Mario Odyssey Wooded Kingdom Secret Flower Field

Super Mario Odyssey – Pass to the Underground Bloom Field and Defend the Cloak-and-dagger Blossom Field!

How to complete the Wooded Kingdom objective.

Pass to the Hole-and-corner Bloom Field
Defend the Secret Flower Field!

are objectives y’all’ll come across a fair chunk of the manner through Super Mario Odyssey, which follow on from Super Mario Odyssey – Flower Thieves of Sky Garden and how to trounce the Fat Broodal.

Y’all’ll find our full walkthrough for them here, whilst y’all can head dorsum to our master Super Mario Odyssey guide, walkthrough and tips hub for plenty more on all aspects of the game!

Laissez passer to the Secret Blossom Field

You’ll first back at the Odyssey once vanquishing the Broodal boss. Follow the path equally information technology curves around and pass through the opening you previously made past answering the Sphynx’s riddle.

On the other side, you’ll encounter two new enemies – Sherms. This tanks are relatively like shooting fish in a barrel to flank, so throw Capy at one then use your cannon to blow the other one up (aim with the correct analog stick and shoot with ‘Y’)

Turn around and shoot the doorway blocked with a stone block. De-possess the Sherm and head through the doorway. Throw Capy at the Steam Gardener then lob the seed into the circular patch of soil.

Climb the beanstalk that appears and climb to the summit. Run over the checkpoint to activate it (Forest Charging Station). Head to the right-paw side with the Goombas, climb up onto the far platform, then possess ane of the Sherms and destroy the other two.

At present destroy the large wall to your left and climb the platforms you’ve revealed to the reach the top. At present activate the checkpoint (Summit Path).

Use the white flowers to boost your speed. Line yourself up with the slope that has the aureate rings, and so throw Capy at a bloom.

When Capy returns to yous you’ll fly upwardly the slope at super speed, but you won’t have much control then be sure to be in the right direction before you lot utilize one. Turn left near the peak to land on the platform.

Activate the checkpoint in front of you lot (Iron Mountain Path, Station 8). Run to the top of the ramp, possess the nearest Sherm and destroy the other two. A revolving cannon on the other side of this platform volition commencement launching black bombs at y’all.

Blow them upwardly or move around them and get close enough to see the four Bowser faces on revolving around the cannon. Destroy each one to reveal your Moon.

Defend the Secret Flower Field!

Run up the ramp and activate the checkpoint (Secret Flower Field Archway) and drop down the behemothic hole. At the bottom, possess the Uproot, head to the middle of the behemothic robo blossom and stretch up to crusade it some issues. Afterwards a short cutscene, an impromptu boss fight begins.

This giant robot flower fight is all about using the Uproot, so don’t de-possess it at any bespeak. When yous begin, there volition be 3 bluish pods protected past cubes of greyness stone. Stretch upward to destroy each one, while avoiding the lasers it targets you with. Destroy all iii, so stretch in the middle of the robot to damage it.

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The dominate will now showtime sending light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation shockwaves out, starting three ii single shockwaves, then i that’southward three bands loftier. Use the stretch to spring high enough over each one.

Repeat the process twice more, just beware that the laser bands that follow will get progressively college and faster so become your timing right. Merits your Multi Moon when the boss is done.

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You’ll need 16 Moons to leave for the next kingdom, so find viii more to engage the globe and ability up the Odyssey.


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