Hamsa Hand Tattoo With Lotus Flower Meaning

Hamsa Tattoos

The hamsa sometimes referred to as the hand of Fatima, Tanit, Miriam, or Mary, is a popular symbol.

Y’all may not know it by name, but you’ve probable seen it.

The master features of a hamsa tattoo are the symmetrical hand shape and two outstretched thumbs.

Sometimes an middle – called the eye of hamsa – is included in the centre of the hand.

Y’all may have seen hamsa necklaces, t-shirts, and tapestry designs.

The Hamsa is also a very popular tattoo design.

Every bit a tattoo, information technology is a versatile symbol.

The hamsa design has been claimed by many religions and cultures since its inception.

People will often infuse this tattoo design with ornate imagery from their conventionalities organization.

It’s a cute tattoo with positive connotations.

According to its ancient meaning, Hamsa tattoos stand for spiritual protection against evil, wrongdoing, and bad luck.

Over the years this traditional pregnant has been synthesized, updated, and expanded with several modern takes on this ancient classic.

Today, nosotros’ll exist going over the meanings behind some of these modern, hamsa tattoo designs and giving you some tips on where to place the tattoo!

Tin can Anyone Go a Hamsa Tattoo?

The hamsa has plant a dwelling house in Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, Islamic, and Christian faiths.

Just the symbol itself pre-dates all those traditions.

It is a symbol of protection that can be worn by anyone, in theory.

That said, information technology is a symbol that shouldn’t be used flippantly.

If you are going to adorn yourself with a hamsa tattoo, exist sure to read the following information.

Give it some conscientious consideration! Is this the right protective symbol for you?

It’due south going to be on your body forever after all.

Many of the faith systems that claim the hamsa are Middle Eastern, African, and Southward Asian.

You should take respect for those faith systems if you’re going to wear a symbol associated with them.

Mass clothing and jewelry designers will capitalize on hamsa as a trendy item.

When this happens, people end upwardly wearing it with just a shallow understanding of the symbol.

Sometimes people volition buy a t-shirt with no understanding at all.

You may want to start with a hamsa amulet before committing to a tattoo.

If and so, choose your sources carefully.

In that location are enough of jewelers and designers making hamsa symbols with dearest.

Hamsa Tattoo Meanings

The hamsa tattoo is a symbol that’s popular among people of many dissimilar cultures and religions.

The hamsa tattoo represents protection and practiced luck and is often worn as a sign of spiritual devotion.

Other meanings associated with hamsa tattoos are maternal love, spiritual beliefs, and a commitment to purity.

Hamsa Tattoo Meaning Up or Down

The hamsa is a symbol of both protection and good luck.

Simply you should choose which one you want to focus on before getting your tattoo.

Upright: the hamsa acts primarily as a protection symbol.

Facing Down: the hamsa is open up to receive blessings from the universe.

Hamsa Tattoo Designs

Before nosotros get into the variety of hamsa tattoo designs out at that place it’s of import to go over the styles that work all-time with hamsa tattoos.

Luckily for you, hamsa tattoos are extremely adaptable and await neat with a wide range of artistic styles.

  • Blackness-work Hamsa Tattoos

Black-work hamsa tattoos take the traditional look of a hamsa tattoo and modernize it with assuming, black lines and contrasting shapes.

Blackwork tattoos arenonsubtle, and that’s why many people love them!

They stand out on the body and represent a focal point whether they’re surrounded by other tattoos or are all alone.

Black-work Hamsa Tattoo

Black-work Hamsa Tattoo

Black-work Hamsa Tattoo

  • Watercolor Hamsa Tattoos

In contrast to the in-your-face nature of black-work hamsa tattoos, watercolor hamsa tattoos accept a more than delicate arroyo to get their meaning across.

They use faint – nigh ephemeral – lines and washed color palettes to capture the essence of the hamsa tattoo.

Despite their subtle appearance, watercolor hamsa tattoos tend to stand up out on the trunk due to the unproblematic fact that watercolor tattoos are relatively uncommon.

However, this uniqueness makes them appealing to many people who are looking for a beautiful tattoo with a deeper meaning.

Watercolor Hamsa Tattoo

Watercolor Hamsa Tattoo

  • Neo-traditional Hamsa Tattoos

If you’re looking for a modern take on the traditional dazzler of the hamsa tattoo, a neotraditional hamsa tattoo might be a perfect selection!

