Free Printable Stained Glass Flower Patterns

Free-Stained-Glass-Flower-Patterns and

Other Patterns Designed by Sue

These free-stained-drinking glass-bird-patterns feature the birds of Australia. The windows were originally synthetic with lead, but you can utilize any structure technique you want. Many of the windows were designed for closet door inserts, but they tin can be used for anything you desire, and changed any fashion yous want to change them.

The suncatchers would await all-time constructed with copper foil. They need the delicate look that only foil tin can give small-scale stained glass items.

I would suggest using a pattern resizing program to enlarge these complimentary-stained-glass-bird-patterns. You can detect information about some resizing programs at
Free Stained Glass Flower Patterns

Gratuitous Bird Patterns
Featuring Australian Birds

Double click on each of these free stained drinking glass bird
patterns to view a larger size of them in a PDF file.

If you don’t accept a PDF viewer, ane tin can be downloaded hither:

Sumatra PDF
Information technology’s the one I apply!





crimson rosella

Ruddy Rosella

Eastern Rosella

Eastern Rosella




Kookaburra 2

These side by side two patterns were designed for a display in our shop. Although they are in a triangle, they could exist modified to fit any shape.

Finches In Tall Grass

Finches In Tall Grass


Lorikeet Past A Gum Tree

Australian Bird Suncatchers

blue fairy wren

Blueish Fairy Wren aka Superb Fairy Wren

These free-stained-glass-flower-patterns feature Australian flowers. All of these patterns are from windows we made over the years. I’m sorry that I don’t accept many photographs…they got left behind for the new owner of our business concern. These windows were all constructed with pb came; notwithstanding, they tin can be fabricated with copper foil and they will expect cute.

The patterns for the
Stylized Orchid Window,
nigh the top of my Dwelling house Page, is the last pattern on this page.

Hither are links to more of my patterns:

Australian Birds

Australian Animals

Mirrors and How to Work With Mirror
Window and Suncatchers

I would suggest using a
Pattern Resizing Program
such as

Rapid Resizer
, my personal favorite, to enlarge the free stained glass patterns to whatever size yous want or demand. Yous can get a fourteen day trial version, free, before you purchase it for a very modest fee. You can get it Hither.

Free Stained Glass Flower Patterns

Double click on each of these free stained glass blossom
patterns to view a larger size of them in a PDF file.

If you lot don’t have a PDF viewer, i can exist downloaded here:
Sumatra PDF

Pink Fairy Orchid

Pink Fairy Orchid

The pattern can be used with or without the background filigree work. Simply 2 more cut lines need to exist added if yous remove the grid work.

Cooktown Orchid

Cooktown Orchid

Gum Flowers

Stylized Mucilage Flowers

This is a stylized version of the flowers
of the Australian glue tree. A rippled glass
would be appropriate for the flowers.

Make Your Own Stained Glass Windows

Gum Flowers and Leaves

Gum Flowers and Leaves

Kangaroo Paw

Kangaroo Paw Flower

The grid work can be removed from either of the next two free-stained-glass-flower-patterns. You lot will have to add a few extra cut lines, to prevent impossible cuts, once the grids are removed.

Bluebell Creeper

Bluebell Creeper

Nodding Blue Lily

Nodding Bluish Lily

Stylized Orchid

Stylized Orchid

I take had many requests for this design.
The finished panel is on my Home Folio.
It was designed as a 2 console side light 15 years ago. This is the original pattern, so please excuse the imperfections caused by age. The dividing bar could exist removed to make it a single panel.

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