Flower Beauty Light Illusion Foundation Soft Sand

“HOLY SH*T!” The actual words that came out of my mouth as I watched my foundation turn my peel from booze-drained, postal service-Christmas grim to fresh-off-a-Bali-detox glow.

My editor had asked me to try out Drew Barrymore’south ultra affordable Blossom Beauty makeup over the holidays in celebration of our January digital issue, The High Street Beauty Issue starring Drew Barrymore herself and I’ll acknowledge there was a flash of bossy side-eye involved – I love my luxurious brands. When I picked upwards Light Illusion Foundation, my expectations were way low: I beloved Drew but what does she know about makeup formulations? Yes, she’s on screen and has her face fabricated upwards regularly, merely just because you tin can make a salad doesn’t make you a chef, right? WRONG. So wrong. Drew: I am shook.

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Now I don’t dish out the Holy Shts lightly. It’south my Gilt Buzzer. My Hollywood Handshake. Get one of those bad boys and you lot’re in. Why the swears? It’s my job to be tediously picky. I’ve tried over 1500 foundations in my twenty years as a beauty journo: liquid, BB, CC, cushion, powder, airbrush… and only iii
have made information technology into main-feed life that I’d genuinely recommend to mates. It’due south likewise from the high street and costs £12.99; something I’d unremarkably recoil at because inexpensive ways that corners have been cut (usually in the clunky packaging or drying formula). Yes, the bottle is a tad clunky but fifty-fifty if it came in a KFC bucket I’d notwithstanding slap it all over my face, information technology’due south that skillful. Here’southward why…

The stop: I’thou all nearly the glossy, dewy, juicy pare vibe, so anyone later on a matte finish tin basically scroll to the end now. This has glow in spades and the moment you start applying it’s like coating your confront in high-shine Shellac. That plasticky, cellophane-pare effect dials down about 50% once dry and set, leaving you with a gentle cogitating sheen that you’d get if you were to mix a standard foundation with a drop of highlighting fluid.

The coverage. It’s medium (cherry-red blotches and imperfections are gone but freckles withal come through) and when I tried building it up afterward in the day it blended perfectly to a fuller coverage (truth: I broke Dry January I drank cherry-red wine at Sunday dejeuner, and my flushed cheeks were 100% hidden).

The application. With a damp Dazzler Blender, it’s a breeze. I just bounciness it all over and I’m done, nothing buffing required. With fingers, it stretches well without streaking and gives you a more sheer, adjoining-on-tinted-moisturiser await. When applied on top of Blossom Beauty In Your Prime number Hydrating Primer, it needs a blending brush to lengthened the edges, only the pigment stays put for longer (ace for desk-to-dinner days). My raisin-dry out skin needs a ton of Hyaluronic Acid serum and facial oil, and fifty-fifty later on all that skincare, it still sits perfectly without caking or splitting. Honestly, I was floored past how well it performs.

At present the not-so-slap-up stuff:
1. Foundation, like perfume, is totally subjective so obviously it might not ‘alive’ on your skin in exactly the aforementioned style as information technology does on mine. Only having read hundreds of reviews, the consensus is super positive and echoes my Holy Sh*t.
two. If you have greasy, smooth-prone skin, footstep away. This is JLo levels of glow. However, I did get my friend with combo-skin to try it with some setting powder and she loved it.
3. Despite it being cruelty-free, this is not for Nature girls. Light Illusion is rammed total of emulsifiers, silicones, plastic polymers and reflective powdered metals, and Drew isn’t aback to acknowledge it.
4. The shade range. Eeeesh. This is a major low-bespeak. Superdrug simply stocks 5 shades and they’re pretty much all Caucasian. When I checked Bloom Beauty’s ain US website, there were merely 12 shades, which isn’t surprising in the diverse dazzler landscape. Although the rumour is that more shades are coming, darker skins should non be an afterthought, particularly equally the brand’s mission argument claims that “Flower empowers women by developing products that encompass individual dazzler and make life easier.” Only only easier for some.

Back over at Superdrug, you tin also discover Flower Beauty concealer, lip colours, a setting spray (surprisingly delish) plus vivid blush and highlighter palette, and hopefully the eye makeup will land presently. Until then, Light Illusion Foundation is easily down the star buy, information technology could even accept its own DrewTube tutorial aqueduct (why am I non making millions in marketing?). It made my knackered, gray, sleep-deprived, screen-damaged, over-indulged and late-thirties skin await fresh, rested and pinging, like I’d drenched it in a cold glass of icy vitamin h2o. Dry out January? Non for this face.

*Of course I wouldn’t go out yous hanging. Hither they are:

For a sheer tint:
Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream (fourteen shades)

For medium coverage:
Clinique Fifty-fifty Amend Glow Light Reflecting Makeup (thirty shades)

For a full, matte terminate:
Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup (61 shades)

Roll downwards for GLAMOUR’s favourite foundations…

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