Neotraditional tattoos characteristic strong lines, bold colors, illustrative styling, and shading that gives the illusion of depth.

All of these traits make them perfect for hamsa tattoos!

A neotraditional hamsa tattoo is perfect for anyone hoping to create a piece that stands out on their body without looking cartoony or overly stylized.

Neo-traditional Hamsa Tattoo

Neo-traditional Hamsa Tattoo

  • Geometric Hamsa Tattoos

Geometric tattoo styles mesh perfectly with the intricacy of hamsa tattoos and lead to pieces that are complex, striking, and unique.

Geometric hamsa tattoos use repeating patterns of shapes and lines to capture the shapes typically found in hamsa tattoos – the hand and two thumbs.

The tattoo style tin can also be used to add additional features, like the ones discussed beneath.

Geometric Hamsa Tattoo

Geometric Hamsa Tattoo

  • Stick & Poke Hamsa Tattoos

Stick and poke hamsa tattoos are a wonderful mode to add together a DIY flair to the hamsa tattoo design.

Typically, stick and poke hamsa tattoos are use uncomplicated outlines and minimal detailing to create pieces that look like they were tattooed thousands of years ago.

Today, stick and poke tattoos don’t demand to exist done using primitive tools and techniques.

Talented tattoo artists tin can replicate the style using modern-day tools, so you tin can benefit from improved safe, artistry, and precision.

Stick and Poke Hamsa Tattoo

Stick and Poke Hamsa Tattoo

Hamsa Tattoo Ideas

Depending on your faith, you lot tin can go the hamsa tattoo with other imagery to enhance its effects.

Equally we mentioned above, the most full general meaning of a hamsa tattoo is protection against evil.

Obviously, there is a ton of room for personal interpretations and variation here.

Equally we’ll come across below, contemporary hamsa tattoos come in all kinds of styles – each with its own meaning and significance.

Check out our hamsa tattoo ideas for some divine guidance!

  • Simple Hamsa Tattoos

A simple hamsa tattoo is one that sticks to traditional pattern characteristics – a hand with two thumbs.

By forgoing modernistic styles and touches, unproblematic hamsa tattoos retain a lot of their ancient significant and significance.

They serve as a reminder that there are people, things, and beliefs in your life that will be there to protect you when you lot demand them about.

They also symbolize the inner forcefulness to protect yourself!

Simple Hamsa Tattoo

Simple Hamsa Tattoo

Simple Hamsa Tattoo

  • Small Hamsa Tattoos

Small hamsa tattoos are a great choice for anyone looking for a tattoo imbued with deep meaning that tin can be concealed easily or kept personal.

Given the skill of modern tattoo artists, small-scale hamsa tattoos don’t demand to exist simple, either.

You’re costless to individualize your small tattoo with patterns, symbols, and colors just like you would a larger tattoo.

Small Hamsa Tattoo

Small Hamsa Tattoo

Small Hamsa Tattoo

Small Hamsa Tattoo

Small Hamsa Tattoo

  • Elephant & Hamsa Tattoos

Elephant hamsa tattoos are a popular variation that features – you guessed information technology – an elephant!

On top of the protection and good fortune symbolized past the hamsa itself, the elephant tattoo symbolizes wisdom, loyalty, and pity.

In its entirety, the elephant hamsa tattoo tin can take on several individualized meanings.

Perhaps it symbolizes your spiritual delivery to overcoming the darkness inside yourself.

Maybe information technology symbolizes your willingness to protect those you love.

The possibilities are almost countless!

Elephant and Hamsa Tattoo

Elephant Hamsa Tattoo

  • Owl Hamsa Tattoo

Like the elephant hamsa tattoo, the owl hamsa tattoo combines the symbolism of both of its features into something bigger than the sum of its parts.

In many cultures, owls symbolize wisdom, independence, and unflinching justice.

For example, in ancient Greek mythology, the owl was the animal symbol of Athena, the goddess of wisdom and state of war.

When the owl is combined with the hamsa design it creates a tattoo imbued with its own distinct meaning.

Owl hamsa tattoos symbolize a person’south commitment to relying on wisdom and adept judgment in times of struggle or bad fortune.

