shows a Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger.

Difference between laminar and turbulent flow. With parallel flow the fluids are travelling through the heat exchanger in the same direction where as a counter flow installation will have the fluids flowing against each other in opposite directions. The temperature differential is nowhere near as high as at the start of the parallel heat exchanger.

The simplest heat exchanger is one for which the hot and cold fluids move in the same or opposite directions. Heat exchanger On the basis of flow arrangement. In cocurrent flow heat exchangers the streams flow parallel to each other and in the same direction as shown in Figure 2 This is less efficient than countercurrent flow but does provide more uniform wall temperatures.

Heat exchangers are typically classified according to flow arrangement and type of construction. Counter flow Heat Exchanger In a counter flow heat exchanger the two media are flowing in opposite directions. The fluid enters through the same end in a parallel flow heat exchanger and travels adjacent to each other in a parallel manner in the same direction while in the counter flow heat exchanger two fluids move in opposite direction to each other.

Parallel Flow Heat Exchanger and Counter Flow Heat Exchanger HMT Tutorial- 20Other Subjects from Ujjwal Kumar Sen-All SFD and BMD Tutorials- httpswwwyout. Parallel-flow and Counter-flow Heat Exchanger. This means that as the hot fluid enters from the right it cools against the already warmed up cold fluid from the left.

As can be depicted from the graph at a hot wastewater mass flow rate of 3 kgs the required length for parallel-flow configuration is 227 m and for counter-flow arrangement is 184 m. This heat exchanger consists of two concentric pipes of different diameters.

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