How to Crochet a Poinsettia Flower

Our sweet knitted flower brooch makes a perfect quick souvenir for loved ones for the Christmas season. A botanical gem, it’ll have the green fingered (and non-so green fingered) decorating shawls, bags and more with ease. Why not knit upward a trio of blooms and add them to a favourite wintertime hat, or fifty-fifty make a garland of poinsettias to hang above the fireplace?

Any red and dark-green DK-weight yarn can be used for this design, and so have a rummage in your stash for some leftovers! It’s the twinkly gold chaplet, though, that make this knitted poinsettia so pretty. Stitch them in the middle of your blossom using a length of sewing thread to add the sparkliest seasonal bear on.

This beginner-friendly pattern uses some basic knitting increases and decreases. If you’re new to these, take a look at our how to decrease in knitting and
how to increase knitting
stitch guides to come across how they’re washed.

Kirstie McLeod’s knitted poinsettia pattern is taken from Simply Knitting magazine issue 165. When you lot’ve finished making this, don’t forget to check out our other Christmas craft ideas.

To make a knitted flower brooch you will need:

  • Any DK yarn from your stash. i brawl each of Yarn A Red and Yarn B Green
  • A pair of 3½mm (The states 4) needles
  • Gold beads
  • Brooch back
  • Cotton thread

Purchase the

yarn, needles, chaplet, brooch back and cotton thread for this project from Hobbycraft.

Knitted flower brooch poinsettia close up

End this knitted poinsettia pattern with a centre fabricated from sparkly gold chaplet.

Knitted poinsettia design


Yarn used knits as DK to this tension: 24 sts and 32 rows to measure 10x10cm (4x4in) over stocking stitch using 3½mm needles


9cm (iii½in) wide

Knitted poinsettia

You’ll detect our standard knitting abbreviations in this pattern.

Poinsettia petals

(Make 6)

Cast on 3 sts using 3½mm needles and Yarn A.

Row 1

Row ii
Kfb, K1, kfb. [5 sts]

Row 3

Row iv
Kfb, K3, kfb. [vii sts]

Row 5

Row half dozen

Row 7

Row 8
Sl1, K1, psso, K3, k2tog. [v sts]

Row 9

Row 10
Sl1, K1, psso, K1, k2tog. [3 sts]

Row eleven

Row 12
Sl1, k2tog, psso, fasten off yarn.

Poinsettia leaves

(Make half dozen)

Cast on
3 sts using iii½mm needles and Yarn B.

Row one

Row 2
Kfb, K1, kfb. [5 sts]

Row three

Row 4
Kfb, K3, kfb. [7 sts]

Row 5

Row 6
Kfb, K5, kfb. [9 sts]

Row vii

Row eight

Row ix

Row x
Sl1, K1, psso, K5, k2tog. [7 sts]

Row 11

Row 12
Sl1, K1, psso, K3, k2tog. [5 sts]

Row xiii

Row 14
Sl1, K1, psso, K1, k2tog. [three sts]

Row 15

Row 16
Sl1, k2tog, psso, fasten off yarn.

Brand up the knitted poinsettia pattern

Join together the petals and leaves using the picture as reference. Sew the beads to the tiptop of the petals using a matching coloured cotton wool. And then sew the brooch back to the wrong side of the leaves. Weave in all loose ends.

Downoad the knitted bloom brooch blueprint

Go a PDF version of this pattern here: Knitted poinsettia pattern

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