In add-on, they symbolize a willingness to fight as a force for good in the universe.

  • Eye of Hamsa Tattoos

Eye of hamsa tattoos is an aboriginal variation with a deeply meaningful symbolism attached.

The eye located in the center of the hand represents the ‘evil heart’ – an ancient expletive believed to be cast past a malicious glance when a person is unaware.

This hamsa tattoo is believed to provide spiritual protection from these glances.

Whether or non you lot believe in curses, the heart of hamsa tattoo is a great reminder that you deport the inner strength to overcome to judgment and sick-volition of others within you.

It can provide strength in times of struggle and

Eye of Hamsa Tattoo

Eye of Hamsa Tattoo

Eye of Hamsa Tattoo

Eye of Hamsa Tattoo

  • Hamsa Sleeve Tattoos

Hamsa sleeve tattoos are truly a statement piece.

Whether you’re calculation a hamsa tattoo to an existing sleeve canvas or are working to create a hamsa pattern that forms the entirety of the sleeve it is certain to stand out.

The significance of such a assuming hamsa tattoo comes down to commitment.

People who get hamsa sleeve tattoos are generally making the statement that positivity and spiritual protection play a key function in their lives.

Hamsa Sleeve Tattoo

  • Colorful Hamsa Tattoos

Colorful Hamsa tattoos are perfect for anyone hoping to create a slice that stands out and turns heads.

The intricacy of the patterns typically featured in hamsa tattoos makes them platonic for bright colour schemes and palettes.

In contrast to white ink hamsa tattoos, colorful hamsa tattoos don’t hide on the torso – they stand out and share their meaning with the world!

Colorful Hamsa Tattoo

Colorful Hamsa Tattoo

Colorful Hamsa Tattoo

Colorful Hamsa Tattoo

  • Lotus & Hamsa Tattoos

Lotus hamsa tattoos are a wonderful combination of 2 ancient tattoo traditions.

Lotus tattoos date back to ancient Hindu beliefs in the flower’due south symbolism of purity, dazzler, and awakening.

When combined with the spiritual protection of the hamsa design, the tattoo takes on a meaning of its own.

A lotus hamsa tattoo symbolizes optimism by reminding the wearer that the counter to evil and negativity is inner virtue and positivity.

If yous work on making yourself into the best that you lot can be, inside and out, the negativity in your life will brainstorm to flee.

Hamsa Lotus Tattoo

Hamsa Lotus Tattoo

  • White Ink Hamsa Tattoos

White ink hamsa tattoos are incredibly unique.

Not many people cull to become them, and because they stand out.

Their faint lines and patterns brand them difficult to meet from a distance, and that makes for an intimate tattoo that keeps its personal meaning betwixt you and those closest to you.

White Ink Hamsa Tattoo

White Ink Hamsa Tattoo

  • Hamsa Tattoos for Men

In modern interpretations, the hamsa tattoo is sometimes perceived as a ‘feminine tattoo’.

This shouldn’t exist the example.

For starters, this belief represents an outdated approach to tattooing that genders designs based on subjective interpretations.

In reality, tattoos designs like the hamsa are bare canvases that are neither masculine nor feminine.

In addition, hamsa tattoos have a long history of being worn past both men and women who are hoping to protect themselves from the negativity in their lives.

Hamsa Tattoo for Men

Hamsa Tattoo for Men

Hamsa Tattoo for Men

Hamsa Tattoo for Men

Tattoo Placement

Every bit we mentioned above, hamsa tattoos are incredibly flexible every bit pieces of body art.

That means they piece of work on nigh any area of the trunk.

There is no ‘correct’ place to get a hamsa tattoo, information technology all comes downwards to personal preference and intention!

With that existence said, in that location are a few things to go on in mind when choosing where to place your hamsa tattoo that we’ll get over beneath.

  • Hamsa Wrist Tattoos

Hamsa wrist tattoos are extremely popular due to the fact that the wrist is a perfect size and shape for the pattern.

The wrist provides a relatively wide, flat surface that allows you and the tattoo artist you choose to become artistic when information technology comes to designs, patterns, and shapes.

In addition, the wrist allows for an added layer of significant.

Traditionally, when a hamsa design is facing upwards information technology symbolizes protection – as nosotros discussed in a higher place.

