How to Make Glass Flowers From Dishes

This is the time of year when I know most of u.s. are chomping at the chip to go outside and bandbox upward the exteriors of our homes. I made this painted plate garden art a couple of years ago and think it’s such a fun fashion to conductor spring into your yard. Plus, information technology’s and then simple to make your kiddos tin even make it on the activeness!

I have seen some vintage dish and plate flowers on Pinterest and idea making my own from some inexpensive Dollar Tree glassware and glass paint would add a pop of pizazz to my yard this Spring. These are then easy to make and information technology is really hard to screw information technology up.  You don’t need to have painting experience to brand this garden art.  Just a few swooshes with a paint castor and some gum and you lot are all set.


Dishes from Dollar Tree

E6000 Mucilage or Marine class Glue

drinking glass marbles from Dollar Tree

paint brushes

rubbing alcohol

i/2” coupling (at Lowes)

threaded rod (at Lowes)

Deco Art glass paint (run into colors below)


1.  Wash all of your drinking glass pieces with soap and water.  One time dry lightly wipe them with alcohol to go all the lather residue off.  This will assist the paint to have maximum adhesion.

2.  With the turquoise Crystal Gloss Enamels and the Turquoise Frost Drinking glass Enamel paint big brush strokes onto the sides of your big plate alternating paints.  At this point, both of the paints look similar but when they are dry out they will expect dissimilar.


three.  First in the center and pigment outwards with the Blue Crystal Gloss Enamel on the small plate.


four. With the bloom dish, paint the eye upwards with Turquoise Gloss Enamels.  The big castor stoke will give some great dimension to the blossom.  Once dry stripe the center upwards with Turquoise 3D Frost Gloss Enamel writer.


5.  Drip blue Gloss Stain Pearlescent in a stripe pattern into the candle holder and let it pool at the lesser.


6.  Once the pieces are fully dry out glue them together with a generous amount of E6000 glue or marine grade glue.  And then leave them undisturbed to cure overnight.



7.  Y’all tin can stop here and display the pretty flower on a plate rack.  Nevertheless, I retrieve the glass marbles just add a little something to it.  Embellish them with swirls with the White 3D Opaque Drinking glass Author.  Glue the marbles around the large plate with E6000 or Marine class glue.

8.  You can besides add some of the White Opaque Gloss Writer to the edge of the dishes or add polka dots for more involvement.


9.  Subsequently everything has dried then gum (exist generous) your 1/2” coupling nut onto the dorsum.  Thread a 3’ threaded rod into the nut and stick it into your landscaping for some cool garden fine art.





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Reposted from April 2016.


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