However, when the hamsa tattoo is facing downwards it symbolizes openness to the blessings and gifts of the universe.

Hamsa tattoos on the wrist are oftentimes in both orientations as you go about your daily life and this makes them doubly powerful.

Hamsa Wrist Tattoo

Hamsa Tattoo on Wrist

Hamsa Tattoo on Wrist

  • Hamsa Forearm Tattoos

Hamsa forearm tattoos are similar to hamsa wrist tattoos and share many of the same characteristics.

One of these is the tattoo’southward double pregnant every bit information technology shifts between the upwardly and downwards orientation.

However, the forearm hamsa tattoo allows for easy concealment when you clothing a long-sleeved shirt or sweater.

When unconcealed, forearm hamsa tattoos are striking pieces that depict attention and spark conversations.

They are perfect for anyone who is proud to tell the world virtually their delivery to positivity and universal openness.

Hamsa Forearm Tattoo

Hamsa Forearm Tattoo

  • Hamsa Back Tattoos

Of all the places to get a hamsa tattoo, the back provides the nearly room to experiment with size.

The back is a very big sail for the hamsa tattoo and this allows you to put every bit much detail into the piece as you could mayhap want.

More often than not, dorsum tattoos are hitting due to their size.

However, they offer an boosted layer of privacy due to the fact that they can easily be curtained under a shirt or superlative.

In other words, hamsa back tattoos stand out, but only when yous desire them to!

Hamsa Tattoo on Back

Hamsa Back Tattoo

  • Hamsa Foot Tattoos

Hamsa pes tattoos are an incredibly popular variety of hamsa tattoos.

It’due south easy to see why!

Placing a hamsa tattoo on the pes allows you to choose a deeply personal pregnant that you don’t necessarily want the earth to run into – but you and those closest to you!

The size and flatness of the foot get in a dandy sheet likewise, and so information technology’southward the perfect location to choose if you want to get artistic with patterns or shapes.

Hamsa Tattoo on Foot

Hamsa Tattoo on Foot

  • Hamsa Ankle Tattoos

Like hamsa foot tattoos, hamsa ankle tattoos are fantastic for anyone looking for a subtle place to get a hamsa design.

Simply wearing long pants or socks is usually enough to conceal the tattoo if you lot’re planning on having subconscious for long periods of time.

While the ankle isn’t as apartment equally other regions of the body, at that place is still plenty of room to fit a design that you love!

Hamsa Ankle Tattoo

Hamsa Tattoo on Ankle

Hamsa Tattoo on Ankle


The great power of the hamsa tattoo is not only in the gesture of promise and protection that it embraces.

These powerful amulets are invested with mystical free energy that symbolizes defence against evil, an appeal to divine assistance in times of danger, and a visual reminder of God’south protection.

Hopefully, this article inspired you to showtime thinking about the huge variety of hamsa tattoos out there.

This aboriginal tattoo is extremely versatile, deeply meaningful, and best of all, stunningly cute!

Information technology’due south a wonderful choice for anyone who’due south looking for a little flake of spiritual guidance or protection.

Hamsa Tattoo FAQ

What does a Hamsa tattoo symbolize?

The hamsa tattoo represents protection and good luck and is often worn as a sign of spiritual devotion. Other meanings associated with hamsa tattoos are maternal beloved, spiritual beliefs, and a commitment to purity.

Hamsa Tattoo Meaning Up or Down?

The hamsa is a symbol of both protection and adept luck. But you should choose which ane you want to focus on earlier getting your tattoo.
Hamsa Facing Upright: the hamsa acts primarily as a protection symbol.
Hamsa Facing Down: the hamsa is open to receive blessings from the universe.

What does an elephant and Hamsa tattoo symbolize?

On top of the protection and good fortune symbolized by the hamsa itself, the elephant tattoo symbolizes wisdom, loyalty, and compassion. In its entirety, the elephant hamsa tattoo tin can take on several individualized meanings: Your spiritual commitment to overcoming the darkness inside yourself and your willingness to protect those you love.

What does a lotus and Hamsa tattoo symbolize?

A lotus hamsa tattoo symbolizes optimism past reminding the wearer that the counter to evil and negativity is inner virtue and positivity.

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